Scam letter(s) from Irina Sharova to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
I got your very short letetr and phortos.I liked your photos.You look like very s erious man and I be happy to know you better.Let me tell you a little about my life as well.
At first I`m sending you some pictures.I hope you will like it and will tell me what you think about this a nd we'll start to know each other better.I believe in very good and loving relationships. To achieve this first of all we must have trust to be friends, then maybe lovers. And yes to be good friends we must have good communication, that is the only way to stay friends and not have big misunderstandings.
I have been living in Ukraine for the whole my life.My town is not large.
Sometimes it seems to me that everybody knows each other.When I go on the street all neighbours say me Hello.They are very friendly.Frankly speaking, I like it very much.We have very warm relationships.
I work and study at the same time.My University is very popular .In future I will be an economist.It seems to me that this proffesion is very attractive.But I am working a seller for now.I love my job because I can communicate with different people.
My favourite dream is to travell all over the world. But I have never travelled to any counry.I enjoy reading .I have read many books about different countries.It`s my hobby.But I can not allow travelling for myself:-(
But I have very wild imagination:-)can you tell me more about yourself, your life there, hobbies, interests, family?I would like to become closer to you.And I will be happy to answer your questions.This is first time for me and I even do not where to start:-)But i hope you will help me:-)
Well, now I am to close the letter at the moment,
Please take good care of yourself,
Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
dear,i did not answer your questions because as you know i could not write you a long letter becaus e of the debt .the manager is not here now and i asked the interpreter to help me translate this letter. I am also not happy with t his situation:-( I wish i could solve this problem by myself.But I do not have a computer at home and do not have internet.So i have to use it here and pay for it:-(
You asked me my address .Here it is:
Sharova Irina
Lenkom Block, 4a/133,
Can it help somehow?
I miss our normal letters and hope we be able to solve this problem.
Yours Irina
Letter 3
Hello, my dear!
Thank you for your letetr very very much.As always I like to get it and it makes my day.But today I feel a little bit sad.I came to the internet cafe and the manager here said that it is time for em to pay for our correspondance here.I paid here at first when I put my ad and i thought it will be enough for longer time.But it's time to pay.It turned out that we wrote many letters to each other and i am very happy for this because I know such a wonderful man now and I want to go on our correspondance, but need to pay first.Please, wait till I be able to solve this problem here.I need to wait for my slary.It will not be enough to pay the whole debt here, but a least some.I miss our letters and can not imagine how is it possible to be without them.But in this life it is necessary to pay for everything.
The manager here s aid that it culd be possible for you to help me to pay for our correspondance, but I do not know what you think about this and if you want or not. I feel uncomfortable to tell you about my problem.If you think, you can help me with this,I will be happy because it will really help me much and will give us a possibility to write e ach other wthout stopping which i w ant very much.If not i will try t do something by myself here.
Sorry, for this letter, but I need to solve this problem.I am thinking about you.
Yours Irina
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