Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Gadylgaraeva to Dameon (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi mine favorite Dameon. Today day I began from viewing of the mail in Internet Class. I am very glad, that you have written to me. I slightly want to tell to you about the personal life. I had some novels earlier, but it was faster enthusiasms, anything serious. They were finished as quickly, as well as have begun. But with you at me completely other attitudes and feelings. Earlier I was quickly convinced, that it not that I yet have not found the present love. But my attitudes with you, this other business. Lovely you the man, closest to me. You such type the man, which to me very much to like, in you my favorite qualities are combined. I think, that you would like and could deliver to me many pleasant minutes of pleasure. It is time to me to go, therefore I finish the letter. I shall wait for your letter. Write faster, I do not want to miss without your letters. Gently kiss you. Yours fond Tatyana.

P.S. I want to inform you me address - Russia, Orsk, Zelenaya str., house 7. Please, write to me the complete name and home address. My full name Tatyana Shardakova

Letter 2

Greetings, my darling Dameon. Today I went to travel agency. I have carried him to show some papers which are necessary to issue the visa and other documents on departure. I concluded the contract with them and have paid to them the money (500 $) Now it is necessary for them to pay only 1270 $ which so are necessary that we have met. The manager has told, that all necessary documents will be ready in current of 2 weeks. And on December, 1st we can already be together, my darling. My vacation begin in the end of November and will be prolonged till January, 15th. Will be simply remarkable to spend with you some time. Or while I shall not bother you :) I ask the god that it happens soon!

I as have asked the manager about in what way you can send money that I could pay him for services. The manager has told to me, that the most reliable and fast way of remittance from the USA to Russia the Western Union. He has told, that you can go to the nearest branch of the Western Union. There it is necessary for you to fill the typical form. The manager of agency has told to me, that it is easy. Then you will write to me in the letter number which refers to MTCN. And I can receive money in bank.
Here data which will be necessary to you at filling the form:
My full name: Tatyana Shardakova.
The address of branch of the Western Union:
ORSK, 462419

Every evening before a dream I long cannot fall asleep. I all time think of you, my dear. I dream of that day when our bodies will warm each other. I many times represented as it there will be at us a first time.. Our first kiss... Our first unforgettable, long night.. We can embody in a reality all our most courageous imaginations!

P.S. At us it became cold also we already we put on warmly enough. I shall send you a new photo :) I Hope, that it is pleasant to you. I remind you that I love you



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