Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zagaynova to Euan (Australia)

Letter 1
I am very glad, that you have written to me. I very strongly waited the letter from you. You are very interesting to me and I wish to know you better. I bring apologies I badly I understand in computers and likely therefore I did a mistake in mine profile and specified, that I live at you in the country. But I think, to us that will not prevent to communicate that we now far apart. Who knows.... I think, you not against... Now, if you will allow I shall tell a little about myself. As you know, my name Ekaterina. I am 28 years old. My growth 168 cm. My weight 54 kg. I wish to find the special person for myself. I tried to find such person here, but it has appeared not easily. Many Russian men badly concern at the woman. They frequently drink and can be rude. It is not pleasant to me. I want good serious attitudes with the person. Here at me it has failed to make. For this reason I have decided to make it through the Internet. I have no own computer of the house, therefore I write to you through the Internet-cafe. I very much hope that you will write to me and further. I was born and have grown in the city of Cheboksary. Here I live and now. I want, that you have understood, where it is, but I do not know, how to you it to explain. Cheboksary are approximately in 800 km from city of Moscow. It is small city in comparison with Moscow. But it very beautiful. I send you a photo of city of Cheboksary in my letter. So it looks in the summer. In this photo you can see my house! You see two greater 9 - storeyed houses of white color? The nearest to a ring motorway it also is my house. I think, that you understand me. I hope to you the house and city where I live is pleasant. My city has very beautiful nature, especially in the summer. What your city? You can send me its photo? I work as the bookkeeper in state the enterprise. My work is connected basically with many papers and calculations which I should do constantly. I like my work and people with which I communicate. I like to listen to music and to read books. From books I like love novels and detectives. From music I prefer modern and classical music. I like to come after work home and to include beautiful music. What music is loved by you? What your hobbies? I shall finish the letter today on it. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I send you the photo today also. I ask you to send me your photo. Ekaterina.
Letter 2
I am very glad, that you have written to me again. I am very happy, that I have letters from you. I the frank woman, also can fall in love only with the frank person. I think, that you understand, that I wish to find true love. I wish to love and be loved. Write to me more about itself and about your life. It really is very interesting to me. I was born on February, 15th, 1978. On a sign on the zodiac I - Aquarius. I live in a 2-roomed apartment, together with mum and the daddy. My father works as the driver of the car, it transports cargoes on all country. It very often does not happen houses because it is in business trip. Now it has left for business trip in the city of Samara. It has carried a cargo there under the order. I very much miss on it because it often does not happen the at home. My mother now 60 years. It does not work, because is on pension. It has given birth to me when to it there were 32 years. I very strongly love mum, it is very dear to me. I always help mum with cleaning on the house and in all that it asks me. I went to school, which is far from my house. I had to rise early every day because ahead there was a long way to school. After school I wished to go to institute, but could not study there because in Russia it costs many money. My family was unable pay for my training. I have gone to study in college. I have finished college by a trade the bookkeeper-economist. Now I work as the bookkeeper as I spoke you already. I send you a photo today which is made on my work. I think, for you it will be interesting to look as I look on my work. But I still had dream since the childhood - to be the doctor. I always dreamed of it. Even in the childhood I played with mum in doctors. It was very interesting to me then. As it is amusing to recollect it now! It is very interesting to me. Who knows, my children's dream can sometime be carried out, to become the doctor? I usually spend the free time with girlfriend Elena. We are friends since the childhood. We studied in one class at school, then studied together in college. At leisure we go together to cinema. Also in the summer we like to leave in a wood on picnics. We do it together with my girlfriends. I can tell to you interesting history which has happened with us once during such picnic. I think, it will be interesting to you to hear it. So, we left on picnic with my girlfriends in a pine grove which is located approximately in 2 km from city. We have dissolved a fire, and were going to fry sausages on fire. As suddenly, we have heard movement of dry branches which laid on the ground. We have decided to look, that it was. We have passed literally some meters from a place of our picnic. You do not represent, whom we have seen! We have seen two hares who without cares sat between trees. It is very rare - to see the hares, especially two, near to our city! I thought, that they are afraid of people, and never will approach so close. Them was two, I have thought, that it was the family. It was very interesting to observe of them. But we have frightened these two hares the presence, and they have escaped. I have suggested the girlfriends to put on that place where hares sat, to put two carrots. I very much hoped that these hares will return on that place where we saw them, and these two carrots will eat. But my girlfriends have started to be indignant, asked me, what for it is necessary, spoke me that I was not engaged in trifles. But as fiduciary from everything when we left, I have put on that place two carrots. I very much hope that hares came back there, and have eaten them. I always recollect it. It was valid to observe of them very interestingly. I often go to this wood to feed birds. I do it one. But I never would think, that I can see there hares. Perhaps, you can tell any interesting history which happened with you? It will be very interesting to me to hear it from you.
I think, spoke about much in this letter to you. I am going to finish it. I shall wait for the new letter from you. Ekaterina.
Letter 3
You will not speak anything against if I shall name you now so? I already for a long time did not speak such word to anybody, therefore I ask sanctions you! Concerning your age. It does not confuse and does not frighten me do not worry. I do not think, that you are old for me. Age at all the most important. Which people between the friend the friend can find the main thing of the attitude and feeling. And then I think to me it will be much more interesting with the person who is more senior than me on age as you for example. First of all, I want, that we trusted each other. I think, that without trust there can be no attitudes. I collided in the life with it, therefore I wish to speak you at once, that I want, that we trusted each other. I consider it very important before the beginning of any attitudes. My dear Euan, I can tell to you a case which occured to me approximately 3 years ago. I did of this case for myself a lesson for all life. I had the person whom I loved, but it has deceived me. We have got acquainted with it in the bus when I went home after work. I in hands had heavy bags, and It has politely suggested me to help to inform them up to my house. I have agreed to help on its words to me. It spent me up to the house, next day it has met me after work at my house. We have got acquainted with it. Soon it has admitted to me love. I trusted in its sincere feelings and kind intentions. Then it has started to play with my feelings. It appointed to me appointments and itself did not come on them. I waited for it long, but it was not on the meetings appointed by it. It explained it to that has been strongly borrowed. I trusted it and understood it always. Once I came back from work and thought of it. I have not believed to that I have seen on other party of road. I have seen it with other woman. They stood and kissed, embraced each other. I did not begin to approach to them and to speak them something. On my cheeks tears slid and I have escaped home. It came to me after that, but I spoke it, that to us to it any more about what to talk. I could not forgive to it it. It did not come to me more after that, I think it all have understood. To me it was very bad, after I have understood, that it deceived me. I had depression. I long could not forget it. But I think, that if the person has deceived you once it will make it once again. Thus I want, that we spoke only the truth each other. It is very important for me. I cannot experience one more deceit someone. I very much hope that we shall be fair in our letters to each other. I think, that I speak about myself in the letters enough. I think, that I for you become more clear every day all better. Tomorrow I shall try to transfer on a computer of a photo with my mum and the sister. I have the native sister also. To it 38 years and it has the family. I shall try to send you this a photo tomorrow. I think, it will be interesting to you to look at my mum and the sister. Ok? I have some questions for you: you love What kind of sports? What for you happiness? You can tell to me about your first love? I shall be glad, if you can answer me these questions. I wish to know about you more. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 4

How are you? I am very glad, that you write to me. It helps me very strongly. You do not imagine, as I am tired from twist a daily life. It passes for me monotonously every day. I rise in 6:00 mornings every day. Then I do morning procedures (I wash, etc.) and I make a breakfast before leaving for work. My work to be not absolutely far from my house. I go there on foot. To me very much to like to have walk in the morning on foot. When I come for work, it approximately 7:50 mornings. The organization where I work as the bookkeeper, begins work in 8:00 mornings. My working day lasts up to 5:00 evenings. Earlier I right after works went home. I needed to do cleaning of the house, to cook food and to go to bed. Now I have letters from you. It does my life much more interesting and various. Now after work it is necessary for me to go to the Internet-cafe to write the new letter to you. It delivers to me greater pleasure. Dialogue with you is very important for me. It is very interesting to me to write to you and to have letters from you. My dear, I have recollected, that promised to send you today a photo with my mum and the sister. I successfully transferred a photo on a computer. I am assured, that to you the photo is very interesting to look at this. At the left on this a photo my sister, then in the center of a photo my mum is represented, and on the right there is I. What do you think, when look at this a photo? I very strongly love this photo. Now it was seen also by you. After I have written the letter to you, I go home on foot. It occurs approximately in 9:00 evenings. In streets already darkly at that time. Seldom where burn lanterns. To come back home happens sometimes very terribly. By local radio often transfer messages on numerous robberies in our streets. When I come home, I need still more many affairs in the house: to cook food, to make small cleaning. I go to bed approximately in 12:00 nights. So passes each my day. The only thing that brings pleasure to me, is your letters. I am very glad, that you write to me. Yes, you correctly have understood me. My dream could become real if I could finish institute. Probably you are right that I remind a pillow when at us coldly. My photo I did it today for you. You can see as the winter at us looks. What do you think of it? I think you will write to me and further. I shall finish this letter now because it is time to me to go home. In the street it is already dark, and I need still more many affairs on the house. I shall wait for your following letter with impatience. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 5
How are you? What new? I am glad to receive this letter from you. For me is very pleasant to come after work in the Internet-cafe, and to see the new letter from you. Today I had short day on my work. To us people who are trained in college on the bookkeeper came to my work. They passed practice at us in work. They tried to perform work with papers which I do, thus they could try to do it. Therefore I have finished today work much earlier. I at once have gone to the Internet-cafe. I had more time, and I have started to re-read all our letters. For me it became very interesting. First I read your letter to me, then the . You tried to do it? I read today your letters many times. And I wish to tell to you, that it is very pleasant for me, that you spend your attention and worry about me. And I happy very much, that we have conversation with you. I feel really good feelings for you. Sometimes I think of our attitudes, and I hope, that we do not play Game with you, I hope, that we create our happy future now. When I went to the Internet-cafe today to write this letter to you, I passed through the central park in our city. For me it was very pleasant to look at girls and men who walk there constantly. I think, that it is very romantic, to walk on park and to hold each other for hands. It looks very beautifully. I remember, that when I studied in college, I always dreamed to do it. But I have no favourite person, and I should dream only of it now. But I hope, that sometime my dream becomes real. There can be you think, that I have very simple dream for the 28 years. But I wish to tell to you, that the main dream, certainly not simply to walk on park keeping for hands with somebody. The main dream for me, it to find the favourite person. I simply want, that me loved and respected. It is very important for me. I very strongly do not have it now. But I think, that all will be good. I think, that my dream real becomes very fast. I have letters from you, and it means for me much. I wish to ask you only about one that you wrote to me every day. If you cannot write to me because have complex day, or very much get tired simply warn me about it. Write to me the short letter, it will be important for me. Because if you do not write to me though some words I shall worry for you. I think, that for you it will not be complex. OK, my dear? I send you a photo today which is made in flower shop where my girlfriend Elena works. I very strongly love real flowers. Alive which grow instead of which are broken. I think, it is much more beautiful. Therefore I did a photo near to real flowers. I have questions to you, I want, that you have answered them. You have dream? You love the work? You have many friends? Yes, my sister really loves a fashion. You are right. And my way for work now really coldly. In the street at us now - 7 degrees of a frost, but it yet so is cold as it happens at us in the winter. I shall finish on it today the letter to you. I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 6
I'm fine. I had today good day and houses and on work. I today thought of you much. I do not know, but why that every day I start to think of you more and more. I think, it because you are very interesting to me. I also consider, that we have much in common. You can tell to me something from your childhood? I do not know why, but I would like to hear it from you. I think, that the our childhood strongly differed. I certainly am not assured of it, tell to me if I speak incorrectly about it. I had very simple childhood: I had no many toys and various entertainments. My parents bought to me few new toys because they did not presume to themselves it. My parents took toys for me from the good friends at whom children by then have already grown. Therefore I had to play that at me was. But I was glad to it. Because some children did not have also it. I think, that it is necessary to be pleased always to that you have. When I am included into any shop in our city, I see many beautiful toys now. I do not understand, why when I was small, did not sell such beautiful toys! Sometimes I represent, that if I shall sometime have children I shall buy it the most good toys. I am very grateful to the parents, that they could do everything that I had much, that I wanted. I very strongly respect and I appreciate mum and the daddy. I also remember school in which I studied. It was the most usual school. I liked to go to school. I had many good friends there. Now many have already grown from them and have the family. I had very fine days when went to school. I make a photo of the school at summer when it was warm, I send it to you today. I think to you it will be pleasant to look at it. Thus you can see school where I studied 10 years. Tell please a little about the school days. It will be very pleasant to me to hear it. I agree with you that a life not to work. And to spend time with children it it is fine. I completely agree with you. My surname Zagaynova. I cannot tell to you that it designates. Because it is a usual surname and she can designate nothing. Yes you are right, I sometimes reflect on children. I never travelled and did not fall outside the limits Russia. In my opinion I have not forgotten anything to speak you about my childhood today. What do you think, looking at this a photo? I wait for new news from you, my dear. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Thanks for that wrote to me today. How your day today? At all of you it is good? I agree with you, that for many women children this main thing. I am distinguished from everything, I so think. I want to find the favourite person with whom I can be up to the end of my life. It will be for me the finest. For me it is the purpose, the everything else is possible to solve and reconcile if something will fail. I so think. My dear, I wish to speak with you today about, whether really your intentions to me are serious also sincere. The matter is that I today bought the newspaper where I have read through story very interesting to me in shop. This the story has very much excited me. My dear, in this story it was spoken that much Russian girls search for the love on the Internet. They get acquainted with men from other countries, and then leave to live abroad. But actually they do not see long-awaited the man which they searched for long time. They are taken away directly from the airport with a foreign mafia which uses Russian girls for slavery and prostitutions. In this story it was spoken about really existing girl whom call Marina. It got acquainted on the Internet with the person by name Bob which lived as it spoke, in USA. They had letters from each other some time, spoke by phone. Nothing caused fears in Marina in this person. They have grown fond each other. More truly, it has grown fond of it, and it severely said lies to it. They have decided to meet shortly to be together and to check up their feelings to each other. They have decided to meet in USA. Marina has found huge money to arrive to favourite. It arrived in USA, but to it the person by name Bob did not approach. To it send three unknown people, and have taken away it violently in the machine. Then it has been taken away by them in one of large cities USA. When I read it, to me it became very terrible, I represented, that will be with this girl further. So, I shall not leave far from this story, I shall continue to tell to you that has been written in the newspaper. To it at once have told, that it now the Russian ********** in America. It will work on these people, and to do that they will speak it. It used in prostitution. There were many moments when it beat and did not give it is. It worked as the ********** there within 2 years. To it have forbidden to address in police. Even on the contrary, its clients sometimes became even people who worked in police. IT was searched by its parents, but it did not give results. Now this girl have got out of a captivity in America. It to be in Russia now. It was helped by one of its clients who removed it on the panel. This person has addressed in police when has learned from it as it became the **********. I understand now, that kind people are everywhere. My dear, I certainly trust you and I value our attitudes, but I am am disturbed very strongly with this case now. It is very important for me as I am not going to play game with anybody. I wish to find the love. You very strongly to me like me also I wish to continue attitudes with you. I simply want, that you understood me now. I understand, that if at us all will proceed well further we shall sometime meet. I trust you even after I have read through this story. I trust you, I think this much speaks about my attitude to you. You to me are very important. I simply ask you that you did not throw me in any situation. I ask you about reciprocity. It is important for me. I think, that you understood me correctly. I wait for new letters from you. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Euan !!! My dear, I am glad to read your letter today. You know that bring to me your letters? They bring to me greater pleasure. I always have a smile on the person when I see the new letter from you. I think, that you very open person with good heart. You have very good vital principles. In a word for me pleasure when I see though any new news from you. My dear, I some days could not send my letter to you successively because here there were problems about the Internet. I write to you from the Internet of cafe and at them all equipment old and constantly breaks. It is a pity to me, that so it has turned out. I miss under your letters. My dear Euan I do not remember, whether spoke you, that I have the grandmother who lives in village. I very strongly love the grandmother. To me very much to like to come to village to the grandmother in the summer. To me very much to like to have a rest there. I get tired in city of constant vanity and problems. In village it is very quiet. There it is possible to have a rest well. In village at my grandmother very beautiful nature. I very strongly love the nature. In village also there is a lake on which many people when weather warm and it is possible to float constantly gather. But I like to be in places where not so it is a lot of to people. To me to like to retire with the nature and to dream of the happy future. I take holiday from the work every summer and I go to village to have a rest there. When I come to village my grandmother does for me tasty pies. Pies which are made in the Russian furnace, very tasty. You likely never had to try them? But I promise you, that I shall prepare for pies for you at once as it will be possible. The truth it will be any more from the Russian furnace, but all the same it will be very tasty. Ok, my dear? When I am in village to me it is necessary not only to have a rest. My grandmother old, to it is a lot of years and it requires the help. I often go to a wood behind mushrooms and berries when I am in village. To me to like to do it. I receive great pleasure when I am alone with the nature. In a wood it is possible to hear beautiful singing of birds and to see a lot of beautiful. When I come from a wood I give the grandmother mushrooms and berries which I have collected in a wood. Then we together prepare for soup from mushrooms. You know that such soup from mushrooms? In a word, to me very strongly to like to be in village where there lives my grandmother. My dear, every day I feel something new and good to you. I do not know that occurs, but in my opinion I start to fall in love with you. My dear, what you do with my heart? I cannot already explain so strong feelings to you now. It occurs as a bolt from the blue. We have letters from each other small time, but I feel something especial to you. I never tested such earlier. Now I am assured, that I can find the love. I very much hope that it there will be you. Your letters of steel that necessary for me that did not suffice me so long. I hope, that you feel too and to me. I very strongly hope for it. To like me your soul, your private world. You like me as the person. My dear, today was Birthday at my girlfriend Elena. We did there many different photos. I send you today a photo. At the left my girlfriend Elena. Also I have also other photos. I shall send you them in my following letters. Ok, my dear? So, my dear, I with impatience shall wait for your following letter.
You for me remember, that something especial, than I very strongly value. Yours Ekaterina.
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