Letter(s) from Elena Gerasimova to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1

I am very glad to write to you the letter!
My name is Elena! I live in small city Yoshkar-Ola in Russia!
At us very beautiful city!
To me of 26 years! I live with the parents!
My surname Gerasimova!
My parents call Aleksandr and Tatyana!
I also have cousin by name Vladimir!
I want to tell to you about the hobbies a little and to tell why I have decided to search for the man through the Internet!
I very much love sports!
All my life is connected to sports! I have finished university on a speciality the teacher of physical culture!
I am engaged in tennis and volleyball!
And how you concern to sports???
Also I very much very much like to prepare!
In the evenings I walk on park! It is near to my house!
My parents brought up me in love and the consent! Therefore I hate lie and treachery!
I at once want to tell to you that if you do not search serious attitudes do not write to me!
I do not want a deceit!
I have decided to search for the person in the Internet because all men with which I am familiar want only sex!
I want the present attitudes and respect!
I want love!
I think that if to love the person on correspondence that in a life this most the feeling will be strong!!!
I write from the Internet of cafe and I write without the translator therefore my English not so well!
But I think that you will understand me!
Tell to me about itself!
Where do you live!
How there passes your life?
What do you like?
What you do not like?
Why you too search love in the Internet?
I wait for your letter!
I send you a photo!

Letter 2

Hello my LOVE!!
I am a little upset today!
As I also promised I was in travel agency today!
I have learned all about my travel to you!
I have learned that that I could arrive to you the passport for travel abroad, the visa, the medical information and tickets are necessary!
I have learned that all together will cost 1050 $!
I am upset! It is very big sum for me! I saved money the whole year and could postpone only 400$!
Also I have learned that all documents can be made for two weeks!
I very much very much love you and I want to be with you!
I thought that all this a reality and dreamed of that that I can be with you!
I thought that we can be happy together!
But all this is similar only dream!!!
It is very a pity that I earn a little in this country!
I very much want to arrive to you!!
I send you one more I wash a photo!
I love you! I shall wait for your letter!
You will help me? I think that our happiness only began and it is impossible to interrupt it(him) on it!
I very much love you!
Your love Elena!! xoxox

Letter 3

Hello my love Dameon!!!
I am very very glad that you have written to me such letter!
All my tears at once have disappeared))
I am glad that you will help our meeting!
I very much love you and is glad that soon I can to embrace and kiss you!
I have already written to you that does not suffice me 650 $ to arrive to you!
I am glad that you will send them!
I was today in bank and have learned the best way for you!
It is company Western Union!
She is in any bank!
You need to go there!
There to you will give the special form! I have asked for myself in bank to me her have filled for you!
I send you its copy!
Fill in all as there it is written!
After that to you will give MTCN (that I could receive control number of them of 10 figures of money)
You will send it to me and the data:
Full a First name :
Last name :
City :
Postal code :
I shall receive money and I shall go to travel agency! In 2 weeks we shall be together))
I very much love you and I hope that you can send money today or tomorrow!!
Your loved Elena!