Letter(s) from Elena Stepanova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Sir,

We want to inform you, that we will have to stop your correspondence with Alina because she can not pay for our services. As you know, Alina is using the services of the translation agency, we help her to translate the letters from you and translate and send her letters. Unfortunately, Alina can not make the payment now. She asked us to tell you about this situation. We use Alina's e-mail address to write you to avoid any misunderstandings, also, we want to tell you, that Alina is well informed about all our actions.

Of course, if you wish to continue your correspondence with Alina, you may make the payment for her. You can become the client of our translation agency and help your lady with the payment in future.

Here is some information about our agency:

The name of our agency is "Bilingual" Our office is situated in Lugansk, Ukraine. We aren't the marriage or dating agency, we do not work in this area, so we don not have a web-site in the Internet, all the information you need you can read here.

We offer our clients such services as translating from English into Russian and from Russian to English. Also, we give our clients the access to the Internet, we make printing and scanning, and also we have a delivery service(this is a special offer for our clients)

You are absolutely free to ask us any questions, we will answer them immediately. You can always contact us with the help of this address.

With respect,
Administration of translation agency "Bilingual"