Scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely friend Richard. I am very glad to receive your letter, I so waited for it. I am very admired, that to you have liked wash dreams, I am glad, that you divide them with me, it very much to like me, I think they to you have liked, I am assured that they soon will be carried out. I so wish to receive with you fantastic ***, it will be very magnificent. We shall make love to you every day, we shall give each other mad pleasure. My dear prince I hope, that All our dreams will soon be carried out and will come true. I tomorrow descend in agency of travel and I shall choose the lowest cost for air tickets to New York. I think they will help me to find the cheapest variant. I so wish to be together with you my dear Richard. My darling Richard, is not present my surname not Simpatichnaya, my surname Beshkareva. My dear Richard I live only with mum, the daddy at me is not present, I spoke you, that it has died, when to me there were 12 more years. I the only child in family, at me was not present brothers and sisters. I teach as the dancing-master in fitness the center, I work there 3 years, to like Me my work, at me the floating schedule of work, I can finish the work at any time, I can work and on days off. My dear Richard I understand, that you set to me so much questions, I understand your experience, but remember, that I madly love only you. I know, that we should know about each other all. You can ask to me any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. With love only Your Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Richard. I am very glad, that you have written to me the letter of me it so pleases. My dear prince Richard I tried yesterday to present all your dreams about which you have written to me, I am simple in delight from them. I shall send you a special photo, but understand I I hesitate a little, I shall spend the night today at the girlfriend and it can help to make to me for you this photo. I love you Richard madly and I miss on you very strongly. I so want our meeting with you, my dear Richard you will see all my body when I shall arrive to you, you can caress me and touch my body everywhere where only it is possible, we shall caress gently each other in all places. To you it very much to like I to you it I guarantee. We with you will have magic ***, we shall attract each other every day. You want it my lovely Richard. My dear Richard I was in agency of travel and to me have picked up the cheapest ticket up to New York it will cost 623 U.S., For documents it is required 312 U.S. All documents are done from 7 till 10 working days. To me have told, that it is the cheapest variant. Write to me that you think of it? I so miss you Richard, you are necessary and necessary for me, I do not know that occurs to me, but I very much want to see you. I am sure, that we with you shall realize all our dreams. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
With love only your Irina
Letter 3
Hello my dear Richard. Thanks you for your letter. It is very pleasant for me to receive your letters. I have read your letter and have understood, that you think of me as well as about these girls who deceive men. But I am confident that that your love to me it not game, I understand you and your cautions. I to you can guarantee, that I the real girl As I can prove it to you. I love you and it not jokes. Why from for these swindlers the present and real love should suffer, to me it so is insulting. I too heard about such fraud on the Internet much, but understand I not such girl, I really love you. My lovely friend Richard to me have told in agency, that I should have at myself of money for entrance to your country at the rate of, that in day it is necessary from 40 up to 70 U.S. To me have told, that I should know for what term I go to you, visas are given for the period of one month. Yes I have told to my mum about you she my destiny speaks, that you, I told to it about our letters it trusts in our relations and speaks, that will be very glad to see the daughter for the husband for foreign the man, she approves our relations. I spoke it, that I want to visit you she speaks, that it will be delightful. My mum approves my choice, I to it constantly tell about you and about that that you write she speaks, that you really that the man which is necessary for me. I so love you Richard and I dream of you. So your gentle and warm words became close to me, I very much like our dreams which I think we carry out with you. But if you doubt of me that I I can do of nothing. This your right. But you remember Richard always in my heart and soul. I wait for your answer with impatience. With love only your real Irina. My address: city of Cheboksary Street Patrisa lumumbyi.
The house 2 flat 8. Irina Beshkareva.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Richard. I have such great pleasure when I receive yours Letters, and knowledge of it it does the world by brighter places to live. Today the sun shone, and day was fair, which it almost reminded Spring. Me the question, as - asked your day and though, possibly, Not so warmly as I have here, I hope it, that you had good day. To me it is very pleasant, that to you have liked wash pictures. You would think I them has sent you if you did not love? I very strongly love you and I trust you completely. Yes, I am valid so is glad and very grateful to you my lovely friend for that that I am not indifferent to you. I can really tell to you, that I love only you and would be glad to see you. I can tell to you with full confidence that I would be glad to arrive to you, I never would let out you from the hands. I do not play with you my dear Richard, I so am glad, that have found the love, it only YOU. I all these days thought of you my favorite Richard, you even cannot present as I you I love I so wish to see you Richard to hold you in the hands and to kiss you. I all these days thought of us my favorite Richard, I represented as I shall go down on pass of the plane, which you waken to meet me with And we shall be pleased with colors to our meeting. I represent our the first kiss, it will be so pleasantly. I wish to borrow with you ***, to give to you pleasure. You speak, that wish to send money on my home address. I am certainly glad, but you think they up to me will reach? I am not assured of it, because we had many cases, that letters from foreign citizens did not reach, about it many times showed on TV. Some postmen open letters, from for it even there was a court between mail and the client. I am afraid, that same have not occured and to me. I so grieve without on you my fine prince Richard. I love you madly Richard. I wait for ours Meeting with you. The whole. I wait for your prompt reply. With love only Your Irina
Letter 5
Hello my dear Richard, it is very pleasant to me to receive mail from the favourite person. You my love for ever. I so missed you and your warm words of love to me, I hope, that it not mere words and it not game. I trust you and I completely trust you. I so miss you my darling Richard, I wish to hold you in the hands of full love to you. I was in agency of travel and to me have told, that for me the necessary sum that will drive in the USA to make on 55 U.S. In day, that is for the monthly visa it is necessary for me to pay 1650 U.S., to me have told, that this money all the same to return to you back, I shall return them to you on arrival to you in the country. This money are necessary for me to cross border from the USA. To me in agency of travel have advised to use system the Western Union for transfer of money, to me have explained, that it is very reliable system and it quickly works. I do not know that such the Western Union, but to me have told in agency, that in our city there is such system in many banks. In agency to me have explained, that it is a lot of clients of their agency used this system. I can descend in bank and learn about this system. I you very madly love also it I to you I declare with all love to you. Only you my love, only you in my heart my dear Richard. My adored Richard I so trust that we we shall walk on christmas streets and to deliver huge pleasure each other. I shall kiss you, you awake to feel palpation of my heart in my ******. I shall feel your body, all you in me. It will be so superb. My darling Richard, my girlfriend, speaks that you simply use me and wish to see simply my body, it speaks, that I as a trustful, thoughtless silly woman trust you. I wish to make for you still a special photo, but the girlfriend does not wish to help to make to me a photo, but believe I shall persuade it. I trust you and really you I love Richard. I wait for our meeting I is confident, that it already will be already very soon. I trust you my darling Richard, I love you my dear Richard. I wish to be only with you wash angel Richard. I hope for your prompt reply. With love only your small princess Irina.
Letter 6
Hello my real love Richard I am happy, that you are happy. You - very good and gentle the man and I love you very much for this purpose. I shall be and i want to give all my love only to you my favourite Richard, for me to have *** with you - not only ***, but also love, and deep feelings with I want to Divide it with you Richard. For me *** - only a part of a life, And I only wish to give it to someone, Which I love in that case - you. I want to embrace you have kissed you and To speak words of love in your ears. Richard I have very gentle heart, but at the same time very much Difficultly I want you also in the future have family and children. I would place a lot of love and feelings in you. Please please Do not make to deceive me. I could arrive to you about New year, it would be very magnificent. I was in agency and to me have told, that the sum necessary for me to arrive to you to the USA makes 2585 U.S. I was in bank and you have explained me all about system the Western Union should know the following information concerning me: the Name - Irina, the Surname - Beshkareva, city - Cheboksary. To me have told, that I should have the information concerning you. It is necessary for me to know your exact home address and your full name. To me have told when you send money to you will tell number from 10 figures which you should inform me that I could receive money. My darling Richard I think, that we already soon shall together and to lay in your warm bed and to receive fantastic ***. I shall tell to you I can be with you in any country rich or poor it not Question. I only want you Richard, and I can give you wash heart, and I shall never upset you. I shall be in your party during good and bad times I shall give my love only to you Richard. I love you only you Richard, will always love you Richard, which I shall give love to you will be very strong The happiest and healiset family in world, good children both good and warm family. I shall be good mum to our children and to rise them up very good With love and good formation. You give my intimate pleasure and light and happiness I love you realy from all my heart. I send you a photo, it very much very special, it only for you, show nobody it. I so hesitate to show you it, but I trust you and I trust you Richard. My girlfriend speaks, that you deceive me, but I do not listen to it. I love you. It is a lot of kisses yours Irina
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