Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Sergeeva to Hank (USA)
Letter 1

It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter on mine email.
Excuse me that I did not write to you back so long. I had no opportunities to check up a mail.
I now should go for work. In the evening when I shall come back from work I shall write to you the letter where I shall tell about myself. Ok?
I send you the photo. It would be interesting to find out you better.
I not badly know colloquial English, but it will be difficult for me write to you letters in English.
Therefore I have decided that I shall use the computer program of the translator.
I guess that its translation quality leaves to wish the best, but I do not have choice.
If that will be not clear in my letter please ask me.
Letter 2

Hello my lovely Hank!!! How are your days?!!!
My daughters are with me this weekend, but my son went with his step-dad on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts.
I am sincerely glad for you!!! I very much want to get acquainted with them!!!
I do not know your full name.
My full name is Dolgorukova.
I think about you each waking moment. I wonder how you are. What you are doing. Will you love me as much when we finally meet.
yes of course!!!I shall love you always!!!
I do not want to wait forever for us to be together. I would marry you this very day, if we were together where this could take place. But I must wait until we finally do meet to ask this very serious question to you. I hope for the answer that will bind us together, but will be patient and wait until we are together to find out.
Yes I agree with you. We should meet and discuss it!!!
My dear I have a nice mood today!!! Today I went to find out what documents are necessary for our meeting.
Appeared that I need many free-of-charge and paid documents.
I already began to make out some free-of-charge documents.
I constantly think of our meeting and I spoke with mum about it.
She wish us happiness and good luck in our joint life She is sad a little that I leave, but she is very happy that I has found a kind gentle tender and decent man.
She will pray for our future. Mum speaks that we should meet and even better learn each other.
My mum trusts you and thanks the god that he has acquainted me with you.
We should not prove that ours feelings are real. I know, that the god has blessed our relations.
WELL, now I want to tell that I have found out about trip to you.
We have firm in our city which makes the documents for people who want to leave the country. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for registration.
We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which allows to marry in the future but if it will be not realize I must return to my country after ninety days it's limit for visa. I asked about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time of performance and they said that there is many people who wants to make documents and leave the country but if I'll make the application now, and pay for it now, they will make all documents not more than one month, and if I'll not make the application, documents will be prepared not earlier than two or three months because there are many people who wants to do it. I was very much surprised with the prices of services. I was told that I can go to you when I issue all documents. It will take about one month.
my love Hank for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents:
1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - Medical test.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 -Two photos (5x5).
5 - The insurance.
6 - The information from a place the slave.
7 - Documents about the real estate. (a maximum of docks).
8 - The certificate of birth.
9. Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before interview.
10 - After submission of documents by us - interview.
It is necessary for me for registration of these documents 300 usd.
It's make me little suppressed and disappointed I don't have so much now.
I was make application but I must pay for it.
I asked my mother about our savings she said that the money should not be a barrier between two people which love each other.
I counted my sum and I found out that I have only about fifty dollars and my wages will be not soon.
I asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the present moment.
I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe you can help me because you loves me.
I know now, that exists reliable and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's western union.
I remember that I saw advertising this company on tv.
I take a directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me. I went there and I asked them about service. They said that sender must go to the western union, give them information: the name and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the ten digits secret code to sender. The receiver must know ten digits for receiving money.
They say that the branches of it must be everywhere worldwide.
In my city Artem is not present Western Union.
But Western Union is in the nearest to me city of Vladivostok.
Therefore send a remittance to city Vladivostok.
I can reach Vladivostok for a 30 minutes and to receive your remittance.
Here is the information: Country - Russia
City - Vladivostok
Name - Marina
Lastname - Dolgorukova
The information of bank:
Bank Primorye
Address: 47, Svetlanskaya St.,
Vladivostok, 690950, Russia In bank to me have told that for reception of your remittance I should know:
your full name, the full address, 10-digit a code of a remittance. I had dreams about us: The moon is shining brightly here, glistening off the new snow.
I think how much I would enjoy walking with you through the snow, building snow people, having a snowball fight, rolling passionately to the ground and kissing each other on top of the frozen snow, with the stars and the moon above.
Then going inside and keeping each other warm. Kissing each other's lips, feeling your soft lips on mine. Removing our clothes and feeling your body against mine. My hands roaming your body, feeling every curve. Kissing each other, rolling around for hours and then falling asleep in each other's arms.
I long for the day when we can be together, to do things together, take walks together, talk for hours face to face. I very much missed without you and all time thought only of you As it is sad, to love and to be far apart! I saw you in dream and we with you were kissed It was very much nice. Now I want to be kissed with you on the present!!! I very much love you!
This dream has doubled my love to you and I already never can without you!
Promise that you always will love me and never not will offend me!?
I want to engage with you infinite love. I at first shall kiss your eyes, then cheeks, your gentle lips are farther, I shall get over then to your breasts! I shall kiss yours further stomach and very slowly I shall be......
In me so much love now has collected, that I can burn out all world!
Also it is all only yours! Only for you! For my sole husband!
I with impatience wait for that day when at last we shall be together and I can give you it!
I wait with impatience of the answer
Looking forward to your letters,
Yours always Marina
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