Scam letter(s) from Samantha Giwa to Alan Johnson (USA)

Letter 1
well its was really lovely reading your email , i fely really happy and i hope to gte to know you too , i am also new on this internet dating and i am italian as you already know , i just wished i could meet a man of your age whom i would be happy with and and whom i will share my love and family with, it really sad that i have not scan my pics on the internet for you , but i will try to do it tommorow just for you ok and i hope you write me and inform me ok , well i would be happy if you can call me on the phone which is far faster for us to gte to know each other well too and also i really like exchanging gift and real letters too , i would be happy if you write me through this adress too . samantha giwa, post office box 74, agona nsaba ,ghana ok and i will love if you writte me back with your contact number that i can call you on mine is 00233 246 272 422 ok , take care and do remind me tommrow when you write me and i will send you some pics of mine ok and dont forget to call me and send me a letter through the house adress i just gave you ok kissess
Letter 2
dear love , well i felt really happy reading your email and tought of you being the right man just because of how you sound love , well i am alos looking for the right man just to be with and looking at your pics made me felt hoowww to you, you look hot haha , b ut it just sad that you said you can not call me , for my relationship that i expect ,. i want my man to be calling me always so that we all get to know each other well and also get to be inlove , i am a lady who just do naything to the partner when i am inlove , and i know you can make this happen to both of us , well dear love , for the adress that i gave you , i just want you to write because as for us being and understanding each other in being into this relationship we have to commmunicate through all the medias and i wished to see my man serious carring and showing me affection , dear for thsi chrismass i will love to be with you soon but if that wont be possible then i will love to have some lovely present from you that will remind me of you over here that i am , i just want to be happy in my realtionship and just want my man to be happy too , i will love for you to email me with your conact number that i my self will call you ok , for the adress again samantha giwa, post office box 74 , agona nsaba, ghana . ok and i hope we will write me a letter for me to know how much you care and want to take this realtionship far ,m take care ok and have a nice time ,,,
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