Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I am Gulsina from Russia!!! I - the free and independent woman, sociable and capable to give pleasure of dialogue!!!!! I search for the person for whom I shall be necessary, desirable....!!! For which I shall be unique!!!!
I like to be the Woman!!!!! I love family!!!! I love a cosiness and well-being!!! I like to give good mood and directly to receive it!!!!! I like to look and good perfum it is beautiful!!!! I love kind friends and pleasant conversation and them!!!!! I wish to find in short terms to myself the partner for a life. Your structure has liked me and consequently I have written to you this letter. I never play games with feelings. The real and fair person is necessary to me. I hope you such. I want that you have written to me on mine email:! Or write to me the email and I shall write to you there. Thus we shall begin with you correspondence and we shall learn each other. If I nevertheless have not liked you that can not write to me and I shall not take offence. But I hope that I have liked you also you will write to me on mine email! Gulsina!
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!!! My name is Gulsina and I from Russia!!! To Me now 24 years and soon to me will be executed 25 years. It will be on November, 20th. I mean was born in 1981. Since the birth I was the active girl and something did all time. And now, I all time in movement, cannot sit on one place. For this reason I have chosen to myself a trade of the trainer on fitness. And it very much is pleasant to me. I all time am the figure in the form of. You in fact like my figure. And too it is pleasant to me. I very much wish to like you. I shall correspond only with you. You at once why that have liked me. And I want that between us there was a love and understanding. At once I shall tell that I heard that many foreigners do not wish to fasten close relations with the Russian girls. All this because they often happen deceived. I do not want that for us it was an obstacle. In fact I for the first time try to find the man in the Internet. I thought that I can find the good, simple, romantic and fair person in Russia. But now I think that it is almost impossible. All because they in many respects identical. For example I consider myself enough as the beautiful girl and many men look only at my appearance. And I would like that it has learned me in a shower. My character very simple. I want only understanding of honesty and attention. You probably know that *** is necessary for Russian men only. I want that me estimated as the person, as the person first. Certainly *** is necessary, but only already with the favourite person. For this reason I have written to you and I want that we in the future were together. I wish to find to myself the man in short enough terms. Whether I think that already through some letters we can tell we approach to each other. If you agree with me that I shall wait from you the reciprocal letter. I want that you too have told to me about yourself and about the reflections. Send me also the photos that I could see you while we do not meet. Yours faithfully Gulsina.
Letter 3
Hello Fred! I am glad that you have kept up our correspondence. It is very pleasant for me. I mean have hope that we can like each other. Also I hope that we shall find with you common language. I would like that we told each other about all. Especially about itself. It is interesting to me to learn about you more new. From your first letter I have understood at once that you very much differ from Russian men. You have the hobbies and you like a healthy way of life. As it seems to me Russian men a little than take a great interest. It probably the main thing to drink with friends. They very much love it. Here even in acknowledgement to my words, there was a mass poisoning of Russians from poor-quality and illegal *****. It is awful. How they can such drink? All right I shall not be about bad. It is better to think about good. For example about you. You have liked me also I hope that it mutually. For me a difference in the age of not an obstacle. On the contrary I want that my husband was more senior than me. Because the adult the man the wisest. As I already spoke my birthday on November, 20th. At me very good, kind and amicable family. My parents very much love me and certainly I too very much love the daddy - Vyacheslav, and mum - Svetlana. They the best parents and the relatives for me people. For each person, parents are the most close and understanding people. Tell to me about the family. I very much would like to learn about you better. In fact I am going to build with you very serious and confidential attitudes. Main this trust. Without trust people cannot be together. And thus we should show that we trust each other. In fact as it is good that on light there are only 2 ***, it is a male and a female. I think that while enough and I shall write to you more about myself in the following letter. With expectation of the answer from you, Gulsina. PS: Also do not forget to send me the photos.
Letter 4

Hi Fred! I was happy that we soon can together. I very much like to travel to different places. Unfortunately earlier I seldom went somewhere. Now when we with you are familiar I hope that soon I shall arrive to you. Because I have told to you already that I wish to find to myself of the partner in life in short terms. Also tell to me that you think of it? I at once wish to tell that fair and sincere words are necessary to me from you. Than more quickly we shall meet you that more likely we shall be together. Whether in fact only the real meeting will help us to solve we love each other or we cannot be together. I want that in our letters we spoke about that how and when we can meet. And then when we meet we shall learn each other from different directions. I am assured that you agree with me. If it not so that will be very a pity to me. My parents speak that with a kind you very decent and generous person. They speak you greetings and also want that you have met me in the near future, about new year. If it will be so that they promise to give us a unforgettable gift about which I yet I do not know. They speak that it will be a wedding gift. My full name is Gulsina Gabdrahmanova, i from Orenburg, Russia! I very strongly wish to learn what it is a gift. Also they speak that you should not deceive me. It will be very bad from your party. Like this all that I wished to write to you today. Now I shall wait for your letter with answers to my offers and questions. Gulsina and its parents!
Letter 5
Hello dearest Fred!!! How are you? I am happy to receive from you the letter. I want that you felt my attachment to you. It seems to me that we come nearer to the moment when we should meet. I think that give we we shall meet is better. So it will be better also we shall not spend money for the correspondence. To correspond it is possible very long. And if we meet in the person that we shall test much more pleasant and real feelings, rather than we can feel on letters. You agree with me? If you agree, I shall inform you what expenses to me it is necessary to make to arrive to you. It to not play for time in vain. I very much wish to arrive to you soon. It is necessary for me to issue the visa, but it for me will not make greater complexity. I went to travel agency and to me have informed that within 4-6 days I can receive the visa. For this purpose it is necessary for me to go to Moscow in consulate of your country. For reception of the visa 470 dollars are necessary for me. This sum includes a trip to Moscow and also residing and feed in Moscow and certainly registration of the visa. You know that Moscow the most dear city and consequently such sum of money is necessary for me. Also I learned cost of the ticket for travel to you. It approximately 600 dollars. If you are ready to send me this money that I shall be very glad, in fact we after that shall very soon meet. I even have had time to descend today in bank and to me have told that the most convenient means for remittance is Western Union. Also I should send you the data that you could send me of money. Gabdrahmanova Gulsina, Russia. To me spoke that it quite enough. With impatience I wait from you for the answer and I hope that at all of us will be good. Gabdrahmanova Gulsina
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