Letter(s) from Victoria Dolgusheva to Bjorn (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello. I have paid to your questionnaire of attention, and you have liked me.
And if you want to correspond, and it is better to get acquainted with me, I ask you leave to me the e-mail And we can get acquainted closer. By the way my name is Vika. I hope you pay attention to my letter and write to me.

Letter 2

Good afternoon Bjorn

I am very glad, that you have answered me the letter. Think we shall not disappoint each other and our dialogue will bring to us Only pleasure.

What do I know about you, I shall tell a little to myself.
My name is Vika, I the teacher of initial classes. To you, probably, it is not absolutely clear. I learn children to read, write, consider. To me there come six-year children, Which were resulted by parents in school. These children become my pupils Up to 4 classes. Then I again accept 1 class. And so over and over again.

I think, that I can support conversation on any conversation. It to be found out during our dialogue. I am now so excited. For a long time, I have tried to form personal relationships with men, but they all disapointed me. Now I have decided to begin with internal
Maintenances. Tell about the family. You have hobby? You Could send me your photo?
At our school from the beginning of September we have had a new Internet class, and the computer science teacher suggested to me that I should try meeting people through the internet. While, I am full of optimism. For today will suffice, at me not so it is a lot of time.

Yours faithfully Vika

Letter 3

Hello Bjorn

Also our acquaintance proceeds. I hope, that it Will be long. Today remarkable day, but, if Fairly, at me almost always remarkable day. Why? Because He at me begins with morning run. I rise in 5:30 mornings.
And I come for work always vigorous and fresh. And there I am waited by children.
That can be more remarkable than children. Near to them I always feel itself young. And with them it is always cheerful. And you Bjorn Love children?

My dear my day of birthes on April, 15. I was born on April, 15, 1981, o'clock in the afternoon.

And in my family 4 members. It I, my mum, the grandmother, and the representative male cat Vasilij.:-) all of us well get on in To one-room apartment.
Closely, certainly, but the more the merrier. It is bad, that there is a dampness.
Wall-paper for a long time to not keep, come unstuck.:-) Bjorn, you are interested certainly by " the man of my dream ". I shall tell about It in the following letter. If you not against I need to go. Write To me that you search in the girl, I shall be very glad. Also send, please, To me the photo.

Good bye, Vika

Letter 4

Hi Bjorn

How are you doing? I hope perfectly. My mum now sits next me Also sends the regards to you. She too the teacher. Her name is Natali. She of anything Does not understand in computers, therefore has come to look as it I with you I talk. I too if fairly, not so well all this I understand. Has carried, that Michaile (the teacher of computer science) helps me and teaches.

We two persons: the man and the woman. We have come on this sait to find The l ove. Therefore, I think, will be correct, if we shall be fair With each other. How I also promised Bjorn, I shall tell about that what qualities I would like to see in the man which is dear to me. I would like to be a number With the self-assured person. The main thing that this confidence has not developed In self-confidence. He should be gentle, and be able to surprise; in a measure rigid, But is more often kind. He should leave all irritations in the street, as Only crosses a threshold of a house. It would be desirable, that he was patient and in Measure jealous (I think, that I shall not allow to him of an occasion for jealousy). And, Certainly, he should have sense of humour. But it not requirements, it Only desires.

Dear Bjorn, I very much would like to learn your attitude to religion (any religion).
That you think in this occasion. Today at me was more time. To that I am very glad. I hope at you As will be more time for the answer to my letter.

Successful day, Vika

Letter 5

Good morning Bjorn
Or it not kind? At such person, probably, it happens bad very much Seldom. The god protects.:-) By the way about the God. For me it very much a complicated question. I was brought up in religious family: mum, the grandmother, the daddy (I do not remember him Unfortunately). All my native true Christians. They and me tried To impart it since the childhood, but... I do not adhere to religion of christianity. I At all I do not want (while) to adhere to the certain religion. I am sincere I believe in the God and I think, that the God one. But on this theme at me with mum and The grandmother hot discussions inflame. I carry a dagger, me christened, but in To soul..., therefore I very much am interested in religion, therefore I have asked You Bjorn, to tell about it. I am familiar with many aspects various Religions, but it is pleasant nothing. And some moments seem ridiculous. Thus I do not drink, I do not smoke and I try to be kept from many (frequently Identical in different religions) sins. Especially to me it is not clear, why believing people make sins? They know, that it is a sin, but meaningly it make. Bjorn, you do not know why? But something I have taken a great interest, let even this theme For me it is very important.

My dear understand me correctly, I do not have phone as from me recently have stolen, a cellular telephone phone from my bag, better you give me the phone number that I could call you from a pay phone.

Well, I should go. At me today has much put. Still there are also lessons. Write, Do not forget me.

Letter 6

Hello, dear Bjorn

Well... What only trades are not present on the Earth. Interestingly, and in the future of trades will be more or everyone will replace machines?:-) the Silly question. I am quite pleased with the work. But you, probably, have already understood it from the previous letters. At us the good rallied collective on work, pupils too all diligent. It is a pity that badly provides the state financing of education. It is not enough textbooks, sports stock, computers "new" have appeared only this year. But they not new - they appeared old for any official body and them have given us. The wages of teachers make from 90 up to 150 dollars a month. I for example, receive 110 dollars. But we Russian people got used. The main thing are children, my pupils.

Represent, at us here the whole club of acquaintances was formed. One more The teacher (my girlfriend) too has decided to try such way of acquaintance. Elena, today has written the letter to any Mexican. Speaks, that always Dark and burning brunettes liked. She at me always cheerful and it is eternal It is dared, even now. Asks to kiss you for her.:-) Bjorn, saw You her letter. I wanted you him to send, but she has not given. I at all I present, that this Mexican will answer. If will answer. Well, we shall not be more about it. As though Elena has not taken offence.

Thank, again for a photo. It is pleasant to me, that you do not forget about me and send the
photos. It installs in me hope.

How are you doing? How health of your relatives? Betray all of them greetings from me.
As they To me concern? So it is interesting, there can be you during this moment Discuss my letter. Someone, maybe, is dared, and someone is serious. Mine mum and the grandmother not so trust, that at me something will turn out. I him I tell about the maintenance of your letters, and they are glad, that I am familiar with such The person. But all the same do not trust in an opportunity internet. But my friends, Which are more familiar with a global network, are adjusted optimistically. That Concerns me I very much even believe. Our letters each time Everyone become warmer. I hardly live day if not I find out Your letter, Bjorn. I, hope, that you to me at once write. As soon as receive my letter. You will not afflictme.:-)

I wait, Vika

Letter 7

Hello, my Bjorn
I have for you some news. This Mexican has answered Elena!!! His name is Juan Carlos.
Elena has written to him the answer recently. Elena Carlos.:-) Ridiculously sounds agree?:-) With the boy too all is good those. Him surveyed in hospital, thought that he could receive a brain concussion. But have found out nothing.
He appeared the strong boy.
Can break now a head bricks.:-)))

I all feel our communication more closely. At us many similar interests.
Probably, it is destiny?:-) you trust in destiny Bjorn? I from the some To time I believe... It concerns my father. I persistently did not want to talk On this theme. It is hurt for recollecting. But I would not like to have from you secrets. ... There has come time, we became closer. Between close people should not be Secrets.

My father worked as the taxi driver. Money was not much, therefore it was necessary to him It is a lot of to work. Once in the winter he came back home, darkens early in the winter. He has gone home and here has recollected, that has left in the automobile loved Magazine about football. he has gone behind magazine. When came back. That road to him The black cat has run across. It has taken place before a door in an apartment. Mum Has prepared it for a supper, the daddy has sat down a table, and here appeared, that at us There is no bread. The daddy did not like to eat without bread and then he has earned Money also has decided to go to round-the-clock shop behind bread. When he Has left shop and villages in the automobile to him two guys came. They Have asked to bring him up to club for an excellent payment. Father was glad to earn Still money, therefore has agreed. They have not reached... It have killed because of The automobile... Mum cannot still forget that day. Regrets, that could not To dissuade him. It tell to her about a cat when has gone with magazine. I then Small was.

Again at me the sad letter has turned out. I shall try to not long any more.:-) I hope, I of you not so upset. But if you had something similar, That you write. I with pleasure shall listen you. All good Bjorn.


Letter 8

Hi, Dear Bjorn

Today has told to mum that we discussed their relations with the daddy. Mum has taken offence. Has told: " as you could tell about it to the another's person? " But do not worry. By the evening she will calm down, I shall ask a pardon, and she will forgive me. As I sincerely regret that has not asked her advice in this occasion. Still I have decided to print all our letters on a paper. And so to acquaint mum and the grandmother with you. Then they will understand, that you are very dear to me and are not for me the another's person. And after that I think, they not begin to count you the another's person. And you become so dear to them, as well as me.

I have still re-read that delirium which to you has written yesterday, dear Bjorn. Spoke, that I hasten and I shall write it is not enough, and itself has written the whole poem. I to you have not bothered the with the big letters? Well, yes. A silly question...

I have thought up, that I shall write on a lighter: "Do not confuse!". The lighter is made as a ladies' pistol. It is pleasant to me. And to you Bjorn Ridiculously, interestingly and not as at all. By the way, about birthday. When it will be possible to congratulate you? It seems, you did not write about the birthday. Excuse, if I am not right. Today already precisely I learn, you wrote to me it whether or not. When I shall print letters. I tomorrow cannot write to you.:-(you understands at me there will be no time. It is necessary to help after work Mashe. And then already there will come time of birthday. But all can be. Can at me the free time will appear.
Therefore write to me.
100 kisses for 100 of the person.:-)

Letter 9

Hello, dear Bjorn

How are you? How your family, the friends, simply close people? I'm fine, my friends send the regards to you and wish a sound health. The grandmother today will go to sanatorium for treatment and rest (though she and so has a rest). Mum as transfers you huge greetings. My pupils too in the full order. Now, instead of run, I go to a school sports hall and I knead the body game in volleyball (absolutely hardly hardly - 30 minutes borrow).

I like Russian music.

My dear excuse me, that I could not write to you as to my grandmother it became again very bad, and I sat with it in hospital, at it very strong pressure, and I so strongly suffer for it.

I shall soon try to you to call, my dear you could not give me the code of city that I
could call you?

I today saw such fine dream! He was about us, my Bjorn. I before dream thought of you, probably, therefore he has dreamed me. We were by the ship. Anybody any more was not, we and a command of the ship. We did all that wanted. In the beginning to me has dreamed, that we at restaurant by this steamship. Evening was and everywhere there were candles. I was in the fine red dress, naking shoulders. And you Bjorn, were in a black elegant tuxedo, and on a background of a blue shirt the striped grey tie was very much combined. Quiet foreign music played (I do not remember what, I can her at all knew:-)). We sat at a little table and you constantly spoke me compliments. I tried to translate conversation to something another. But suddenly you interrupted me: " it is silent, do not move ". I became transfixed and thought: " That occurs? ". And here you spoke something similar on: " Anna, your hair now so have lain on a forehead, that you are similar to the goddess ".
But then I nevertheless could interrupt you, I have called to dance. We danced a waltz, and around all have stood. Waiters have stopped, cooks have left kitchen, even the orchestra has ceased to play... And all of us danced and danced. Suddenly Bjorn, you to me have come on a leg.:-) we have burst out laughing and there has come second of painful silence. At this time we stood and looked against each other... And in other second you wanted me to kiss, but suddenly all has disappeared. We appeared in pool. We floated, splashed with water, laughed and were simply pleased to each lived minute as children. There the inflatable mattress still was, and we is constant for him struggled and selected him each other.:-) Then I have decided to lie to sunbathe and have asked you to smear to me a body with oil from solar burns. It was so pleasantly... Your man's, it would seem not intended for tenderness, some silk were more gentle. You firm, confident and at the same time gentle movements rubred oil in my body: a neck, shoulders, a back, hips... I any more in forces to constrain excitation captured me. I am overturned on a back. You want to smear with oil my stomach, but I stick into you a passionate kiss. You kiss mine a neck, ears... And here I have woken up. My cat licked to me an ear. :-) He always licks my person in the morning if I yet did not begin, and on his "clock" already for a long time should. It has already got used, that I rise at 5:30 and always him I feed. Also will be at 5:30. But this time he was mistaken. The alarm clock has rung out one minute later. I even minutes 5 laid, was so it is a pity, that dream has broken...

Letter 10

Hi my love Bjorn.
On my person always there is a smile, when I I read your letters, I smile even when I shall simply think of you, At me at once it is cheered up. At iac now all time bad weather and from it at me was bad mood. But only before I have gone To the girlfriend also has read your letter. Now at me excellent mood.

I this week shall try to you to call, and I so am glad. That I can hear your voice.

Bjorn, you told to close people about me. What they have opinion?
Inform me please on it more in detail. You have any plans Concerning our relations? I think, that for us will be very much It is good, if we can carry out some days together. It will be To strengthen our relations and will help us to learn better each other. Probably, the next month we can meet. For example, in Europe Or the other place. Understand me correctly Bjorn, I cannot yet To invite you to itself. I live with the family and for the present not Enough I know you for this purpose. Between us there were only we Messages and I think, that to us it is better, all over again to meet in the friend Place. I very much would want to be with you alone, to see you the Eyes and a touch to you! Dear so we can make Full opinion on us to learn about many things. Let's be To discuss it Bjorn. I wait for your opinions. To me so to like to receive from you letters, they such gentle and tender, that at me On soul to become warmly. I am confident that you are able with care and love To address with women and when I shall come to you I I shall be surrounded with yours Attention.
YOURS and only YOURS Vika.

Letter 11

Hi my dear Bjorn! Have good day! I am glad, that my messages pleasant for you.
How you feel yourself , dear? I - ok. I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea about to our meeting. For me and I have this joyful event from it much emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation of this day . You have brought the whole sea of emotions in my life Bjorn, and it is difficult for me with it to consult, but I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have some days free for me. Bjorn, and your work will be to allow you to make it? Probably you have the intense schedule with the work also you should be absent. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could arrive to you on some days. For me there is no problem to make longer travel. If such way more convenient for you and my arrival to not create inconvenience for you Bjorn, let's choose this plan. It for me even it is more good, because I can see as you live , your friends, you can show me the city and various, , that you can loved for you, a place. And if for you it is necessary to visit the work. My work not so important also can manage without me, therefore I do not worry about the affairs. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way for you too I shall make preparations for travel. My kisses and embraces.

Yours Vika

p.s.Why I want to be with you because you like me, you understand me, and it seems to me, that you love me, and the age has no value. My dear, I am not afraid of your illness, and I want to be with you.

Letter 12

Hi my dear Bjorn!
I am glad to your message and thanks, that you understand me. You are, one of those few people Bjorn, in which I can find understanding. How has passed your day dear? I hope, that at you all OK! I have some news to you Bjorn. Today I had telephone conversation with agency of travel. They have told what to receive the visa of the tourist in your country difficultly, but they, probably can help me in it. The agent did not begin to discuss a detail by phone and we have appointmented tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall meet them and to discuss a question with the visa. I hope, loved, that all will be - OK. I have some excitement concerning all it, but also I have firm intention to meet you dear!
Therefore any difficulties and charges of money, will not stop me write to me, your messages, dear, give me many forces and energy my gentle kisses yours Vika

p.s.I allow to you my full address and my surname:
Dolgusheva Vika Leonidovna
Marij El
Sovetscaya 10
personal box 27

Letter 13

Hi my dear Bjorn!

I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, When I can tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. Bjorn, my day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in Office of agency also signed with them the contract. According to The contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for Travel to buy for me the ticket and to result me in the plane. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently all over again it will be necessary for me To reach to Moscow, and therefrom already to you. It is required to my agent Some information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, the The address and the nearest airport to you to which I shall arrive. This information is necessary tomorrow that the agent could develop a route and To establish all cost of travel. Today I paid in him the first Part of money, for the visa and other documents to travel. It was in Some times it is more, than I thought. I planned, that the visa will be To cost for me about 200$, but because of difficulties for her reception- It was for me 700. dear, it is possible, that it will be required to me Your help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have Some money still, and also took some money from my friends and mum, but it is possible them will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for Insurance and tickets. It will be known after the agent Will develop a route. The second part of cost I should pay on To the contract before taking away the visa. I shall inform you Bjorn, if to be necessary for me the help. I hope, that it will not be Problem for you and I can not worry about it. I informed you all News about promotion of our meeting and now I go to have a rest, I It is very tired today. I hope, what I can soon embrace you Bjorn. I wait for your messages my loved. My kisses and embraces!

Yours Vika.

P.S. Do not overlook to inform the address and the near airport.

Letter 14

Hi love Bjorn!

I am glad to read your message and to learn, that I can hope for your help in payment of agency. Dear, I feel a little inconveniently. Because I had to address to you for the help. I always counted myself the independent person, which itself can solve all problems. But, this time, I could not take into account all and was mistaken that I can pay all travel itself. But I am happy, what now I have you Bjorn, - the person who can come to me to the aid and helps me in a life. After our acquaintance, at me varies sensations of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and independent person, and it was pleasant for me to feel, that I can care of myself. And now I feel simply the woman who requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside strong the man which protects me from all excitements of a life! Bjorn, I informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he expected the staying charges for me. It will be for me 1050 $.

I learned precisely and to me have told the exact sum of trip, I hope you can help me this
sum that I to you have arrived?

Here tickets, insurance, road up to airport and some other necessary charges. With me have still remained money, after payment of the first part of cost. It about 500 $, and now is necessary for me, in 7-6 days about 550 $ to pay in agency the second part of cost of travel. I hope dear, that not difficulty for you and you can help to pay this money to me, in 8-9 days, 550 $ in agency. I shall learn from the agent as you can send them it. Lovely, I hope, that I did not do to you difficulty by the haste. Probably it is not planned expenditure for you. If it so do not become angry about me please! I very much miss on you and I wait for our meeting. I wait for your messages Bjorn!

Thousand kisses. Yours Vika.

Letter 15

Hi my loved Bjorn!

How you dear? Yesterday, I could not send you the message. I hope, that it not so afflicted you. Bjorn, loved mine, thanks for your message and for your words. It was pleasant for me and strengthened my confidence that all will be good also our meeting will be gentle and very pleasant for us! I reached in agency. They have told, that within the next few days my visa already waits for me in Moscow. The embassy approved my questionnaire and consequently I can soon arrive to you Bjorn Also the agency asked to pay within the next few days other money, therefore, lovely, try tomorrow or to send the day after tomorrow to me of money 850 $, for payment. Dear, I received the detailed information on moving money. To do it, you need to go in bank in which there is office " Western union ". In bank to me have told, that such offices are available in each city, therefore for you the problem will not find it. Or you can pay it through internet: www.westernunion.com. When you will send money, you will need to specify my full name and the country. When I shall receive this money I should specify your full name and the address. Also, I should inform in bank confidential number (MTCN). This number to you inform in bank at sending money, and you will need to inform this number to me in the messages. All moving will borrow some hours, but it will be necessary to pay for it some money to bank. I think Bjorn, that it is a reliable way of moving.
My information for this purpose: Dolgusheva Vika Leonidovna Russia Marij El Medvedevo Sovetscaya 10 personal box 27.

Also, do not overlook after that, to inform me the information: a full name, the address and confidential number. I promised agency to pay them these days. Dear, be ready to do it tomorrow.

I can arrive to you!!! Please, dear, plan this time for me. I have intention to take away you, these days, from all yours have put, that you belonged only to me. And for it, I promise to surround you at this time, my caress and care. I hope, that it will be a pleasant exchange for you!:-) my kisses and embraces for you, my loved Bjorn!
Yours Vika.

P.S. Write to me something tender, gentle. Your support is now very necessary for me.

Letter 16

Hi my most dear person on light!!!!!!!! I am happy to read your letter to me again.
Lovely, I am not angry at you. I did not know as to think when you have ceased to write to me. But I have calmed down now And with me everything is all right. I understand that at you was valid not time and You were very much borrowed with the affairs. Lovely, I am already valid I can not without you and without your letters. At me tears with happiness drip when I read your letters. I thank the god For that that he has sent me of such person as you, such gentle, quick-witted, And the most important loving me. And I am very glad to that that on light there is a love. Such fine and I her test this feeling to you, my honey!!!! Yes, I shall not cease To speak you, that I very much love you. I think, that the equation of love very simple As 1 + 1, but at the same time very complex because together with pleasure the love may To bring and tears and sufferings. And these my sufferings from that that we not together, my love, That we may not touch each other look each other in eyes still more many many desires which I and you may not execute the friend for the friend. I understand my honey, that for our meeting it is required It is a lot of time, but I sometimes at night reflect, that we can not be Together and I all life shall suffer from love to you. But I do not want to think About it because it not and all of us equally shall meet you. Honey, we shall be Together also we shall be happy together. I so want it, my love!!!!!!!! Mine baby, you for me became the most desired person. You are necessary for me as heart.
I can not live without you.
Now my days pass monotonously, because my head It is hammered by ideas on you, my body wants a touch of yours ia?ieo fingers, my lips Want passionate kisses with you. Yes, my dear, I can not hide the dreams from You because they concern only you. My sweet, I want to be your second half in life. I want to be your princess, Lady, I want to be your adviser to be your partner in life, and the most important I want To begin your wife and I want that you became my husband! I to give birth To you beautiful children also I want that they were similar to you. We shall bring up together them And to love them. You agree with me, my soul? Road, we may grant our desires and make our dreams yau?. At us all life ahead. I know, that with you at me other life full of happiness and love to you will begin absolutely. I believe In it, my honey and very much I hope. My love, I shall be very patient and I shall wait very much for our meeting even if it is necessary to me To wait for it all my life. My heart now on always belongs to you and only you of him The master. In your authority and I know all my body and all my bodies, that you will be cautious. Honey, I shall wait for our first meeting as the schoolgirl expecting for the first appointment in life. My dear, I completely trust you because I believe you.
Honey, I yet do not want to write a detail about the body, because I very constraining, but I of you I assure, that all bodies of my body normal and all of them belong only to you. Lovely, I need in you as the lock in a key. I want you as the ground water at a drought. I am very strong you I adore and very much I grieve on you. Please, trust me, my desires and feelings Are fair also are pure as a drop of tears on my eyes at melancholy on you. But you do not think, that these tears from Burning, these tears of happiness. I am too strong you I like. My mum approves you and transfers you the greetings long as life. She is very glad, that we Have found each other and are happy. She sincerely experiences for us and too wants that we were together. My love, I very much want to be with you together faster. I very much need in you. My prince, I send you one million hot kisses. Let these kisses accompany You all the day. My body wants you, my heart is beaten more strongly from your letters. It is a pity to me that we not now with you Together. I shall wait from you for the letter today and very to miss on you. Remember. That I very much love you, my future husband!!!!!!!! Your Vika

p.s.My dear, yes for trip to you I need 550 dollars. But to live in hotel I has learned 300 dollars more are necessary, and 850 dollars turn out. But if I can live at you when I arrive to you I need only 550 dollars, I think now you to me can tell. Where I shall live at you or in hotel? Excuse, that I at once have not written to you, I am simply very much excited to trip to you my dear.

Letter 17

Hi mine lovely Bjorn.
How are you? How your health? At me all in the order, only very much I miss on you. I very much would like to be with you, even there be time to lead some with you. Favourite, at me is very lonely and it is melancholy on soul, likely from loneliness. I very much for a long time nobody had also I very much I want to destroy the loneliness. Bjorn I want to tell you, that you for me became very close to me, I love your letters, they help me to transfer loneliness. Certainly around there are a lot of various men on any taste, but inside in heart it would be desirable the especial man, which would love me and was gentle to me. I sincerely would want, what you Bjorn Was this man.
Write to me I wait.
Kiss you. Vika

p.s.My dear well I shall go to receive tomorrow money, my dear, I so strongly want to be with you, and I so am glad, that now we shall be together. I tomorrow shall go to western union to receive money that I could arrive to you. My dear you not could send I is desirable today the receipt which to you distances in the western union? I hope you have sent me of money ? that I could pay trip and arrive to you.

Letter 18

Hi my love Bjorn!
I am very glad to see here letter from you! I today to think what to be very good day! Though the weather was not solar and were in the sky of a cloud, my mood was very good. I all night dreamed, how with you it will be good together. I went today along the street and smiled also to me it seemed, that nothing can spoil to me day. I today have risen with an idea that at last soon I can meet and see and feel the love, unless it is not perfect? Today at job all to note that at me good mood both to congratulate me and to ask that such good to take place in my life. But they did not suspect, that at me for happiness.
I did not speak them, I by him simply have said, that at me today simply good mood. I had nothing by himto say. You see by him to not explain that I to meet the happiness. Only you to do me now happy and to be mine talisman in this life. All colleagues to note, that with me to take place changes. Really and truth speak, that the love changes the people. I to hope that she very much to like you. My love how to be spoken to not know borders. And only the dream of a meeting with you to warm my soul. I to want to tell you that I to fall in love just as the small girl which with impatience to wait the first appointment.
I to grieve without you.
You will be always in my heart! Your Vika

p.s.Excuse my dear, that I yesterday did not write you the letter as I yesterday have received money, and at once have gone to the agent to pay trip, I yesterday was so is strongly borrowed, and now I so am strongly glad, that soon we shall together, the agent has given out me all necessary, and now, I send you when I to you shall take off the flight of the plane that you could meet me.

Airline: Czech Airlines Flight: OK895
Departure: October, 29 2006, 17:10, the Sheremetyevo
Arrival: October, 29 2006, 18:10, Ruzyne Arpt
Places: The economical class, places is
<<<<-city of change Prague (PRG)->>>>
Airline: Czech Airlines Flight: OK448
Departure: October, 29 2006, 19:20, Ruzyne Arpt
Arrival: October, 29 2006, 21:30, Oslo Arpt
Places: The economical class, places is
Time in a way: 6.20 m.

Letter 19

Hello, my love Bjorn
I am very glad to see again your letter and to read the most gentle and warm words in the address. To us has very much carried that we have found each other in this huge world. I finish last preparations, my Bjorn. It so is wonderful. By the way, I need to know what things with itself to take. And for this purpose I need to know what weather at you usual for this season. Tomorrow in the evening I shall be in Moscow. We still had some steps up to happiness. I love for a breakfast black tea with milk and cookies.:-) And what you like? Probably, it I to you shall carry a breakfast in bed, instead of you to me.:) That your friends speak about all it? Very interestingly what they opinions on it? About my God, remained three days and we shall be together. As they are for a long time pulled... Write to me when at you the opportunity will appear. I shall be glad to any your letter.
With love Vika.

Letter 20

Hello my dear Bjorn. My dear excuse me which I did not write so during long time to you.
As in me the grandmother was very urgently sick. And I could not write You, its bearing in the other city, city address to Nizhni Novgorod for Action, in it very urgently was bad heart, and in us in city Such actions do not do, and I could not write to you. Now to mine The grandmother on much better and her has entered my city, and has Insert my hospital on survey. I have exchanged tickets, and I shall buy tomorrow tickets and to send you the flight. I understand, that I could not warn you, that I cannot arrive. You think, that I have deceived you but it not so. I hope you understand me? I very strongly love you. And I shall arrive to you very soon. So it is a shame to me, that I could inform you, and that you waited for me at the airport of the whole 3 hours. I ask you excuse me please. I with impatience wait for your letter. Kiss you Bjorn. Yours Vika

Letter 21

Hi mine lovely Bjorn!!! How you today? I am slightly tired, I should much work now, as I should visit you and take holiday! But I always think of you and it becomes easier. I know, that very soon we shall together! But when the time of my holiday will be finished, what we shall do? I am afraid, that we never shall not be seen any more. I want to be with you always! How you think, at us to turn out be together? I have printed your photo and now I carry it with myself and I can look at you always!!! I love you Bjorn . You my sun!

p.s.My dear I today has bought tickets, and I shall arrive to you on November, 7, I hope, you can meet me?

It is my flight to you:

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Oslo (OSL)
Airline: SAS Flight: SK731
Departure: November, 07 2006, 18:20, the Sheremetyevo
Arrival: November, 07 2006, 18:45, Arlanda Arpt
Places: An economical class, it is reserved
<<<<-city of change Stockholm (STO)->>>>
Airline: SAS Flight: SK1483
Departure: November, 07 2006, 19:45, Arlanda Arpt
Arrival: November, 07 2006, 20:45, Oslo Arpt
Places: An economical class, it is reserved
Time in a way: 4 ?. 25 m.

Letter 22

Hi mine favourite Bjorn!
You sense of my life I you adore! I always think of you and I do not present the life without you! Mine the mood is good, as I know, that very soon we shall together! I always wait that day, when I can you embrace and kiss longly! I today saw dream, where we with you went for a walk on park and held each other for a hand! Only I am tormented that other people can afford be near to the favourite man, and we are far apart. I always think of you!
Always yours Vika.

p.s.My dear, I shall soon go to Moscow, and I tomorrow shall be in Moscow, and I shall go in the airport, and to learn all more in detail, and to write to you tomorrow. I very strongly love you my dear, and I so am glad, that soon we shall together.

Letter 23

My Bjorn, PROBABLY, I CAN NOT TAKE OFF TOMORROW!!! I was at the airport, and has learned awful for us a thing! It appears, I should show at customs house 2200 $ in cash! It should serve as the proof that I can myself ensure with normal life in your country. I in a shock!!! I here one and not to whom about me to take care. I feel by an insect in a huge ant hill. So it is a pity, what is it all has taken place. I abuse all administrative barriers, all countries of the world, all presidents and deputies. The agency here is not guilty. It is guilty only that have not warned us about it beforehand. Because of it we have got in such silly situation. Us do not allow to be together government of your country. By their rules if someone visits the country should show the certificate that he can live without problems. I should by him show the proof, that that I shall begin to not steal in your country, I shall not be engaged in sex for money what to survive. I should by him show money, on which I shall live. It is necessary to show them cash money, they put the signature in the document and I can take off. They are customs authorities of your country. I by him tried, explain that you can me to ensure, that we like each other and we want to be together. I gave all your data, to call them asked. But they have said, that I can to you is necessary for internal bodies, or you want to make me by the prostitute. I believe you, certainly. But they do not want. " If we shall make exception to you, the new people will appear which will require same. Let even you would fly to the queen of England, you should pass all procedures of registration as well as all other people. " - their word. Still they speak, that if you can me ensure there, you cannot help me. As this money will not be spent. I could this money return to you at once at meeting at the airport. I do not know what to do. I have 200 dollars, but it is not enough of it, and where still to take I do not know. I know only one - I shall not be receded. If I shall go home, it will postpone our meeting for uncertain term. I so much it waited, and I shall not recede simply so. It is the God, sends to us test and we should pass it. The way fortunately is not always smooth and is pure. The happiness and love needs to be deserved. I want to be with you, to be liked you and to like you. This failure convinces me even more that we are created the friend for the friend. Main to not recede. There can be it, most important moment in our life. I shall abuse all life myself and to pity about the missed happiness, if I shall recede. I like you, Bjorn . Also I believe in you. I all the same, that about it am spoken by other people. Believe me, I minutes did not doubt of you, when the customs workers spoke about you such. I hope very well has explained to you. Excuse, I now am nervous, therefore at me such bad letter has turned out. I do not pay attention even on mistakes. What to us to do? Prompt? I shall wait from you of the speed letter. I believe what together all of us shall overcome, my angel Bjorn.

Letter 24

Harold, my small sun. I too dream. The constantly same dream dreams me....
You loved me. The truth I did not see your person. But all rest was as in life. I have woken up. It is very a pity, that it was simply dream.

My dear try to call to me today at 20-00, I shall wait for your bell.
My dear you can can send me of money for customs house in parts?

While it only dream. When I to you described it. Desire again has woken up.
I want to test this all in life. I want you. Yours the baby Vika