Scam letter(s) from Irina Saiphulina to Allen (USA)

Letter 1
My Allen,
How are you? Today I have a very difficult day at work. I got tired very much already. Still it is necessary for me to go home and I will take me some time to get to my house. I’d like the weekend come again soon.
Yesterday as I told you I went to my parents’ place. I talked to my relatives about you. Now all my family knows about you. I told them about you. You know, it was very interesting for my sister also and she also asked me about you. Mum asked how old you are and my daddy asked if you have children. I answered their questions and we spoke about you last night. I told my family that you are a good person. After supper we spoke about you only with my mum. You are probably can guess, that there can be some secrets between mum and daughter and nobody can understand a daughter better than her own mother. Mum ,however, warned me that I shouldn’t rush to begin any relations with you. And I understand it myself. I said that you are a kind and decent man. If we have relations with you I think it will be necessary for you to speak with my daddy! He is also a very good person. He takes care of our family very much. My brother also helps my parents sometimes. Everyone wish me only happiness. I told my mum, that I want to go to the USA and to see how you live. Mum asked if you invited me to the USA. I told, that you would be very glad, if we meet and spend some time together. Dearest Allen, I also want you to come to me to Russia. I would like you to meet my family very much.
I should tell you that it will be probably expensive to visit the USA. Here in our city the average salary of the worker is 250-300 dollars a month. I get approximately 500 dollars a month and it is good money for our city. Anyhow, I think, that I will be able to come to the USA myself. Tell me if you want me to come to the USA first? I want to see how you live, your country. If everything is ok I will move to the USA and visit you first. After that we can go together to Russia. I think, that it is a good idea. Are you ready to meet me? We can know each other better. I will not trouble you much if I come? Where will I stay? Is it expensive to live in the USA? I mean foodstuffs and living in a hotel?
May be I can stay at your place? Write me about it. OK? I speak with you very seriously. You arose my interest and I want to meet you. We are already adult people. I have already worked enough and I think that I can afford this trip. The problem now is with you. Do you want it? If you want me to come to you then I will choose the most convenient time for me. I should solve questions at my work before. Besides I should get ready myself and prepare my family that I will be absent for some time. I also should find out more information about the trip.
It seems to me that you are the man I have been looking for a long time. You are kind and gentle. You are a loyal and honest man. I am sure that you the man of your word and you can be a good partner for life for me. I think that everything will be ok with us. If we decide that our relations should not go on I will come back home and we will be only friends.
Well, I am finishing my letter now. I trust you and I believe that you treat me seriously. I will wait for your letter tomorrow. Warm kisses, yours Lyuda.
Letter 2
Allen, how are you? Did you miss me? Were you looking forward to my letter? I hurried to write you as soon as possible. I could not wait the moment when I will be near to the computer so that to see your letter and to write you. You know, I have already started to take some steps to our meeting. I decided, that first of all I will speak with my parents. My mum understands me very well and consequently I told my mum that I want to travel to the USA to meet you. Mum listened to me very attentively and she asked about my plans. I have told mum, that for me it is necessary to create a family. I have also told that I want to be happy and she understood my desire to live in the USA. I have explained that there is a higher standard of living in the USA and I can have the best life there. After some silence mum told that I am already an adult woman, and I have the right to build my life myself and to make a decision. I should build my happiness myself together with the person I love. For my mum the most important thing is my happiness. Also mum asked never forget about our family. Mum told, that she loves me very much and she won’t be able to go through, if something bad happened to me. I told, that I will do everything right. I, certainly, love my family very much, my mum, daddy, brother and I will never forget them. I told that if I have an opportunity I always will come to visit them and always help them. Anyhow, I at present in Russia and I reflect on all the things. I really want to build my life, and I am sure that I do right. Then we went to speak with the daddy. My daddy as the engineer of construction always respects well planned actions. He respects accuracy and confidence and consequently he told me, that anyhow I should meet you in person in the USA and see your way of life, your house, your country. I really agree, that only after that I can draw some conclusions on a real life in the USA together with you. I should clear up my feelings. Both of us should understand all things between us. Right? The daddy, certainly, worries about me very much. Anyhow, America is far but I told, that you will take care of me. Anyhow, my parents have approved my choice and they have told, that will not be against my going to the USA for some time and visit you. I was very glad, because I wanted to hear these words from parents! I should have support of my parents. They are already adult people and they have lived a long life, and they understand many things better than me. So, I got the approval of my parents! I even showed them your pictures! I printed them on the printer at work! They told, that you seem to be a very good and handsome man. You look solidly and the daddy will also invite you to Russia if everything will be ok between us and we will our continue relations. I promised, that when I will arrive in the USA I will immediately call my parents and tell them the address of my location. Now I can go easy to the agency of travel and find out all details so that to go to the USA. I think, that it will take time to get ready all the documents. When I traveled to Europe, it required about 4 weeks to receive the passport and then 3 weeks, to receive the visa. Now my passport has already expired, and I should do the new one. I had the passport before, and now it will be faster to receive the passport. If all things go well I think, that in 4 weeks I can have all documents ready! Till this time I will have time to solve all things at work with my boss. I will work for some time to have extra money for my trip. Then I will take a vacation! I will speak soon with my boss about it. Tomorrow I plan to go to the agency of travel, and I will write you all details as soon as I find them out. I trust you very much and also I hope, that you will not deceive me, and you will take care of me. When I arrive in the USA you probably should meet me. I should know the airport nearest to you so that I will arrive possibly closer to your place! I dream of you much! I want the day of our meeting to come quicker. I want our feelings to develop and we have serious relations. You know, we have already talking for a long time and I have not told you my surname! I will tell you about it right now. My full name is Lyuda Vartanova. I also want to know as much as possible about you. OK? I really hope, that you liked all my pictures. I am confident, that in reality you will love my appearance more. Pictures deform reality a little and I think, that in a life I am more beautiful! You are also very handsome and we will be a nice pair together! Will you allow me to call you BELOVED Allen? I also would like you to call me BELOVED Lyuda! I also wanted to speak that I do not want that you spent for me some money, I think that it is not necessary to do it. But I shall allow to you my home address. You asked me to write to you my address? OK! Russia, Ryazan area City Ryazan 170060 adress: Lermontova street house 20-31 full name Lyudmila Vartanova. It took me almost 2 hours to write this letter! I’ve got to go now and I will be waiting for your letters. Bye, my loved Allen. Have a nice day. Yours forever, Lyuda.
Letter 3
My Allen, I LOVE YOU! My parents and friends spoke you HELLO! Mum already asked as us with you affairs with a meeting. I have explained to mum, that everything is all right. On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss has told, that in any day I can go on a vacation. Today I went in agency of travel. It is located in our city and called the WORLD ! They render set of services. I have addressed to lady with questions and she has kindly answered me all my questions. I have explained, that I want to visit the USA and the first question which she asked me: you were in the USA before? I have told was not present. You have the passport? I have told YES! But my passport had restriction and now it is necessary for me to prolong the passport. Also she asked my marital status, my earnings, whether I have children, and set of other questions. I kindly answered each question. I also have explained, that before I went to Europe. After that lady has told to me, that then you will not have a problem with visiting the USA. She has explained to me about a politics of the European countries and also the USA. Each country to care of people which arrive. They choose from candidates on reception of the visa and do not give the visa to all. Material stability is very important. Also the social status and the purpose of arrival in America. Also to me the USA allowed a site of embassy. It If it will be interesting to you, you can visit it. I already considered all details. Here the prices for various visas, terms of registration, the list of necessary documents are submitted. It is a pity, that in Russian and you cannot understand it. Lady has explained to me, that I should go to Moscow for reception of the visa. I never was in the USA before and consequently my personal presence at embassy with payment of consular gathering is necessary. I can arrive in the USA approximately 3 months or these are 100 days. Also I should tell, that if I shall send all documents through agency in Ryazan then I should pay much more money. Besides I should go to Moscow anyhow and personally be present at embassy. You understand about it? I looked on that site schedules of work and checked cost of the visa. These are 100 dollars. I should you tell, that it is rather complex and long process to receive the visa. To me have told, that I have more opportunities to receive the visa. By the way, I should receive the visa of the tourist because it is fast enough and is more cheaper. Besides I believe, that for us now there is no necessity to receive the visa of the bride because it is our first meeting. You agree with me? So, in embassy if I shall prove, that I come back they will allow the visa without a problem. Here in Russia I have good work, my apartment, and proves all this, that I shall come back anyhow. Therefore I can safely go to Moscow and receive my visa! I have a lot of information for this purpose, except for that I traveled earlier. I know also that it will demand from me time, my forces and money. I have time, I have forces! I the strong woman and I also have money for this purpose. I should tell also, that I could save approximately 1000 dollars for this purpose. I would have more, but I have paid taxes and also I helped to pay to parents training of my brother. I approximately counted my expenses. I should go by train to Moscow and back. I should pay also for the visa, for the passport, for many other documents. Also I should live in Moscow in hotel some time and pay for residing and for transport. I think, that I 1000 dollars will be spent for this purpose only. I read on the Internet, that it will be necessary for me to show the ticket back to Russia. Without it to me will not allow the visa. It has a little afflicted me, because tickets will demand many money. I have wanted to arrive to you and I do not refuse it. I am ready to spend for this purpose my working hours, money and my forces. Because I know, that I want to meet you. I want to be with you. Both of us want it. For this reason I wanted to speak with you about division with me parts of expenses. I want you to ask, that you bought for me tickets aboard the plane. It roundtrip ticket. I think, that it will be fair, because I also to spend many my money and forces and time. You agree with me? I ask you that you bought for me tickets from Moscow up to your closest airport. I already accepted all things here. I am ready to go to Moscow and to start to take all things. Now if you will help me with tickets I can go tomorrow already to Moscow. By train I very quickly reach Moscow. Tell to me, you will help me with tickets? You have money for this purpose now? I very much hope, that you will help me. Between us there is a trust and feelings. Both of us want to meet. Also for me it will prove gravity of your intentions. Please, you should not me refuse. We do correct things and I am confident, that we shall be happy together. I wait tomorrow your answer and if you have money and to me will buy tickets I shall go to Moscow. Write to me it. Excuse me, that I ask you about the help. I think, that it is fair. You know my earnings and you should represent, that for me it is many money. I do not regret money and I shall do all for our meeting. But I should have your support also. We should be one command and then we shall be happy. I wait your letter and with hope, that you help me also I shall go to Moscow soon. I love you. I wait our meeting. I want to see you and to kiss. Write soon, yours forever, Lyuda.
Letter 4

Hello my loved Allen, How are you? I have so many news to you! I took already many things. I arrived to Moscow yesterday at night without problems! The way took around of 2 hours only. From station I took a taxi and went to hotel. My hotel called Yakornaya. It is present some hotels In Moscow with the same name. I was seen off by the daddy and mum. I took with myself some things to Moscow, but I did not take many things. I think, that I can take all things here quickly and then I shall go home and to wait for a house while all things are not carried out. Now you should read closely. I today went by 10.00 in embassy and I wrote the application on that to me allowed the visa of the tourist. Also I applied my pictures for this purpose. They asked also about a place of my work, on posts. I took the certificate of the property on my apartment. They also have now data on my earnings. Lady who accepts documents has told, that now I the candidate on reception of the visa. By the experience she has told, that I have more chances to receive the visa. She already to me allowed probability of 90 percent that I shall receive the visa. Lady has explained to me, that will transfer documents to experts on work with clients now. Also it will be necessary for me to speak with psychologists and to pass medical examination. I got acquainted in more detail today with rules. It is very important, that I had tickets to the USA and back to Russia. I should have roundtrip ticket. This obligatory condition on reception of the visa. I have told, that I already about it know and also I have told, that for me will order tickets from the USA. Lady in embassy has told to me that I did not speak about it aloud. She has explained to me, that I receive the visa of the tourist and consequently I should take all things independently. At reception of the visa of the tourist I should not have any guarantors. I should prove personally my serious intentions for visiting with a view of tourism. Also I should prove my material stability. The embassy to care of it. It is expedient. I go as the tourist and I should have a stable financial position to have an opportunity to live in the USA. These are very complex rules and I should submit to this because I want to arrive to you. So, today I have written all applications and also I gave all data on me. Following my step, is purchase of tickets. You understand about it? You also should understand, that I should buy tickets for cash money from my name here in Russia. I should bring tickets in embassy as soon as possible and also receipts that tickets were bought by me personally. You understand? I shall prove this my material stability and embassy will be confident, that I shall be capable to go back to Russia. I should speak nothing to them about you because I go as the tourist. Now I should as it is possible to buy tickets soon. It is good, that you have money for tickets. You should send me of money for tickets to Russia and I shall buy tickets here. I shall go now in the airport and to find out cost of tickets. You checked cost of tickets? If all will be under the plan approximately in 2-3 weeks I can arrive to you! You understand about it? On Desember ,20 it can be day of our meeting! This day I shall consider my tickets! My Allen, I shall require from you the help. Tomorrow I shall find out, how many money is necessary for me. I shall consider the tickets cheapest and convenient for me. OK? I do not want, that had the big charge. I shall inform to you tomorrow how many money to you it will be necessary to send me and also I shall allow to you then the information on tickets that you could meet me! I am confident, that we shall take all things soon! We shall soon meet. By the way, I thought of that as I can I shall receive your money here. I have no bank account and probably we should use the western union? I used it earlier and it is fast, convenient and reliable. We should be confident safety of money and consequently it is a good way. Well, I shall come back now to hotel. I want to eat already! I got tired today and I want to take rest. By the way weather here good today same as in my city! Here it is very beautiful also. I live in hotel on 4 floor and many houses are visible to me! Write to me soon! I love you! I do all things only for us and our happiness. Do not overlook about me. I need in you. Yours forever love, Lyuda.
Letter 5
My loved Allen, I only to come back from the airport. I to carry out it is a lot of time, it To reach the airport. I observed various dates of flight. The prices for tickets In many respects depend on a class of the plane and from which I shall fly to what time. I want to tell, that I to consider the cheapest tickets onboard the plane. I considered many companies and tried to choose most of all The best tickets. I should tell, which cost from tickets also Includes taxes and tax collections of taxes of the airports. One ticket will take onboard the plane from me 718 $. It - not so the high price in comparison with 1960 $ On higher class. There there are tickets and more dear. For example It - 4200 $!!! But such expensive places in the plane are not necessary for me. I shall fly in the cheapest class, if only only this plane Has connected our hearts!!! Mine Allen, in other words I shall demand In 1436 $ for my tickets. In fact my visa is not yet ready. And it is necessary for me to arrive to my city to wait the visa but only after I I show tickets of travel to embassy. I want to explain once again to you, that I should buy tickets directly here in Russia. I should prove it my material stability. For me it would be better, if you bought for me tickets, but it It is IMPOSSIBLE in our case because I receive the visa of the tourist and I should show in embassy of the receipt on payment from my name. You understand it? Please, trust me all heart. I promise you, that I shall take all things correctly. I shall arrive to you as I promise. I very much I want to arrive to you. I want to have with you the best life and I shall not refuse it. We should trust each other. As soon as I buy tickets I shall inform to you the information on tickets that you could meet me. Then I to carry tickets in embassy And then it is necessary to wait only when my documents and the visa are ready. And we shall wait our meeting! I promised in embassy that I shall soon bring tickets. I very much trust you and I hope for your help. Please, take all things with a sending of money as it is possible soon. I shall not bring your trust, We shall be happy. There were to me of 1436 and it will be enough for tickets. It would be very good, if you have sent me money as it probably is fast, that process of reception of the visa has been advanced. I plan my flight for you on Desember ,20. Allen, you understand, It can be day of our meeting!!! I so want that it more soon to arrive! I would like to arrive to you as it probably is fast, but anyway I should wait. I do many things here. It is very difficult for me, I did not think, that to me there will be so one here. I want, that you have sent me letters frequently. So I shall feel your support. Please write words of love and tenderness to me more. Well? It very much helps. You have charged to me with heart, and I also trust you my heart. I shall not bring to you. I shall take all things correctly here. I love you all heart! By the way, I should give you the address of bank in city Moscow where I can receive your money. It the address of office of the western union, therefore you should find at yourself the western union. Russia Agent Location Details SEVERNY MORSKOY PUT BANK YAKIMANKA BOLSHAYA, 40 MOSCOW 119049 Name Lyudmila Surname Vartanova I also should know number of remittance. These are 10 numbers MTCN. OK? We already have made much for our meeting. I shall be raised up to the end, and we shall receive our happiness! I shall wait your letter soon! My heart will afflict, but I know, it soon we shall together. With love, yours Lyuda.
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