Scam letter(s) from Maria Kashkova to Mikael (Sweden)

Letter 1

Good afternoon my loved Micke! Today in the street fine solar weather from the round. Under the forecast should not be what rain. Week-end has passed perfectly. Yesterday in Russia the holiday - Day of Independence was. Therefore I could not write to you yesterday because the computer club has been closed. Yesterday in the afternoon I with friend Natalya went to park. We went for a drive on roundabouts,
walked, ate ice-cream with sweet cotton wool. We have perfectly spent.
I'm fine today. Here the account of travel agency on which it is necessary to send money for trip: Beneficiary Bank
Account with correspondent bank: 100947525200;
Name: JSC Vneshtorgbank Retail Financial Services
Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank:
National ID: 50070010;
Name: Deutsche Bank AG;
Address: 12-21 Taunusanlage, Frankfurt am Main;
zip code: 60262 Beneficiary:
Beneficiary's account: 42301978715001002222,
Beneficiary's name: Romanov K. E.
Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 914403 It is one account for the international translations. In bank to you will tell as correctly to send. Give the bank the information which i to you has specified. Deutsche Bank it is bank the intermediary.
Through this bank of money go in Vneshtorgbank. Payment details:
Private transfer to Telebank client 914403 it is a line it is obligatory. This line means that money are intended for my trip. money it is necessary to send to euro. In my soul it is bright and it is warm with my feelings to you! On work all is normal. As I would like that soon we were together. Day will arrive, when we can plan ours Time together everything, that you should do - remember that, That it is necessary to have belief, because our force and hopes For each other will reconcile us it is similar magic a drill, Which the majority beloved never will be To test, but we shall be, and our day together will establish Feelings, we have for each other in our hearts, wits, Desires, hopes any time will do distance Between us, do not resemble on anything. Every day arrives, it is a pity to me, that I for the present not together And while I can dream only of it, but that part of dream It will be soon true. All good things arrive to those who wait so I shall be To wait the moment when we shall be together! My best regards to your family. I constantly think of you!
Kisses! Yours it is sincere with love Maria
Letter 2

Hello my love Micke! I am very happy to receive your letter today. You it is valid to me became very close to me, let between us the big distance, but it is reduced, when I receive your letter. How are you?
I hope, that all how you it want. Today remarkable weather - summer this good season, time of love... As I would like to be now with you beside:) The name of travel agency Dars. Romanov it is the owner of travel agency. The visa already during registration. Russia has not reached the final of a cup of the world on football. I so long was one and I do not regret passed time in loneliness, it costed to wait you!
I waited for you all life! Every day it is more and more and more I understand as you are necessary for me! Let I here one, but now my heart not one, it am filled with love and knows, that there is in the world a person who likes and waits! I so am glad, really, that in a life is not done, all to the best. I very strongly love you and I want to be with you! Most my treasured dream - to meet you in a reality and I shall appreciate the minutes which have been lead together with you,
my love! You are very necessary for me! You have come unexpectedly in I wash a life and I have grown fond of you. You have opened for me the world of happiness! I was one, and now there is you at me! Let now there is no you beside, but I feel your love, I feel, that is necessary for you and I believe, that soon we shall together! You the best in the world the person! Strong you I embrace! I tender kiss!
Sincerely with love yours Maria
Letter 3

Hello Mr. Mikael Dear sir, We can arrange trip for Miss Maria from Pskov to Stockholm through Moscow.
Miss Maria should receive the visa in Moscow.
Superfluous costs for Miss Maria will receive the visa for Tallinn. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at: Thank you ---------------------------
Street Paromenskaya 33/21, office 4
Travel agency 'DARS'
Travel agent Aleksey Petrov
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