Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Moskvina to Pascal (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my loved Pascal, I so am glad to receive the letter from you. I Was so happy to read your letter, to me was so pleasantly To hear such words from you. Loved I burn down from impatience, I want To see you and to learn as our relations with you will develop When we shall be together. For me now it is the most important, because I Has found you and I have found the love which already for a long time did not test. You You do me happy and cheerful. You are necessary for me as water and Air, I very much miss you. Loved, I today all the day ran on To all city to learn more in detail about trip to you. I went all over again In travel agencies, but me have directed to embassy. I have come There also talked to the manager. He has explained to me all. All that From me it is required to hand over it my passport and medical information for Registrations of papers. He to me has told that all trip will cost 1230 euro. The visa costs 480 euro, it is the visa of the tourist on her I can remain at You 3-4 months after that I should leave you. But as he to me Has told that if I shall leave in marriage during this time there for border where I shall go, That I have the right to remain and to not leave that person with which I have got married. This The visa is done during 3 days after I shall pay the visa and The ticket. But he to me as has told that I should pay together with the visa The ticket for the plane up to you, he has told that it will cost together with The insurance which is obligatory for people leaving Russia approximately 750 Euro. There as enters all necessary declarations, Which I would need to pay. I as learned from him as I I can pay this money, whether I can pay this money through Credit card or through any other translation. But he has told That I should pay to me of money necessarily cash. And Also at once to pay money in cash department which to be in Embassy. He this manager has told as that I am very glad that Has got acquainted with you and was solved on such brave step to depart to To you. He speaks that now few women are solved on it and he has wished To us of success. I have been very much pleased with it. Loved but now before me There is a unsoluble problem which to me not on forces to decide. I never Had such huge sum of money. Therefore I now so am upset, Because I do not know where to me to take such sum to pay all Necessary for me for flight to you. My dear I already was so is adjusted To arrive to you, I at all did not know that it will be so difficultly. Loved Pascal I do not know, but I do not have other output from developed Situations as soon as to address to you for the help. If you It is really ready and want that we were together and have learned ours Feelings also have risen on a level above in our relations you can To help me. Because I simply do not know where to me to take such money. Therefore now all depends only on you, as as though to me not It would be desirable to be near to you and to live together. And I in fact so strongly wanted To find the happiness near to the favourite person, with you Pascal. To me it is insulting up to tears, that I cannot make anything, If in my forces would be that that to change that I would make all To be near to you. But unfortunately I only the woman, and the woman This weak and fragile creation which can be offended. And if you not You will want to me to help that I shall understand you certainly because is different People which put money above all. For me money it only The multi-coloured paper which is necessary only that is and To put on. In fact happiness of the person not in that how many at him money, and As far as he is happy and favourite. I shall better live and starve near to Favourite which person I like and near to which my life Becomes colourful and unforgettable and every day brings pleasure in Our house, than with that which I do not like and at him from pockets stick out Money. Because happiness it as success and if to you you have carried also Has really found that whom searched for all life, for the sake of this person I am ready on all. Because presently it is very difficult to find the Half, but not looking on all difficulties I have found you Pascal. And for Me you an idol and a subject for adoration. I want to be only near to you And with anybody it is more. I want to wake up since morning with you in one bed and To submit to you coffee to bed and to see your happy person when I I shall awake you kisses that you have woken up. I want to give you Happiness and love that in our house always reigned calmness and Understanding. I know that people looking on us will envy ours To happiness and our love. But I not the god and not in my forces to make Impossible, even now when I cannot do anything that To arrive to you. My loved Pascal I can think only now and To guess as you you will act and that you for yourself have decided and as far as you It is serious in our relations. Therefore I can wait only now yours The letter and your decision. Therefore I shall wait for your letter. And as though You have not answered, I give you all love and desire. Passionately whole You, yours Anastasiya.
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