Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Vereschagina to Jessey (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Jessey
I was very happy to receive your letter. When I check mail and I see your letter in my soul to become very joyfully, I am really happy when I see your letter.
You very well man, and I are glad this. My dear if you only knew as I strongly I want all that each woman wants. But for all this I will be necessary for trusting in you As I am ready to be all life with you.
There can be my dreams will seem to you naive, but I really would want that I had only one man and for all life. I wish to trust in that that all this still probably in sew lives. I think, that the person should have a life, which he itself in the right to build and plan. But I think that to one person it to make more difficultly. When the person not one also is beside the person loving and trusting, to go contain much easier. And I think that the happiness can be, when people loving each other together, and I wish to tell to you that I am very happy that we with you love each other. How you? How yours affairs?
And as I wish to ask you how your health, all is good? I have excitement and I very much would want that you were healthy.
I very much want? What we with you belief and love was always, and I do not wish to lose hope about our meeting, it is unique dream, to meet you, I a lot of time think about this, and I very much wish to understand you and as I would want that you understood me, and you understand as important for me our meeting with you.
I had a lot of work and as I would choose time what to go to tourist agency, I have received some information for my travel.
It is necessary to prepare the passport for travel abroad for this purpose it is required from 7 till 10 days, and only when my passport will be ready also to me it is necessary to prepare a package documents, after it as I will prepare a package documents, I shall be make medical information, it will be necessary for me of inspection the doctor.
As it is necessary to move to embassy Moscow and to receive the visa, this all will be registration done the tourist agent.
I I have learned that travel am cost very Dear. I can arrive to you under the tourist visa. It is the visa which can be prepared for 3 - 4 weeks. For the tourist visa It is necessary a package dock:
Pasport, a copy of the passport. 2 photos, information from work (a post, the salary), the dock-you, confirming a financial solvency.
My dear yes I shall arrive to you, but you understand that I shall require yours the help for that what to pay for my travel, your help is necessary for me?
I can count on your support??
My dear I would want that you knew that in Russia Christmas on January 7th
Well, I shall finish this now and I shall wait to your reply impatiently,
The hope to receive it is fast... Only a wish to you the big day...
Kisses, Svetlana

Letter 2

Hello My dear Jessey
how are you, as your mood. I'm fine, I am very happy to receive your letters. I wish to tell to you as I spent the free time last days.
In the evening I happen at home always, and in the afternoon yesterday I would go to a beauty salon for that that make a hairstyle, at the hairdresser. this very interesting employment as I chose the hairstyle by means of a computer, and it occupied time about 2 hours. I every morning make gymnastics exercise, and for me as will be useful small jog in the morning.
In the days off on Sunday, we to move to the grandmother in village. As there were some works in the house, it is necessary to wash the help windows, and the help to do cleaning at the grandmother and after that, we were Russian Bath, it as is very useful. I all time ask to myself this question, for me very important what there was in good a Health.
I wish to speak about you. I very much wish to divide with you pleasure personally when I to see yours eyes and which smile, I shall be happy. And I shall try to make everything, that you would be happy. There are some kinds of sports which I love, for example it is volleyball, tennis, I as love water navigation in an aquapark. And as I have dream to have an entertainment together with you in the big good aquapark, I saw such aquaparks only on the TV, and in Russia does not exist such smart and remarkable an aquapark, it is one of my desires.
My dear Jessey, I the same wish to tell that already now it is necessary to pay for my travel as some time what to receive the visa would be necessary, and to prepare all documents, and for this purpose it is necessary for me to pay money now.
My dear I as has learned, and me have told in travel agency, that money it is possible transfer through the international system of remittances, it the Western union refers to.
And in my city there is a Western union Bank.
In travel agency have told that the Western Union, it is the fastest and most reliable way of moving of money.
My mum, she sends you greetings. I would would like that you to write to me more about the interests, it is very interesting to Me to read your letters.
I receive great pleasure when I receive your letters. Please write to me, I want to find out as yours affairs, write to me, that you made to the last days as yours affairs on work, I hope that at you all well. I send you the most gentle kisses, and I wish you all good, and successful day. I with impatience shall wait for your letter, write to me as soon as it probably for you.
With the best of a wish yours Svetlana

Letter 3

Hello my dear Jessey
Many thanks, I am very happy, that you have written to me the letter. I would like to know as your mood? How are you doing? How your work, All is good?
About my travel to tourist agency have told that you should send money for my name.
Here my full data.
My full name Svetlana Vereschagina
My birthday on February, 17th, 1980, and now to me 26 years.
my address.
Russia. The city of Nizhni Novgorod.
Gagarin's street 12 - 28
Index 603012
Number of my Russian passport: 56 01 348127
As I the nobility the information on the Western union in my city which to be near to my work..
Soyuz Bank
address. Russia. Nizhni Novgorod.
street: Kholodnyi Pereulok, 5. An index: 603000
My dear today I had very good day. We with the girlfriend went to the Zoo which has arrived to us to city from the city of Kazan. There there were much different animals, even some animals I see in for the first time. My dear there there were bears, white and brown as there there was also a giraffe, and I saw very interesting beautiful Lion, a tiger, the Puma. My darling animals they very beautiful, and for me it is very interesting to look at animals. As I saw as some people which profits in a zoo, they fed up some animals of type the Monkey, they gave for the monkey of a sweet, and Bananas and when I looked as the monkey eats sweets and bananas, this monkey makes the same actions as the person. The monkey as can unwrap a sweet from a paper, it is very interesting to me. My dear you were frequent in the Zoo? What animals most of all like you? After a zoo I have good impressions.
I would like make plans for our future. I send you the most gentle kisses, and I wish you all good, and successful day. I finish the letter, and I look forward to yours the answer.
With the best regards yours Svetlana



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