Scam letter(s) from Marina Denisova to David (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend David! I hope, that I can name you the friend. When I have written to you the letter I could not expect, that you write to me this letter so quickly. I understand, that my letter has interested you. I understand, that in my first letter you could not learn much about me and in this letter I to want to tell in more detail about myself that you could know, with what person you should concern. Certainly, I cannot hope, that you become to relatives for me the person as I understand, that to you write many women, and you can make a choice between us. I to want to ask you, how many women write still to you? I hope, that you will tell to me the truth. I want to tell to you, that I have written to two more men except for you. From all you have answered me only. I think, that it is destiny. Now as I also promised, I shall tell to you about myself: I the usual Russian girl living in Russia in city Yoshkar-Ola it approximately of 800 kilometers from the city of Moscow. You heard about my city? As I already spoke you in the first letter, that now to me 28 years. My growth makes 173 centimeters and my weight of 57 kg. I have brown color of hair. My eyes of blue color. On a sign on a horoscope I the maiden, as my birthday on August, 28. My interests it: cinema, theatre. I very much like to walk on the nature. I think, that this information though will a little allow you to know about me. Now I to want to ask you, that you have told to me about yourselves. You ask me, what I search in you? Now for me it is very important to find the man with which I can have serious attitudes. I hope, that these words will not frighten you. I understand, that it is very serious words, but I have got used to speak always directly and to not hide the true purposes. I want to have the husband. I want to have children in home life. If you are ready to develop these attitudes I shall be very glad to this. I to want to tell to you, that even if you do not want it from me I ask you, write to me, that I do not approach or my appearance does not approach to you that I did not puzzle why I could not see your letter. You promise me, what you write to me in any case? At least, I have made attempt. I with impatience shall expect your other letter. Yours faithfully to you, your new friend Elena.
Letter 2
Hi my friend David, Thank that have answered quickly my letter and have not kept me long waiting. I liked your story and you the interesting and pleasant person in dialogue. I shall hope, that our relations will develop safely and at us all turns out. What you still want, that I to you have told about myself. I shall answer all your questions if you ask me particularly. I shall inform to you a little about myself. I want to leave in marriage for the correct and fair person, on a nature kind and careful! If he will manage to win the heart the lovely girl he will find in her three women at once: the girlfriend, the mistress and the wife who will manage to warm and caress him. I want only one husband and to live with him in family harmony! I want, that we had full mutual understanding and passionate love! I do not want the Russian guy because I yet did not meet the decent and fair guy. You probably know, how Russian men much drink! Even it is a shame to me with them, for their relation to girls! They it is constant, each day drink and have the disgusting relation to girls! To marry the Russian person for me means to live the life unfortunately and vainly! I hope, that you do not use alcohol in such plenties, as Russian men. I think, that is not present! As to my religion I not the religious person, but I believe in the God. For you it will not be a problem? I write you letters after work. I work each day on 8 - 9 hours six days per one week. My director speaks, that in business there are no days off. In my free time from work I like to meet my girlfriends. We take holiday from work and we go to have a rest somewhere for city far away from city vanity. I like to have a rest on a nature, to me to like will be tumbled down on a grass to lap in water, to feel its cool. I feel at such moments completely weakened and free! To us it is cheerful together and we enjoy life. And you where and with whom like to spend a vacation from work? But not looking on that I have written that to you, I feel lonely. I have true friends, but I have not enough of them and I not so frequently them I see as though to me of it it would be desirable. When I write you this letter I dream, that all at us has turned out also we have started to do home life. I not so skilled to write letters, but I hope, that you liked my letter. Unfortunately I still live in Russia. But I with the great pleasure to visit you. But now I cannot make it as to not have means, to pay my trip to you. And on it to us will have to wait for the best times when I can arrive to you. I hope, that you will be patient and will wait me! I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Elena.
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