Letter(s) from Tatyana Petrova to Jose (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, Jose.
Jose, I also understand that without you now my life empty. You have filled with love my heart. YOU have made me the happiest girl on light. It so is perfect. All my colleagues have noticed that I every day all become happier. 3 weeks were very difficult for me. But I could not write to you you understand it.
YES, we should enter other level. We enter a new level, gradually we do it. Jose, I understand that we do things not quickly. But we should do our way as it is possible more shortly. It is very important for us. It is our way. A way after which we shall be together and we shall be the happiest people on light.
I yet do not know how much money to me it is required on tickets. But I know cost of the visa. It is 300 $. Jose, I promise you, that you will know all my steps in our way. Now the first step for us is my visa. As soon as she will be ready, I shall show you it. I shall show you scan of visa. YOU will see it and we can plan our meeting further. All that is required for the beginning manufacturing of my visa it is 300 $, it not fast process. I should begin it as it is possible more soon. DURING manufacturing the visa I learn cost of air flight.
I hope that you understand me. When you can save 300 $?
I think, what is it will not borrow from you a lot of time. It is the truth?
I like you.
Yours Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hi, Jose.
It is a little unpleasant to me, that you ignore my questions about money. Also it is unpleasant to me to speak about money, but it is a unique way which we should pass to our meeting. I hope you will closely read my last letter. I also very much want to speak by with you to phone, Jose, but it is very expensive for me. Probably when you will help me with my visa, you can send little bit more money and at me remain free money to call to you. Also, Jose, today I have made my photos. I hope that you will be happy. Because I promised you and I the girl of the word. I hope that you also will be the man of the word and will help me for my visa at the end of January. And i'll show you scan of it. It seems to me, that I have turned out in photos not so beautiful, I even was afraid to show it to you, but I promised you and I shall do it. I shall wait very much for your photos, where you in snows. It is very romantic.
I love you, Jose.
Yours Tatyana

Letter 3

Hola mi Principe.
Today I have time to write to you. Jose, I worked last days much. I very much wanted, that in this weekend I had many free time. I want to visit to my mum. My mum very much wants to see me. I want to tell to her, that I shall begin a way to the USA to you. I shall tell, that you will be good the man for me.
She will be glad. I also want to give her of a few lessons of the Spanish language:)
Te amo, Jose.
I am very glad, that we shall begin our way.
We should use Western Union. You used it already.
You remember as to do it? Tatyana Petrova from ivanovo. from Russia.
I am very glad, that you have found song Wind of Change. It is a romantic song. This song very well describes our way. Our way, it wind of change. Wind of change for our lifes. You agree? As soon as my visa will be ready, I can show you scan of it. You will see, that I the woman of the word. Besos for you.
Se despide tu Reyna.
do you like my spanish ?

Letter 4

Holy mi principe!!!
Today I learned concerning air flight. It is cost 650USD + 10 %. I should buy tickets for 700USD.
I should buy tickets here in Ivanovo.
I very much love you.
Ja lublu tebja
your reyna.

Letter 5

Hola my principe Jose.
I am a little sad today. I hoped to be in yours the airport already tomorrow, but there were small problems. I have visited familiar to my mother. To me have allowed to spend the night here. I want to tell to you as all was. I have paid for my tickets in Ivanovo. To me informed, that I should receive my tickets in airport Sheremetevo. I have bought the book and she has helped me will accustom in unfamiliar city. How to be guided in the underground. It was very difficult for me. I never saw the underground. I have quickly reached up to the airport sheremetevo and have found cash department where my tickets lay. The woman has asked me the passport and has suggested to pass in help the airport. In help other woman informed me, that I cannot take off this flight. I all over again have thought, that my documents are not good. I thought, that visa agency could deceive me. But they have not deceived me. My visa and the passport were good. I have taken away the passport in embassy. Now I have the passport. But there is I have not issued the medical insurance. To me have told, that I cannot make the insurance before this flight and have suggested to exchange to me tickets for money.
I have agreed. To me have given out back cost of tickets. I thought, that to me will not return money. First I was very much frightened. But now to me it is not terrible. Today I went to make out medical insurance. When in the insurance company have seen that at me the visa for 6 months, there informed that it will be the expensive insurance. And I have paid to them 800USD. It is very unpleasant to me to speak about it. Because I have spent this money not for the ticket. I had no opportunity to inform you about it. I have spent a lot of time for movement on the big city of Moscow. And I have returned very much late. Today I write to you this letter. And now I shall go to familiar my mum. She waits for me at home and very much worries. Because I in city unfamiliar to me go one. Here it is very dangerous. Last night I tried to call to you. But I could phone only up to your mum. She probably has not understood my English language. It are required to me still money for my tickets. Jose, what to me to do? To me to come back in Ivanovo? Probably you can find money for my tickets and I shall get a job in the USA. And we shall return this money. Jose, you mine principe and we should do last step. Now I can receive from you money for the name. I have the passport. I shall wait your letter. To me already to not return in any way in Ivanovo. My apartment is probably closed on a key. It was the demountable apartment. I love you. We still had last step. And we shall be together.
Your Reyna. Tatyana.
from Moscow.

Letter 6

Hola mi principe.
I can recieve that money only monday.
Yes Russia, Moscow, Tatyana Petrova.
I have a place when i can spend this weekend.
I need only money for my tickets. And in monday i can fly to you.
I have no time. I'll read your mail only monday. Send the money today or tomorrow and in monday morning i can recieve it.
Yours Reyna Tatyana mailto:kitti79@bk.ru