Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!! I write you this letter because I liked your profile on I am not sure that you would answer my letter, but I would like to tell you that I read attentively your profile and we have very much incommon. I would like so much to know you closer andbetter. I do not want any games. I am only looking for serious relationship. I am writing to you because I want to create a loving family as you. If you are interested in that I'll be happy to answer your letter and to send you my photo.
Please write me back on this e-mail address:
I don't have any other addresses and I'd be happy to hear from you soon. If you have serious intentions also I'll be happy to be your "friend" in the future. Write me and I would certainly answer youback. Sincerely yours Elena.
Letter 2

Hello my new friend, Bob!!!
My name is Elena, friends call me Lena. I am very happy that you could to answer me my letter to you. I did not expect, that you to me to write, but in depth oppress I trusted that you will write to me. I with huge pleasure now to write to you. I have decided to write to you this letter because I to want To find my only thing the man with whom I could create loving family. Probably you ask, why I have written to you. I to answer this question. I Learned that there is such site of acquaintances on which I to find Your profile. I to see your photo and you very much to like me. I am attentive to read it and have decided to write only to you. To me very much Your structure has liked. I thought, if you will not answer me that I never I shall be To get acquainted in such a way through the Internet.
Only you the man to whom I to write Such letter. I to not want to get acquainted with several guys, because it not Correctly. If I to want to find my only thing that I should write only to one To the man. You agree with me? I so would like to tell about myself much,
that I to not know with That to begin. As you already to know, I to live in Russia. It is the remarkable country with the Culture and the sights. I live in city called Surgut. It is city is in Siberia.
You should not think that Siberia it always snow and it is always cold. It at all so.
In the summer here it is rather warm also sunny. It is remarkable city in which I to live from the childhood.
My Birthday on March, 16, 1979. My growth is 168 centimeters, weight is 57 kg. I studied in the Kazan Medical Institute on the doctor pediatrist of 6 years together with my girlfriend. Now I To work in the Central hospital as the doctor the pediatrist in Surgut. Very much it is pleasant to me This work. Where are do you work? It is very interesting to me to know your trade. I live on To apartment together with my mother and with the sister. My sister call Larisa. To my sister of 21 years. My sister to study on 4 rate of pedagogical institute.
My mum is called Tatyana,
to her 49 years old. My mum works in food shop. My mum the remarkable woman and it For me to have honour such wise mum. I to consult on my mum much. And she in Much to me helps.
I the daddy was lost in a road accident 5 years ago. He has not coped with management on slippery road and has taken off for a ditch. Doctors could not rescue mine the daddy as he has received a strong physical injury and has lost a lot of blood. I cried after loss of the father much. I now to not want to recollect it as to me to become very sadly and I to start to cry.
I to write to you is more detailed about my mum and the sister in the following letters. Tell to me about your family. It is very interesting to me to know about you. Excuse that my English not so good, but I shall study more. I to attend rates of studying of the English language.
I very much would like to receive from you the letter tomorrow and To hope that you to me to write. I shall write to you more tomorrow. Write to me soon. Your new girlfriend Elena. -- elena-serge1979
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