Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Hudyakova to Chris (England)

Letter 1
Hello road Chris!
I am very pleased, that you, at last, have written to me the letter, and it - very much
Pleasantly for me, that you have responded and have answered me.
For me it was very difficult to write this letter. In the first I never got acquainted with people in absentia, on the Internet.
I very badly know a computer and the more so difficultly I understand in the Internet. And besides I heard from many that it so interestingly and simply to get acquainted and communicate with good and interesting people in the virtual world. And I have decided to try too to try destiny and have risked to write the letter and to get acquainted with the good person.
Here on casual coincidence of circumstances I have read your structure, it has very much interested me also I to you has sent the letter, not hoping even, that you will answer me. But you have written!!!!
All this is certainly good also I is glad, that you have become interested in me, have written to me the answer, but I want to stipulate one moment at once. You probably heard how many it happens a deceit on the Internet.
How many women have married and have left to live abroad, and then completely were gone. At us in Russia now show huge quantity of a video data about that as **** our Russian women or sell in slavery in the **********. If at you not serious intentions or to you there is nothing to do, to us better to not communicate with you further.
I as heard about that much as false girls from Russia deceive men, and at once to you I want to tell, that I the serious woman! I for anything would not go, to correspond with the person and to deceive it. I from normal safe family, parents brought up me the good person, with the vital principles and sights. For what I am very grateful to them. At me it is a lot of friends and familiar which communicate with me already many many years and who about me has never told a bad word, that I have once deceived someone, or that I have harmed someone or have hurted.
Yes I realize, that bad people are everywhere and in the Internet too enough false acquaintances, but nevertheless it would be desirable to hope, that I will be helped by my intuition and shall get acquainted with the good, kind, decent person, for example such as you!
I think, that I was not mistaken in you, that have written to you and to whom to another. Now at me the friend has appeared new very valuable and road for me!!!
Simply it would not be desirable to feel once again a pain in this life. I do not want even to write to you about it, but you should know, that I do not play in different games and I can not transfer a deceit. If we start to get acquainted with you closer should trust each other.
To me very disturbingly to begin for the first time acquaintance on the Internet, but I think, that all will be good!
Well and now I would be desirable to write a little about myself more, that for the person where was born where I live also the everything else.
As you already know, that my name is Evgeniya
I was born and sow day I live in Russia, in city Sergach, The Nizhniy Novgorod area.
My birthday on March, 23, 1971. Well as you understand to me 35 years and I quite taken place person.
I was never married and I have no children.
I do not smoke and did not smoke never, to alcoholic drinks I concern indifferently I can drink a glass of champagne or white wine in new year, but I hate drunkards and alcoholics, though men, though women!
My growth 167cm. Mine Weight 58kg.
I work as the chief accountant in one of firms of our city. At me two higher educations. I have finished the State University, faculty accounting and economy. And as the jurisprudence studied in the Moscow branch of social university at faculty.
I not badly speak and I understand the English language. It very much is pleasant to me, I with the big love studied it from the beginning at school, and then and at University was one of the best schoolgirls.
Why I search the partner in life in other country? I shall answer, at once, that the person I very serious and in a life was necessary to me completely not easily that something to achieve. In Russia such as I consider not criminal, not accessible. It is very difficult to find serious and decent their person at us at all did not remain. At me sad experience of dialogue with one man was, we lived with it in a civil marriage very for a long time, but once when I began to speak from that as the child, the family, the loving husband is necessary for me. It has simply disappeared and then I have learned, that it lives in the other city with the young girl of 23 years. Our Russian men very much like to live recently due to others. At all not looking that is the woman.
It lived in my apartment without any obligations and all arranged it., it the family is not necessary for them the big burden if they even cannot provide themselves for our modern men. Not speaking already children.
I know as in your country respect women, and I think, that anyone can dream only about such to the man, as you!
I hope, you understand, about what I speak.
I do not know what to write, but I think, that it
The letter appeared already big. Send more than the photos and write all about itself, that consider interesting.
On it I shall finish my letter. I hope for the answer soon. Your new
The friend Evgeniya!
Letter 2
Hello the my dear friend Chris!
It is very pleasant for me, that you have answered my letter.
And now I am sure, that you understand me and want to continue our acquaintance, to learn each other closer!
At me so it is a lot of ideas in a head so it would be desirable you to tell much about itself, about the life, that simply I do not know with what
The parties to begin. I think, that will be good, to write shortly about all my life. In 1971 in small city was born
The small nice girl. My mum was madly happy, that at it the girl, the daughter which she so for a long time has appeared Waited and wanted. The daddy the son, certainly, wanted. But when it has seen me, it thanked the god who has sent it such nice The daughter. Usually speak, that men very much want, that at them the successor but as it appears then was born, they is madly strong Love the daughters. And it has turned out in my case.
My parents very much liked each other, but very for a long time could not get children. From the beginning they worked, built career, then
There was very heavy time in Russia when was nothing neither products, nor clothes. And then when it was more and more normalized in To the country, my parents have received two room apartment and then on light I have appeared! I was the first child in family. Parents since the childhood tried to educate me good formation and hoping on my best future. Then in four years My sister Alain has appeared. At us, probably, the most amicable family on light! Both of us have finished musical school, I on a class of a piano and a violin, and Alena on a class of a guitar. Parents of us have brought up in The world of art and beauty. They to us distances, it is possible to tell, the best formation on those times. School, in which we Studied, was for gifted children. We were engaged both painting, and music and dances, all gradually. The truth a trade I
The wages one of the most normal have chosen to itself completely not creative, but. Approximately 200 - 250 $ if to transfer on your money.
On the salary I remove to myself an one-room apartment, I buy products and I help the parents a little more.
And now Also the part of money leaves on payment of the Internet as I write to you from Internet - cafe.
I already enough for a long time live separately From the parents, I already told, that a vein in a civil marriage with the man. I already adult woman and at me The independent life. I can do everything, that I want to like also to me it. But even, in spite of - that adult, I frequently like to call on the parents to tell about the life
To consult, share news. Parents always support us with the sister, in fact they very much love us and never will wish children of evil. My parents pensioners and at present the life do not work, have a rest, So to say are on the deserved rest and are engaged only in the small garden site which to be for city. It at them unique entertainment, but on fresh air. My mum call Rose Alekseevna, and daddy Feodor Borisovich. Recently we marked their anniversary of 65 years both of them and the second significant date in their life is 40 years in joint Lives or in other words in a happy marriage. Anniversary of 40 years - is considered ruby wedding. I so am glad for them, and they Like each other and we with the sister never heard for the life that they have raised a voice on us or on each other. They it is simple good fellows and we with the sister adore them! They for us simply an example for imitation, and for a long time want, that we too
Have arranged the life, have married and have got family! The sister while studies also in it not up to family, and at me sad experience of dialogue was with Men, I for a long time could not come in myself and start communicate normally with them. Well, even has dared to write to you the letter, the truth I do not know that from this will turn out, but I all soul and heart feel, that you very good person and we shall make friends! And so, I have distracted! We with the sister frequently help them on a garden. We raise a potato, we help mum to **** a grass and all Other. At us there it is simply healthy, there is a small small house, a bath present Russian, a mangal where fry meat and still a beside, with a garden There is a small pond where it is possible to fish and bathe in the summer. Interestingly, and where you carry out the days off? And where go to bathe and sunbathe? At us parents still like to go in a wood in the summer to collect berries and mushrooms. I too very much like to get out from noisy dusty Cities in a wood on fresh pure air. But most of all I like to collect mushrooms!
And you sometime collected mushrooms or berries? Anything, what I pass with you to communicate on you?
And so, when for a long time, for a long time you go on a wood and you search mushrooms, they then start to dream you in dream, that you go on a wood and Everywhere one mushrooms, yes such big, that already all basket full, and is more and more than mushrooms and more!
Such there are miracles from such walks on a wood! Write to me, please, about the country What customs and orders at you there are? You mark what holidays? What yours favourite holiday?
What to you to tell still?! You ask to me questions which I with pleasure shall answer you better!
I and so see, that this letter appeared very big.
I shall wait your letter soon. Also I hope to learn It is more about your life. Send more photos!
I want to learn closer you and to see your photos, your family, friends!. Tell, what formation is appreciated at you in To the country? What most prestigious trades?
I as very much would like to learn, where do you live, about your house? What do you like?
Please, do not take offence at me and do not worry, if suddenly I not at once can answer your letter.
Not always I have Opportunity to take advantage of the Internet. Itself you understand, at me,
unfortunately, there is no this house, therefore to have to run in
The Internet - cafe! Well, I also have told to you a little more about myself.
Write more quickly, I very much wait for your answer. On it I do not say goodbye to you, and I speak good-bye! Your new friend Evgeniya!
Letter 3
Hello the my dear friend Chris!
Again could get out from work and has gone to the Internet of cafe, and at once I receive your letter.
It is very glad, that you do not forget me, and write to me! At me on work now so has much put, therefore I at once apologize what not always I can answer you your letters in time. You, please, do not take offence, I am simple physically I have not time to carry out all balances reports and all accounting kitchen, and is especial now when the end of year, my boss of me simply fills up every day with new assignments, and asks all to do urgently. As soon as I have a free minute, I at once hasten to you and here when I read your letters, all world for me stops, and there is only you and I!!!
Understand me, I very seriously concern to you, and for me the friendship with you means much, I do not want to lose such good friend and the interlocutor, and once again I ask, do not lose me if I not at once shall answer you the letter.
I want to give you the home address both the full name and a surname and I shall be very glad if you write to me the home address and as the a full name and a surname.
and your phone number and I shall necessarily call to you.
My full home address:
city Sergach 606100
street Yubileinyi Poselok 98 apt197
for name Evgeniya Hudyakova.
I to you did not tell about the work.
The firm refers to as Open Company " Motors " and we are engaged in automobile spare parts, for our domestic marks of automobiles. My work as itself you understand, consists in all paper questions.
I was a lot of work and at us in firm not one bookkeeper, there are two more girls and one guy who too are engaged in the same work, as well as I. At us very serious and strict boss. It always watches us as we work, does not give any indulgences and at all does not allow to use working computers in the personal purposes. We have opportunity of an output in the Internet on work, directly not leaving anywhere from office but if our boss learns that we sit in the Internet not for work, we will be dismissed. There were already such cases with my colleagues.
It is very insulting, that to us do not allow to use the Internet, it would be simply fine, if I
could communicate with you directly from the work. I had not to run for a dinner and to write to you answers, in a hurry to read your letters, then to unpack them and to re-read again and again already in quiet conditions of a house. Where nobody can already prevent me.
Such work at me, that she, probably, will seem to you not much boring, yes can be, but
collective very good and we very amicably work for us. All holidays all birthdays, we
mark together, and the working days fly by very quickly and not appreciablly. It seems, that you have not had time to blink an eye, and evening has already come, the end of the working day, and me still mountain of not executed work has approached. To have sometimes to remain on work, and sometimes to take with itself reports home.
You know, I like my work and a trade!
Yes, I agree can and there are trades more interestingly, creative, but I like mine! I well
understand in the work, and the boss is pleased with my successes!
And how you concern to the work?
At us in Russia many people count the work not grateful. People stay for working hours, not knowing where to put and if carry out the official duties do it negligently, that is with unwillingness.
At us in the country it pretty often, and nobody wants to work! And I always go for work with pleasure!
Phone at me, unfortunately, is not present neither city, nor cellular.
Yes, phone for us the big luxury. Very much provided people, such as our boss, for example have cellular telephones only.
On work too it is impossible to take advantage of phone. When even you talk on city not on
work, at once abuse, and ask more than three minutes to not borrow a city line. Not speaking calling in other country. At us very strict chief, and very greedy person. And in an apartment to lead a telephone line, many years, and this completely not cheap pleasure are necessary to stand in a queue.
You can write too to me the address and phone if it at you is.
On it I say good bye to you write to me, yours Evgeniya!
Letter 4
Hello my dear Chris!
I so am glad to receive again your letter and is even more glad to that you understand me.
It is very pleasant for me, that all of us learn more, each other and our dialogue helps me to live and breathe!
To me was so hardly especially first half-year. You cannot present yourself at all as it to be absolutely alone.
Yes, I have family and friends, but nobody could understand me, cannot support me.
I could not consult with the in any way the banal broken love. As I to you told, that mine so to say the beloved, in one fine day have left, that not having told, have not come more more truly.
Then long efforts I have found out, that it has found to itself other patroness, rich and it is better than I.
I do not know, why it then was afraid and has not told, that does not want to meet and
live more with me, but it has caused me a hundred times more pains than if has told all at once. Because all this time I as the silly woman continued to hope and up to the last has not got acquainted yet with you, all time continued to hope, that it will call. When I heard from friends about it - heart jumped out.
I was bothered with this fear to remain alone with the ideas, I was shaked every day for fear, carried out more time with friends, with native or as it is possible longer sat on work only to not think of it.
The most awful, that protective reaction of my mentality let know brightly about itself: I became aggressive, and all men of me irritated, though I know, that I am not right.
I have understood, that I can not go through in any way that have thrown me so unexpectedly so have simply taken and have thrown out as not the necessary toy.
All these fears have postponed a trace in my soul, and I had to overcome, type very much much a ****** a drink of fresh air and to start to live in a new fashion.
I started absolutely new life in which there is you! The strangest what exactly you have given me hope, that are still normal men on this planet.
I want, that you knew, that there are no difficulties which the love would not overcome, illnesses, which love would be not not cured. There is no door, which love would be not not opened, the seas which she would not pass. Is not present walls, which love would not destroy, a sin which the love would not expiate. As though deeply was to mountain, what hopeless the future how the unit how the mistake was great confused would not seem - all this will be dissolved in love.
To like are to trust, trust, help, inspire, be trusted, to share, understand, feel, touch, care, pray, to give.
I, hope, that you understand, about what I want to tell, you help me to live and allow hope for our future.
My future it you! I am glad, that we understand, each other, we understand, that we want!
I have told to the parents that I have got acquainted with the remarkable person with whom I correspond. That my life for this short time this person has changed all my ordinary life to be from me so far, for hundred thousand kilometers.
My mum, has told, that for a long time has noticed change in me, and has told, that
at me eyes shine for pleasure when I to it tell about you.
You can create such miracles! You, probably, that not suspecting, have come in my soul
and have remained there to live.
Yes, tell to me about the friends. They borrow what role in your life?
How you carry out the days off and holidays? Also tell more about the city, where do
you live. What sights there is?
I too to you did not tell about the city where I was born and have grown.
I very much love the small small town, with his streets, trees, old small houses and smells.
Each city has smell, is usual people of it do not notice, but I always pay to this attention.
For me in general smells play the big role in a life. And so my city smells as my house! I joke, certainly, but the smell something native here is. Because when I went on work in other cities, in business trips, there all another's and has begun to smell absolutely another. In the street, near to my house there is not a big private bakery, there do bread and a smell costs in the street simply wonderful. Especially when from work you go home hungry, you come into shop and you buy hot bread which smells so, that from mind it is possible to leave! And now I shall go home and again I shall feel this smell which became for me very native!
And in general our city very beautiful, many green plantings, parks. There are artificial
ponds where swans live. Where it is possible to descend and have a rest. To sit in any
coffee house and to relax, look at a beautiful landscape and to dream.
In city there is a city theatre drama, with the troupe, and to us sometimes there come stars - actors or singers on performances. It always the holiday and people at which is money, always go on performances and concerts.
Well certainly, as well as in many cities of Russia is at city and a problem, such as many factories and factories are closed, roads are not repaired, and there is no illumination in streets, but it, unfortunately, a trouble not only our city, but also all country!
Such at us remarkable small town!
Well I think, that already it is time to me to run home.
Good-bye, my dear! Write to me I shall wait!!!
While yours Evgeniya!
Letter 5
Hello my dear and my loved Chris!
Big to you thanks for such fine photos, they have very much liked me.
As I have become bored! I so am happy, to write to you the letter. At me remarkable mood, my love!!!
You will allow me so you to name?! I would not want to hide it more from myself and from you!
I cannot be silent more, it is very hard for me to carry it in myself. I know and I feel, that you too understand all, but are afraid to tell! This is fine when we mutually test one and too!
You for me not simply the friend, and are much more. You my most necessary person began for this time. I so well know you, as though we are familiar some years. I did not trust, that is possible so to get acquainted with the person and is simple so to fall in love, not having seen it.
You are very expensive to me also it, probably, destiny.
You my destiny! You believe in destiny?
I believe, because if she I never, probably, could not learn you, see you.
You are very attractive also I want, that you were happy. Also it is happy only with me! Lovely I do not know, that I would do without your letters. I lived usual life and did not know that such passion or love.
If not you, I till now would live and did not see sense in this life, but now I have particle of you - your letters.
I every day wait for them, and to me is very sad, when they are not present. You do me happy almost every day.
It can also a trifle, but only not for me, because for me important each word.
I involuntarily catch myself on ideas that I think of us with you when I see in the street a young pair as they are pleased and embrace together as they are happy. And as I want to appear on their place that you were a number. I close eyes and present, that it we with you go along the street, everyone turn around and look at us, what beautiful pair goes, and we to anybody do not pay attention, we are happy, that we together, we embrace and kissed!
I know, that all this dreams, but to me so is sweet from when I think of it. Lovely, you are
necessary for me as air. I cannot live without your letters and without you. Your caress, your lips are necessary for me. I am ready to repeat it again and again because I cannot hold in myself these feelings. So it is hard for me without you... And I shall tell to you, I LOVE YOU!!!!!
It seems to me, that you feel the same. In your letters and words I have found so much
understanding, tenderness and words of the truth.
You speak, write and think about the same, as I. At me even such impression is sometimes created, that you simply read my ideas. That you have managed to ********* to me into soul and heart, and all have understood, that I feel.
I so am glad, that we well understand each other. What is the letters help us to live and test such fine feelings.
I do not understand, that could happen to me, that all life during one moment has changed, and in it you have appeared! Has not simply appeared, has taken in it the central place. I do not know, that with me when I read your letters, I all burn. And if they are not present, to me I was very bad also suffer. Forgive me, that it is sick of you, but I cannot differently! To me it is bad without you, without your letters. It is simple any illness.
I cannot do with myself anything, me as a magnet pulls to you. I each time after work to
running to you. I read your letters, and then I can not fall asleep at night. All the night long I lay, I look in a ceiling, I spin on beds and all ideas only about you, about us. In a head one question spins only: WHAT SHALL WE DO FURTHER?
I cannot while to find the answer to this question. Can, you will help me on him to answer.
That to us to do further, if we cannot exist the friend without the friend on this planet further.
If I cannot live and minutes and to not think of you, to not dream of you!
I want, that you knew you my most favourite person. I very much love you and I believe, that ahead of us more many tests and still difficulties, but I, hope, that we with all shall consult.
The main thing that we were together and trusted each other. In fact us with you it is not simple so has reduced and the destiny and that two persons from the different ends of the ground could learn has acquainted, that somewhere there there is my second half. We were connected with love and nothing can already separate us.
You know, yesterday I had sleepless night, and I did not know what to make, to fall asleep.
Paced the room, the saw of coffee, watched TV, but helped nothing. I sat and have written some lines and that at me has turned out. Whether we are able to love? Probably, we are able.
But what should be love?
Probably, something unearthly,
Marvellous, kind such. To like it is necessary over forces,
All for a source giving.
And if only "it" lived all also veins,
The big feelings to create. We are able unless to love?
To love, offer, be given!!
And we are ready to die,
And a flame in fire to be betraid? No, we are not able to love.
No, we are not able to be given...
Of what happiness - to grow fond!
And not such as all to remain. Palm. Eyes. A hand. A touch.
Breath. Time. Tishin. A recognition.
Excitement. Ideas. Rustle. Fluctuations.
Impulse. A wave. Bodies. Merge. Probably people speak the truth, the love does with us miracles, and I even began to write verses.
I wrote them once earlier when went to school and in institute. But here I to myself was surprised, villages and from an once have written. I do not know, how you will consider this, but I when could splash out all emotions on a paper I have lain and have easy fallen asleep with dream of you.
Even has overslept for work, such sweet dream dreamed, what even an alarm clock did not hear.
Well all I say good bye to you, it is time to go. I miss, I like, I dream and I embrace you my dear Chris.
Whole also I wait yours Snezhana!
Letter 6
Hello my person, my dear Chris!
I have very much become bored on you. I already simply do not present the life without you.
I would like to tell to you about everything, that I feel. I cannot believe, that I have admitted to you the feelings and they are mutual.
Earlier, I even could not present, that I can fall in love with the person from other end of the ground and I can not live without him minutes to dream of a meeting and about affinity.
The love for me is not only the words made to express the love, but also the acts accomplished to show the feelings to the favourite person.
And so my loved, I think, that I should, we present act is more exact should make for a long time already, should meet. I only also think of it, and even have shared about it with the parents.
They are very happy and want to get acquainted with you. They are glad for me, that I have found the happiness. Certainly, to them it is a little sad, that I can leave from them far, but for the sake of my happiness and well-being they agree to all. I showed them your photos and told about you. Mum has told, that you very serious and good person, it is visible at once. And I am very happy, that my love to you can fly by through all globe and get to you directly in the heart.
My parents have told, that will love you as well as an equal in rights member of our family.
That you now our native person and the most important loved most, most!
My loving heart is overflown and just about will burst, as the air ball which has flied up too highly, thanks you! Favourite my thanks for your recognitions, for your trembling. For skill to love, appreciate, understand. As it is important for me!
I am in love! Simply and fairly - I like, I admit love to you both I do not hesitate, and I do not deceive neither you, nor! Now very light time, such solar, I have run away from work! If only to write to you!
A week I lie down to sleep, and to me one it is not slept, and in a head - love, I like, it would be desirable to cry out the declaration of love in wide open opened window. And it seems to me, that behind it all this time birds sing, my true satellites. Birds of happiness and love.
And in how many I have lain, all of them love me in you more strongly and more strongly.
I speak nobody about the love more, I study to transfer ideas on distance - telepathy - I love you.
I do not want, that someone knew about us with you except for close and native my people.
My dear …, in my opinion, at me the finest novel in the world! You can to me will
not believe, but I was better than you did not meet the man anywhere. I love you, and anybody will not take away it! You could present me the all the best, the warmest and have warmed me the tenderness, a heat of the soul and heart. I know, I am sure, that more I can name nobody loved, except for you. I believe, to you and I trust in all. That always you will take only the correct decision and we would shall be together. That you never will deceive me and will not betray. I in all and completely trust you my loved. I am sure, that you cannot betray me, crush our love and all that us connects.
I am very happy, that have met you, that the destiny has given me chance, and we simply can take advantage of him.
I want to descend in agency of travel and all in detail to learn, how I can arrive to you my dear.
What are necessary documents to see you and to arrive to you to the country.
My parents have told, that than can, will help, that we were together!
I escape, and that of me, probably, have already lost on work!
Very much I miss, whole and I embrace.
Tomorrow, as soon as I learn all I shall write to you the letter.
My love, up to a meeting tomorrow! I love you, write!
Yours Evgeniya!
Letter 7
Hello to the happiest and to loved to the man on light!
Hello my dear Chris!
I like, I like, the best, most wonderful, most unusual person on the ground. And it loves me, and this happiness, this present happiness. Nothing will be compared to feeling under the name love, is especial if this love is mutual.
You not the first person with which I try to build attitudes in the life and you it is fine about it know, but with your occurrence in my life, I have understood, that earlier all was somehow frivolous, for my part, to one I did not test such feelings. And now I believe in love, and by virtue of love! I at last have believed that the love is that she exists and that she at last has lodged in my heart.
I think well as I lived without them, without light and shine earlier? How I could live without you earlier? How?
I every day thank the God, that it has presented me of you, it is the present gift of destiny,
it simply a fairy tale, and in a fairy tale always the happy end. I want to be with this person all life!! ALL! I hope, that our desires are mutual also both we want to be together.
As I also spoke you I went to agency and all have learned, that is required, for
That that we were together and are happy together.
When I have come to agency I was very well met also by all have explained. My love to arrive to you to me the tourist visa and term of its action of 6 months is necessary and I can use not unitary.
Term of manufacturing the visa a maximum three or four days and is no more. Then I have asked cost the visa and to me have answered that the tourist visa costs 230 of pounds.
As soon as I have heard this sum of money which to me it is necessary to arrive to you I very much was upset and have begun to cry.
Then I began to explain them that I go to the favourite person, but they have answered that are very glad for us, but unfortunately than cannot help, such laws. Then I have asked to explain why so dearly and they to me have explained that the visa costs 50 pounds, medical insurance of 110 pounds and 70 pounds tax gathering and on this cost the visa 230 of pounds.
I began to cry again and the agent of me started to calm and has explained that I go to the favourite person and have told that I have addressed to you for the help. Dear my and unique if you love me please help me to arrive to you, make to me translation into the visa in size 230 of pounds through system ManeyGram, it is very fast also reliable remittance and except for me who cannot receive translation.
The address where you should make to me translation into the visa: Russia, Nizhiy Novgorod, Bank Uralsib, street Varvarskaya 13, for name Evgeniya Hudyakova. As soon as you will make to me translation to you will give control number
which makes eight figures and you should send them to me as without this number I cannot receive your translation. I very strongly love you and I believe in you and in our love.
My love, please help to arrive to you, make to me translation today and then already I shall arrive to the read out days to you and when I shall not leave you and I shall do you by the happiest person on the ground. Loved think up, something, I cannot without you. I even to think I do not want, that we shall not meet. When I think of it at me on eyes of tear, and now I pay.
Forgive me loved, but I cannot constrain the emotions. I very much want to be with you.
I only the weak defenceless woman who wants to be together with the beloved.
You know, that I love you, I love more lives, you are more than sun and the sky, above all,
in fact my life, you my happiness! But I cannot tell to you it in eyes, I can not be with you,
I can not also all this because of money!
Why, so occurs in a life, why? Why I cannot be with you? You should me help, my love!
I have fallen in love with you at first sight, and so is simple, not knowing the person absolute.
I have lost a head, have fallen in a precipice without hope for returning. You, as if a bird, fly for me in heavens, and I from the ground try to reach you. No, at all from the ground, even below, whence from depths.
To me to be simple it would be desirable near to you, to admire you, to observe of movement of eyelashes, lips and I want to become a teardrop, to slide on your cheek and I do not want to fall on the ground. To me it is very insulting, that I do not have money to arrive to you, and will meet, and it causes a terrible pain to the person going behind dream.
I very much hope, that you can think up, that we were together!
Whole, I like!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Snezhana!
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