Scam letter(s) from Oksana Volkova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my loved! How you dear? Yesterday, I could not send you The message. I hope, that it not so afflicted you. Jessey, loved Mine, thanks for your message and for your words. It was pleasant For me also strengthened my confidence that all will be good and Our meeting will be gentle and very pleasant for us! I reached in Agency. They have told, that within the next few days my visa will be here. The embassy approved my questionnaire and consequently I can soon arrive to To you Jessey. also they asked to pay within the next few days the others Money of payment of them. Therefore, lovely, try tomorrow or the day after tomorrow To send me of money 1340 $, for payment of them.
My data that you could send me of money through system of remittances the WESTERN UNION:
The country: Russia
Name: Nadezhda
Surname: Fedorova
Also, do not overlook after that, to inform me the information; a full name, the address and confidential number (MTCN). I promised agency to pay them these days. Also the agent wants to know, what is the time we plan to be together. It is necessary for it for reception of tickets. Loved, what is the time you can have for Our meeting? Inform me Jessey, how many days will be convenient for you. Approximately in a week or it is a little more, I can arrive to you. I shall surround you at this time, my caress and care. I hope, that it will be a pleasant exchange for you! My kisses and embraces for you, my loved Jessey! Yours Nadezhda. I wait for your messages dear!
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