Scam letter(s) from Irina Polushina to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello interesting man
I from Russia. I think that it does not frighten you I have seen your structure on a site and have decided to get acquainted with you, you want it??? I think that to me would be interesting to learn something about you because I think that we have much in common.
You could write to me on a site or on my personal e-mail:
I shall wait for your letter.
Sincerely I hope that you will me attention.
Letter 2
Hello Fred. I am pleased to receive the letter from you. It is very pleasant for me, that you search for serious relations because I also want to be serious. I want to create strong family in the future, and I have decided to find the person abroad because till now, in Russia, and me 31 years, I have not found the person who has understood and have supported me, liked and had personal opinion concerning various questions and that. I search for the person whom the word steady men can tell, and I always would hold his opinions! I work as the dentist. I send you a photo from my work where you can see how I cure a teeth. You are afraid of dentists? Many people are afraid of dentists, and it is vain! Actually dentists help people to not feel a toothache! I have medical education. I have finished studying on a profession the dentist several years ago, and since then I worked in many clinics, but I have not made to find a place where a payment - so, how many I deserve. But last place of work most highly paid! I very much like to play bowling and pool. Also I like to ski. I like to float, and in general I very sports woman! I - from Russia. I live in city named Cheboksary. It - the big city here is more than 400000 people. I remove an apartment close to the city center. I have been given birth in one of provincial settlements close to city. My mum now lives there, she has an agriculture - more than 15 hens, two cows, and 3 dogs. My father has been lost approximately 6 years ago on war in the Chechen Republic. He was the field commander of one of divisions of the Russian armies and when they protected a column with the weapon... They have been attacked by insurgents, and they have been broken, had defeat from insurgents. I do not like to recollect it, and at once would like to ask, that you have not set many questions on my father! It - is little bit more about me... My birthday on January, 21. As I have already told, me now 31 years. I like to travel to various Russian cities. I like to receive new impressions, to receive new friends. In general I am a serious woman. I almost always reach it which I want, but unfortunately it does not concern my financial positions (Smile.) I hope, that you did not think, that I the poor woman who does not presume to itself anything. I basically am provided enough the woman, I can afford many entertainments. What more to tell about myself. I shall wait your letter with impatience.
Sincerely, Kseniya.
Letter 3
Hello Fred. I was glad to receive your answer to my letter. I did not expect, that in the Internet it is possible so simply to get acquainted with somebody! I have not told some my details for you, in my last letter. My growth of 178 centimeters, my weight of 61 kg, color of my grey eyes, you could see it in my photos which I have sent you in my last letter, also you could see and my color of hair they chestnut, but I them frequently recoloured and now my hair of the mixed color. Fred, at you was some questions to me and I shall answer them with pleasure. Certainly we have with my mum very much good relations, we with it very well understand each other and always all troubles we solve together. I would like to tell to you why I search for the person abroad. First, people are more interesting by abroad in dialogue. Certainly, with the Russian men is, about what to talk, but these conversations always are similar against each other and my interest can be quickly lost, if the person is too monotonous, and lives " in past day ". The man does not know the most interesting modern inventions most interesting to news of the world, he so on is far from high culture, as that theatres, cinema, concerts ect. Also foreign men are very romantic, I heard much about it from stories of Russian women which live with foreign men. In the second foreign the man is more responsible! The important feature it that the mentality urgently differs from Russian. I think, that men abroad can find an exit from any situation and " will not escape from problems " if suddenly they have arisen. In the third, that is the most important, I had unsuccessful experience of love with Russian the man by name Andrey. And since then I never found, that the man which loved me and did not refuse the words. Andrey promised me too much. Distinction only that he kept the promises too seldom. I think, at us all would be good, if he promised only that can really execute. Then I would not hope for what he could not execute for me, and expected on smaller. I always try to execute that I want! If I cannot achieve something, I do not set to myself such purpose, and I do not allow the promise that I can make it. And since then I at all do not trust the Russian men! Not that I did not trust men in Russia, I am not sure that is possible to rely on them! For these reasons I have decided to find love abroad. Now some my questions to you! Why you have decided to find love with the help of the Internet?
What season to like you most of all? Winter or summer? The spring - is time to love, or autumn - time to long, when there are rains?
How for a long time, you tested love in the heart?
As far as the desire to find love with the help of the Internet is strong and serious for you?
For me answers to these questions are very important, in fact so I can find out you better! Knowledge of similar details important as each brick for a house is important! Fred, I very much would want to see your photo! I hope to receive your photo in the answer to my letter!
I shall wait the letter from you.
Sincerely Kseniya.
Letter 4

Hello my new friend Fred! I was glad to receive your letter.
You are very interesting to me, to me to like to find out about you all more and more!
I saw your photos, you very attractive the man, you even something remind me the father.
I think, many women compare men to the father! You remember, I spoke, what I like to ski? I have found some photos since last winter. I usually take a ski for rent, I not too frequently am on a skiing lodge, therefore I do not need to have the ski. In a photo those places where I go for a drive as far as I know, it is a unique skiing lodge in Cheboksary. You like to ski? As near, where do you live, is places to ski? I have suddenly thought, what was a little monotonous in the last letters, it so? It would not be desirable to seem for you always the serious woman. I like to have fun with friends, observing cinema, reading comic articles. By the way, recently I read such interesting statements: " Wit of the woman - in her beauty. Beauty of the man - in his wit ".
" Drive love though to a door, it will fly in a window ". I can not tell for everything as far as they are fair, but my opinion consists that in each joke, there is a share of the truth. I the optimistical woman, I believe, that did not happen, the life is fine! Friends speak, that it is difficult to see me without a smile on my person. I was glad, that you asked to me questions, and I with pleasure shall answer them. My dear Fred if that is fairly I I do not want to recollect relations with Sergey so please let's forget it. I to you have told all as is that you simply knew it, but please do not speak me questions on Sergey. Ok?? I very much want to have the man which would be for me the most expensive and favourite person. Which for me would be all. I want from love and a marriage, mutual respect that the favourite person listened to me, the man which could me is high-grade to provide, make happy. I am interested with qualities in the man: reliability, resoluteness, confidence, boldness, is a little impudence, material security and desire to find love. At all I do not know what now to ask you... I think, that in due course we shall be better to find out all each other, and on a course of acquaintance we will have questions to each other. I have thought, it will be interesting to you to find out in more detail, about my work...
I usually work so, every day my change either morning, or day time.
Morning change to last with 8 a.m. up to 1 p.m. A day shift 1p.m. up to 8 p.m.
It happens, that I work all the day, that is in two changes.
I usually have 5 clients in day.
Sometimes it happens very difficult illnesses of a teeth, and one client I can treat the whole 2 or even 3 hours.
Very much to like me my work, especially with such schedule I can have time to make much. The convenient daily routine, and I have time to be cleaned every day in an apartment. I very much love cleanliness, and consequently my house this that place where it should be always clean. I now do not need in general cleanings, in fact my apartment clean every day.
I also frequently visit mum, is especial in the summer, I help her in a garden. It happens, that I can go to mum each days off, and it happens, as month I do not visit mum. I that person whom easy to concern to separation from mum.
And my mum very much understanding person.
Perhaps, I shall finish today on it the letter.
I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience. Your new friend Kseniya.
Letter 5
Hi beautiful man by name Fred. I am glad to receive again the letter from you. I think, our intentions about creation of family are equally serious. Big to you that you have told thanks me about a part of the life that has opened to me the ideas. I am sincere to you is grateful in it and I see that you really want with me serious relations. I did not trust, that earlier, it is possible so simply to get dating with foreign the man on the Internet. But now I have reconsidered the point of view, now I have got dating with you and I understand that it actually absolutely really. You know, on the Internet for me new and I do not know dating, that it is necessary to write in letters, therefore I shall write that I think. I hope, you will understand me, and will not concentrate attention on trifles, in fact it not the main thing in comparison with that to what we aspire. That else write to you ... I would like to tell about a theme of a marriage. I the girl very responsible and always try to achieve an object in view. I against divorces even if the conflict is very serious. I think, that if we sometime will have family, I shall not allow any external factors to influence relations. I think, that if in relations there is no truth and fidelity then in them it be no point. I never played with love though at me the true love was only once, I already told about it. To me 31 and I understand all gravity of a life, and I am always serious in those things to which cannot be a joke. Not looking on it, I possess good sense of humour. In the company I always in the center of attention. I do not search for an ideal in the man. As both of us know, the ideal does not exist, and each person has the " minuses and pluss ". A difference only in that that is necessary to look at "pluss" and if there is a true love that not necessary to think of "minuses". I should tell, that we should foreknow about lacks each other that in the future we did not have conflicts in this occasion! You agree with me? Well all right we shall pass on more cheerful note. I did not speak you, that studied at musical school when to me there were 10-17 years. I play on the piano, and sometimes I sing. But, unfortunately, my liked piano which stood in the house where mum now lives, has broken also to us it was necessary to throw out it. Well, again began to speak about sad... Would like to ask you, you can give me number of your phone that there was an opportunity to you to call in the future! Well? All right, I shall finish on it the letter. I send you a photo from club where I usually play in bowling. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Sincerely, Kseniya.
Letter 6
Hi my interesting friend Fred. I was glad to receive again the letter from you. I have found still more some old photos, from club where I play in bowling and billiard. It is necessary to tell, I not badly play in these remarkable games. Especially bowling, I, certainly, not the professional, but once even was at city competitions, have occupied 11 place. Then it was very pleasant for me. In a pool I play worse, but too is simple so I shall not lose! I was glad to receive your phone number, probably I can call to you in the future. Now I yet have no opportunity for this purpose since my phone has broken, and new I yet have not bought. I would be glad, if could hear right now as your voice sounds, in fact I before had not to communicate with foreigners! I today in fine mood, and me would be desirable to joke constantly. The smile does not descend from my person. If every day was such fine for each person all world would be perfect, but... It is impossible to be always cheerful, in fact it is necessary to be sometimes sad to have contrast and interest in a life. What mood usually happens at you? You frequently are sad or on the contrary too cheerful? You are in a condition of affect? In general it is interesting to me as usually you express the emotions, and what mood usually test. I know people which are always cheerful and carefree, or are on the contrary constantly loaded and in bad mood. I can not explain why to me it interestingly. Probably I have no experience in acquaintance to the help of the Internet. Usually if you get acquainted in a reality frequently you pay attention to a mimicry, gestures, intonation. From this there is a first impression about the person. My first impression about you has developed in how you express the ideas in words. I present intonation, a mimicry and gestures and so there was my first impression about you. This impression was very positive, and till now I am very pleased with you, and you are very interesting to me. I today have reflected on in what can result our relations. You for me now as the friend with whom I would like to have closer dialogue. The Internet does not give an opportunity to feel usual feelings, but I feel, that I miss when I do not read your letters or when I can not write to you the letter. What my ideas about the future... I am sure, that we should meet once, but it "once" needs time. I believe that relations are checked by time, and I think, that we can discuss more detailed details about the future later, perhaps in a month. Though if to think, what terms can be? I simply do not want to hasten. Probably I should understand myself and the feelings, and then already to speak about it... You should know the most important I wish development of our relations! When I shall receive your letter, it will be the most remarkable event of day so I wait with the big impatience. Sincerely, your friend Kseniya.
Letter 7
Hi my good friend Fred. I was very glad to receive your letter again. Certainly I am glad that now you write only to me. Because I see sincerity in you and I understand that at us all will be good. I know that after new year of the price for tickets will very strongly be raised, therefore it was possible to organize our meeting for Christmas. In fact it would be a good gift for both of us. You so think?? We could have time to prepare for all documents because on registration of it 2 weeks are required. So if you we want to be together it is necessary for us to operate. I have thought, that we should tell each other about the friends. There is such expression: " Tell to me who your friend, and I shall tell to you who you ". And I would like to tell to you more in detail about the friends. I have found a photo where there is I and my good girlfriend. Her name Katia. Probably, at men friendship more true, than at women. Though we with Katia always encourage each other. If suddenly someone from us will be ill cold so it is necessary to lay houses we shall necessarily visit each other whenever possible. At us very warm relations. In general we communicate, with each other, much share some secrets, it is very important to have the close friend. At you it is a lot of friends? I, for example, have often dialogue likely with 5 friends, not including colleagues and neighbours. I think, we should discuss similar details, in fact it very much helps to find out each other better. I want to tell to you one amusing case which recently has taken place on my work. One mum has resulted the son, on simple survey. I usually make surveys of a teeth before to start to treat. Also I put on an exact times, it is usual in couple of days after survey. The boy was years of six. He very much was afraid of dentists. He began an awful hysterics. About half an hour mum calmed him. He shivered all, when sat in an armchair. I tried to amuse him various histories. Usually if in our clinic children are treated, doctors try to tell him interesting histories, for example: Once at us one boy was, he was afraid the same as also you. But when we have cured to him a teeth, he has admitted, that simply wanted to show character. He has really told, that did not feel any pain... ", etc. And so this boy who has arranged a hysterics, did not calm down, when I tried to tell to him a similar history. I explained him, that now I am not going to make anything but only to look at his teeth. Usually at children of such age molars start to grow, they replace dairy. And frequently it happens, that an old dairy teeth to have to tear out. I do not know, whether such details are interesting to you... All right, I shall finish on it the letter. I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience. Your friend Kseniya.
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