Scam letter(s) from Olga Sutyagina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
How are you? Thanks for the letter. You would know how many pleasures to me have brought that you have answered me! Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible ! I directly would like to learn more about you to learn your interests as you live as you work. I am very glad to have such friend, as you. I'd like to introduce my self. My name is Olga. I'm 27. I was born 25 November in 1978 in Ivanovo , it's 900 km from Moscow. My height is 168cm and me weight is 54kg. My black are black. I don't have
children. I am feminine and tender inside of my heart.
I live with the mum. The father has left from us when to me there were 10 years. With us my grandmother lives. I very love the relatives. Our flat isn't large but cosy. I like to create warmth at home. Unfortunatelly, I don't have a phone yet, but we can communicate
through correspondence. I write from internet cafe. I have higher education. I have graduated from the University. I'm an accountant,
but work as a hairdresser, as it's difficult to find a job here.
Write me more about you. What do you like? Have you got a family?
Children? What is your job? Do you like nature? Have you got pets?
Without fall send me your photo!!! I will wait your letter
Letter 2
Hi my love.
I am very glad that you have written to me. I just have come from job. Excuse me if I shall write to you a little.
Simply I am very tired today. Today day at us was not quiet.
I absolutely agree with your rules. You would like if I came to you? I how much not confused that with you with growth less. For me it does not matter. I have learned you as kind and liking father of children. I very much would want that we met you. You would like if I came to you for new year? I have foreign passport, I will need only to pay for the visa and ticket. What you to look at it?
As the girlfriend works for me in travel agency and she has said will help me with registration of the document. I finish to write excuse that I have not answered all your questions. I wish to you successful day and good mood. I shall wait very much your letter your love Olga!!!
Letter 3
Hi my love!!!
Excuse that I long did not write to you. At us was jobs much.
What at you weather? At us the present winter began. Temperature Air -17. I would learn all for this purpose what to arrive to you. I shall be
To reserve to itself the tourist visa, I have learned that she is given iao?e
Month. And I can quietly I shall then to you come, from you not
The invitation is necessary what, I shall be as the tourist to visit your country.
But the truth such visa will cost for me 430 $. To me her can make
For three weeks, as I already spoke to you that my girlfriend will do her.
And on this it so quickly to turn out. Can I count your help in
Money if I can not find such money? If there will be very well that I
I can come to you for new year. You would like it? My love I
I send you the intimate photo. I did not want her to send but I
I think that you the present man, and I believe that we with you will have all
Well. And I hope that you can to me help me to you with arrival.
I hope that my photo will not upset you. I finish to write I
I shall wait very much your letter your love Olga!!!
Letter 4

Hi my love.
Excuse that I to you so was has written. I was not right.
I always read your letters very closely(very attentively) and not one time.
I simply can sometimes I mix up words in translation. I think that I bett I shall
To understand you when we shall live together. I have learned(found out) all from my girlfriend
That the ticket will cost for me 756 $ and plus the visa 430 $. Excuse me still
Time that I so to you was has written. I want tomorrow to leave from job
That I could completely engage in my moving to you. As
I still should then go in Moscow in embassy. They me shall be
To ask questions different and to check my English language. I about it
Wanted to talk to you on the phone. My love I answered yours
Question concerning photos. I spoke you what is it my girlfriend me
Photographed. And that what is it was only is made specially for you.
My love I did not overlook what is your name and where you live. Simply to me
It was necessary to know your exact home address. I your all data already
Has said in travel agency it it is necessary that they
Knew to whom I meal. My agent asks on what number to me
To reserve the ticket. As my visa will be ready till December 25. At you
What day will be free what me to meet? I finish to write.
If you have to me questions that I shall set to me them to answer. I
Very much I wait your answer your love Olga!!!
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