Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Fominykh to Jack (England)
Letter 1
Hello my love Jack!!!
I really miss you very much. I want to see you, to kiss you, to do everything you want. I will do everything to be with you as soon as possible. I know that you will do it too. I know that my life with you will be very happy. I love you much more than you can imagine. My love for you is my life now. I live now only for you. You must feel it as I feel your love. I think that I will be able to come to you very soon. I want it right now. I will be very glad to make you happy. I stop intrigue you. Soon you will see everything yourself. I let you go now. I will right you soon and know that you will write soon too. My love for you is forever. I miss you so much. I want you with all my body, head and soul. Your loving Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear and loved Jack.
I so was to read your letter. I today very strongly missed on you. I thought of us with you much. Represented ours with you a meeting. I today went to firm on registration of passports for travel abroad and visas and talked to my girlfriend. She to me has told, if I am going to go abroad to me in the beginning it is necessary to receive the passport for travel abroad which I at present have no. She to me has told, that I can issue the visa only after I shall have the passport for travel abroad. She has told, that visas are for different term on time and to her I was necessary to know precisely for what time want to leave to Germany to make out to me the visa for concrete term. She can make to me all documents in short terms. And she has told, that I will need to pay for official registration of papers of all my documents 265 euro. The firm will conclude with me the contract, I shall pay money and my documents will start to make out. To me have told, that that will legalize my papers to gather some inquiries: the inquiry from a place of my work, the inquiry on a state of health, the inquiry from a residence, the inquiry and my material status, the inquiry on the marital status and many similar documents. They guarantee to me in promised term under the contract to make to me all documents, after the conclusion of the contract. The girlfriend to me has told, that at them the system of discounts operates. If I make at them documents and I buy tickets then there will be a discount of 20 % for my documents and my tickets. Tickets will be Moscow-Frankfurt-Moscow. Their price 455 euro. In a result if I shall legalize at them papers and to buy tickets that to me it will cost 576 euro. And still I will not need to pay money for reaching Moscow from my city. They will pay tickets up to Moscow. I think, that it will be better to do all at them. You agree with me and whether are not present? Or you have other offers? I still want you will ask you to meet me in Frankfurt or will go to Moscow and we together shall depart? To me have told, that I can pay money when it is convenient for me. You can help me? I so want to be as soon as possible near to you. I very strongly want it, because I have really grown fond of you Jack. And you have won my heart and my body. I you love and only you. Except for you more nobody is necessary for me. I with send you many many kisses in your lips and with impatience I shall wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello my dear and loved Jack. I was very glad to read your letter. I want to tell to you, that I am madly glad, that very soon we shall together. I want to be as soon as possible near to you to divide with you all love and to do by that happy the man in this world. Jack has made for you a copy of my passport of the identification card that you were confident me. Agency in which I shall do my documents very reliable and me there do not deceive, as in it my girlfriend who not begins to deceive me works. She has told, that will make all from her dependent that my documents were ready in time. I trust her.
Especially the contract consists in agency. I am going to go in agency on Monday and I will need to pay all sum and agency at once concludes with me the contract. Jack I think, that you understand me, because for me are necessary money to pay. I am very glad, that you agree to help me. I think, that you can help me. You asked my data. My city (Yoshkar-Ola), the country (Russia), my name (Irina), my surname (Fominykh). Know, that I of you never I shall leave one and always I shall be near to you, because you for me The most dear the man which I love more than the life. I with all my heart want to tell to you, that I very strongly love you and I want to be near to you as soon as possible. I send you 1000 soft kisses in your soft lips. I love you and only you. You my best in my life and are necessary for me only you!!! I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I think that you will like my photo which I send you. I am very glad, that you like my photos. I shall be very happy to arrive to you and to carry out a lot of time together. You my love and I shall be with you forever. I every day dream only of you. You my love forever. I love only you. Sincerely, your loved Irina. Ps: Today I have learned the address of the Western Union in my city.
Chavaina Bulvar 11a, Yoshkar-Ola.
Letter 4

Hello my loved Jack. I was very glad to receive your letter.
Honey, I have problems with my email address, I had to create new, it is
please write me there, write me only there, it is very important. I shall wait to your letter
Sincerely, your loved Irina.
Letter 5
Hello my loved Jack.
Darling, there is one problem,
I went to bank and tried pick up it, but I couldn't do this, because I had no passport and other documents they didn't want accept.
My passport now at passport-issue-service and will be there for some time. I can't pick this up because I repeat I gave my passport to agency for documentating process. That's a pity I can't take order with other document.
I tried to do this with birth certificate which here also important documents, but no under rules of Western Union in Russian, it is could pick order only with passport.
I tried at different banks but it is strict rule. I don't know what do.
I wait to your letter my darling.
Don't know what to do.
Sincerely, your loved Irina.
Letter 6
Hello my loved Jack.
I told you about this problem. At the bank Western Union they gave me advice to ask some of my close friend or relative to help me pick it up for what you can change the name of order. I think it nice way solve it. In such case it necessary change name of order to name of this close person, and i know mtcn and other info about order will be only able pick order. So it ok and safety. If you can do it, I would go to bank with such person and will pick order. This person will not know mtcn and info about the order. I will go with him to bank and pick the order with his assistance. I think it nice way to solve this situation when passport is not at me. Dear, I can ask for some close person, relative. I can reach him anytime and it easy, convenient for me to ask him help me and I can trust him. His name is Timur Mirzayanov. He lives not far from me. I can trust him, it is easy for me to ask him help me. I can reach him anytime during work day. So it convenient for me to ask him help me. I think it nice way solve it. So dear I would like ask you to change name of order (I sure it possible), because if it is for my name I can't pick it without passport which at agency now and will be there some time. I hope we will do it such way and I will prepare all necessary things. It necessary to do fast I think.
So darling this is info
First name: Timur ( T I M U R )
Last name: Mirzayanov ( M I R Z A Y A N O V )
Address: Kirpichnaya street 49, apt 14.
I would never ask if there were no such necesity. Dear, I hope you do this.
I so much love you my darling, very much want to be with you.
I can't wait to be with you.
I wait to your letter.
Sincerely, your loved Irina.
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