Letter(s) from Olga Arnaut to Joseph (Ireland)

Letter 1

My darling Joseph, my beautiful king, Thank you so much for your quick reply, I was really happy to receive it in such awful days for me. I imagine you that you are beside me and all are beautiful, the rain and the cold wind. Thank you, my sweetheart that you are in this world. Thank you for you letter, thank you for your words. Thank you, my darling, that you are in this world. We are together but we couldn’t meet each other. My only one love, thank you that you are here in my heart. When the stars shine bright and the moon does glow. I miss you, like you will never know. When the wind blows hard and I hear it call your name I miss you, crying tears like rain. When lightening strikes like my reaction to your touch I miss you, oh so very much. When the sun shines bright and a new day will begin I miss you, in my heart within. When sleep comes to me and in my dreams you will be I miss you, for your everything to me, for the few time you how. I need you, my love,As I have never needed anyone before.Every time that we are together,I need you more and more. I need to feel your kiss,Your touch, your sweet caress. I know it is only you I need,My moon, my stars, my sun.
My darling, I will be so happy to come to you. Today I also visited the travel agency to find out what I need to come to you. My darling, they told me that I need to have a passport and visa. All these documents I could get during a month and I must pay for them about $459 ($350 for the passport and $109 for visa). You know, I was so sad to hear about it because this is really huge money for me and my family. I don't have such money and my family also can't help me with it. I was asking some my friends but they also refused because this is really huge money. I am so sad and I really don't know what to do. I wish to be with you, to come to you, to make you happy.
I so love you and missing you so much,
Your Olga.

Letter 2

My darling Joseph, my only one true love in this world, Thank you so much that you are in my life, in my heart and in my everything. I love with all my heart and I couldn’t live without you, your love and your feelings. I am so happy that we met each other in this world. This world is on our hands. All are in our hands: love, happiness. I always dreaming about you and even if you are so far from me, I feel you, your love, your care about me. I am dreaming about that day when we could meet each other in real, when I could be in your hugs and when we could tell each other and show how strong is our love. You take care about me. I feel it every day and every minute. I love you more and more. Every morning when I woke up I imagine you by me, I even feel you and I am happy. My days are always starting with a smile and with thoughts about you and about us. Every evening before go to bed, I am dreaming about you, I feel you in my heart and I know that this night I’ll have a sweet dream about us. Thank you my love for the care about me. I wish to be with you and to show my love and my care too. You are my warm sun, my bright star. You are my king even if you are so far. You are the king of my thought, my heart and my soul. You are the king of me the whole.
My darling Joseph, today I was visiting the travel agency again and I asked them if you could take the visa for me in your country, they told me that is impossible as I will have the interview in Kiev and only I can get it. My darling, you asked me how you could send me money to arrange my trip to you. I really didn't know but today I was in the bank and I find out that the most fast and quick and comfortable way is to use Western Union system. You must know my full name and my address.
My full name is Olga Arnaut.
My address is
The 15th Line st., 56,
They told me that when you'll send the money I could receive them in 15 minutes. They also told me that when I'll go to receive money, I need to have my passport and the confirmation code that consists of 10 numbers that you will send to me. I really don't know how it works but this is only one way how you could help me to arrange my trip to you, my darling. I am dreaming about our first meeting. I am dreaming to give you my first kiss and to receive a kiss from you.
I know it will be very sweet, I really wish to be with you.
Waiting for your letter and kissing you tenderly,
Your Olga.