Romance scam letter(s) from Lisa Marson to Santiago (USA)
Letter 1

Hello dear
How are you doing today? i hope all is really going on so fine and perfectly alright for you today.
After readin your nic .. sweet and caring words at me i sat down and took a deep thought and i know you are that type of person that i can get to share my whole feelings with .. cos they say when two people are together the should always not hide anything from one another .. But they should always feel free to say antyhing bothering them and sharing thier feelings ,worried and pains together at all times cos you do know much as well as i do that it mostly take two people to make things go the very right way it would have to go at all times no matter what .
Well dear i must share this feelings together with you cos you are the only one thats close to my heart at this momnet in time and you are the only person whom i can get to share thoughts with all time .
And as time goes on we will surely get a build this and make sure it last for a life time even till the end of forever.
I came back from the hospital where i went to see mom today when i got there my mom was not awake she was looking to weak and bad soe could not open her eyes at this time and now she will have to undergo her last operation.. though the doctors said that she will be ok after the whole operation and so from there then will be nothing else to worry about .
I was about to leave there before the doctor called me and sat me down at his office and start telling me that my mom will have to undergo her last operation on the 4 of next month and so since my flight will be leaving on the 19 them mom would have been better before then so i was glad to hear that as well but he came and start telling me that we need to pay about $274 at this time for mom to gets some drugs that will keep her going in that life saving machine before the final operation I was so down when he said that cos at this moment in time we have spent so much and there is nothing left here at this moment in time ... And this needs to be payed urgently and i dont have anywhere to run or go to at this moment in time but you are the only one i can call upon as the saviour at this moment in time .So dear i want you to assit me with this little funds as soon as possible an if you do when mom gets fine and better and you want it given back to you i will definately explain to her and let her give it to you so that you can replace it from where you will be taken it from where you will be removing it from.
Well dear you are the only one i can call upon and also having faith in and i pray that you take good care of your self ok.... and i think i will have to stop here for now and i shall be hoping to read from you soon i will say bye for now and will want you to always take good care of your self... but untill then i shall always remain that caring one for you till the end of time .
Letter 2

Hey Dear i got your offlines and i must say it was nice for me being able to read from you again..
Well i sent you an email ealier on before you sent me that offlines and never did get a reply then.
Well i am glad you said you have sent the funds.. but you need to send me the information that you were given to give to the reciever so i can forward it to the doctor for pickup as soon as possible...
So please let me know as soon as possible so that things can be straighten up at once But for now i will have to stop here now and will be hoping to read from you soon.. always take good care of your self and i will remain that caring lady for you ..
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