Letter(s) from Oksana Petuhova to Anthony (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Anthony! How are you? Thanks that you don't forget me. I am very sorry for such a long silence, but I didn't have enough time and good mood to write anything to you. Well, I think that i have no right to tell you my troubles and to make you worry about me. But still I can't keep it inside(sorry) These days I am really in a trouble. My grandfather is seriously ill now and the doctors said that he needs the immediate operation,otherwise he'll die soon. But this operation is very expensive and we can't afford it,You know,what we feel now: we must save our grandfather but we don't have money. These days I've been looking for the necessary sum of money, but I've found only a half of it. I don't know what to do. Now you see, that I can't think about letters now. I still wait for your lovely messages as they always raise my mood! Frankly speaking, every time I get your letters I feel as if you are very close to me. I think that it's a great gift to let someone feel your support when you are so far away!Thank you for this!

Sorry for bad news, Oksana.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Anthony. Thanks for a quick reply and understanding. It's heart surgery-very serious and very expensive. It costs 60.000 roubles- about 2300 dollars-just imagine this awful sum - I have never even seen so much money!!!I've got a half now, but still 1200 is left. I am shocked!!! Anyway I should work for a year in order to get this sum,because the salaries are very low here - I feel so helpless. I should be strong,but I don't know how to look into my grandfather's eyes tomorrow-what should I tell him? That I can't save his life,because I have no money? I am afraid! You know,I've never felt so horrible! You asked me about phone number. Unfortunately I do not have phone at home. I want to put the telephone at home very much, but I have no an opportunity. If you give me telephone number, i will try to call you. You asked me about my full name. My full name is Oksana Petuhova. I kiss you million times and waiting for your letter. I miss you!!!

Yours and only yours, Oksana.