Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Volkova to Mark (England)
Letter 1
My friend MARK! It is very pleasant for me to receive from you letters. Each letter I wait with impatience! The only thing, that To me it is necessary now for a quiet life with the person loving me. I am very glad, that I can express the ideas. MARK,I am afflicted very much with that fact, that when I have access to there is no letter. When I with you communicate, I overlook about all problems. in the Winter to me to like To go for a drive on figured skates - it simply wonderfully. And in the summer this kind Sports I look on the TV. And how you to it concern? Still to me very much to like to go to theatre. At us put remarkable performances! When I look them, That I have a rest soul and a body. I believe in the God, I Christiania Every Sunday I go to church, I read the bible. If you understand me, that, means, we communicate knowingly. I very much love animals, therefore at me cat Vasya lives, To which 10 years. I would like to have a dog, But my domestic conditions do not allow. We, with the grandmother, live in To one-room apartment, on a ground floor. At us, in Russia, a question of habitation It is very much complicated. To me to like to have a rest with friends on the nature, to fry shish kebabs, Cheerfully to spend time. At us the wonderful nature, very beautiful Landscapes. And you were in Russia? Already late, it is time to me to go home. And so it would be desirable to communicate still. Good-bye! Your girlfriend Anna.
Letter 2
Hi, loved!MARK, to you to like, when pay compliments? I missed. Yesterday I could not with you to communicate, because at me the grandmother was ill. Her yesterday have taken away in hospital. I have been very much upset. But today to it it became better. And you missed on me? Whether you like to give gifts? I very much like to give gifts, because to this I I bring to people pleasure. It is pleasant to have the person, Of which you think, you dream, you build plans. I would like to tell to you about the childhood: I was the happiest child, I had high-grade, careful family: clever the daddy and kind mum. When To me there were 11 years, I have lost them. They were lost in a road accident. It was the most awful day in my life. But time went, I grew. Me has taken on Education my grandmother, I am very grateful to it. It was very hard. Has left school with distinction. Has acted in the Higher educational Institution...... I try to tell to nobody about the the past. It is difficult to recollect. I very much would like to visit your country. MARK, You would like to see me, To show me the city? MARK, answer me, please, these questions. With love Anna.
Letter 3
Hi the sun! How your state of health?
Markova Anna
City Yoshkar-Ola
The postal index 424003
Street Mashinostroitelei 26
User's box 75
Every morning, when I wake up, I present our meeting. At me at once it is cheered up. Acquaintance with You has grasped me as if in a whirlpool. It as though a fairy tale. At me such Sensation, that I in dream. I done not disturbed with any problems. At me anew began Life! I am glad lives. MARK, it causes what emotions in you? Difficulties are not necessary for us with you. At me as I spoke earlier soon holiday, and as With your free time? But if at you the free time then do not experience is not enough, To me to like to travel. MARK, I with pleasure to you shall come. I shall look at yours The country. You would acquaint me with the friends. I would show on, that It is capable. And I am capable of much. I wait with impatience of our meeting. With love Anna.
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