Letter(s) from Irina Istratova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love, my lovely and my unique Jessey!!! How are you my love? My love Jessey, I today has come and was very happy to receive from you the letter. I with each your letter love you more and more and more. If we shall meet you I is sure. That I shall love you even more strongly. My love Jessey, as to a meeting. I went to travel agency to find out, that for me it will be necessary to arrive to you and I all have found out. My love Jessey to arrive to you to me it will be necessary to do the tourist visa and the passport for travel abroad from the beginning. If I will have these documents I can fly to you. Without these documents I cannot arrive to you. The tourist visa gives me is right to travel during 6 months and the visa costs 450 $ and the passport for travel abroad costs 125 $ and the passport is given out for 5 years. These documents will make to me during 2 weeks. My love Jessey, I has not the right to ask you such amount of money, but my love, I cannot find such money. And without these documents I cannot arrive to you. My love Jessey, you could to me the help if we shall decide will meet. I very much would want to arrive in the near future to you and very much I want to meet New Year with you, it would be wonderful. My love Jessey, you simply do not represent as I miss on you, especially to sleep in the evening when I lie down. I always dream, that you always were near to me. But I have hope, that my dream will come true also we shall be with you together. Well my love Jessey, I on it while shall close the letter and with impatience I shall wait from you for the answer. Yours for ever love Irina.