Scam Letter(s) from Catalina Ciobanu to Carl (England)

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Letter 1

Hello Carl ,I am so glad because I received your letter.Today I had a very busy day,I have to solve some important problems with my school but unfortualy I don't solve nothing.
Is so difficult ,I don't know what to do and nobody don't listen me ,nobody don't want to help me.My friends when they need help came to me and of course every time help them ,but when I need their help,nobody don't look at me.Let me to explain you About my university,I am now in the last year and if I can't pay my diploma to take it,if not I did the university for nothing and only in one year I can have the chance to take my diploma again.It costs 270$ but for me this means a lot of money,I have on a month 120$,is a normal salary in my country.Until now my mother help me to pay the school but now what I have to pay is the diploma exam,not the school,the school year I already pay it and my mother cant help me again.I hope I didn't bored you with my problem ,but I really need to speak with somebody about this,I am fell so alone in this moments.For 6 months ago my mother had cancer and she had to do a surgery and the surgery was costing a lot so that's why everything we had is gone.Before we had money for bad days how we called,but now after she paid the surgery,the medicaments,they both were very expensive the financial situation has complete changed.
I don't understand this world,why the life is so hard?Here the life for some people,for some normal people like me is very hard.In this country which is full of corruption if you don't have money and relations you can't do nothing and even if you have relations but you don't have money you can't do nothing because everybody to help you with something ask for money.Before 1989 my country was communist.In 1989 here was a big revolution which brought the communists down and everybody was hoping that the life will be better but it seems that now most of the people are feel sorry after the communism.That time most of the people were equal,there were so social classes and the system was made in that way that everybody had something on their tables,since I can remember that time there was no begging on the streets and now it is full of the.Now who staled and made illegal business after the revolution has money and normal people almost that they don't have what to eat.our country will be in EURO in 2007 and that EURO ordered to my country to make the taxes higher and everything but not also the salaries,here everything is getting expensive but only the salaries are the same and all this because the corruption is very high.The roads are very bad because the people which are making the streets are stealing from the materials and is normal that they get worse and worsen every year and who staled the materials are having big houses and you ask yourself how can they have that from a normal salary.A young men today if his parents are not important people has no future.Almost anybody can afford to buy a house or an apartment because from a salary of 200euro,which one of the best salary,you can't save 40.000-50.000 euro to buy a house.Also is the same with cars because the car here is not a good investment because after 2 months after you buy it you have to change a lot in it because he get broke from the bad roads.Me,for the money I get I study and I work in the same time and it is very hard,sometimes I feel that I can't resist anymore to this situation and I want a change but this I think will never happen`to in my country.That's why the best thing for me if I will can to finish my university will be to go and work in another country,I know that there the lawyers are getting well paid.Like this is the country where I live in.I don't say is not a beautiful country,but is not capitalized and the people doesn't care of it.So if you will ever think to come here you will be disappoint it and I don't advise you.
I am a little tired and I think in this night I will go to sleep earlier.I Was thinking to you very much and now I am glad because I can write you again.I don't know but I feel that we could be a soul mates, think and feel very much the same.My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that is the question you should ask yourself first before getting involved. I took me much longer to realize the importance if it than to you. I think that you know there is no princess to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. But, even real life can be like a fairy tail, I am not talking about the material things, I am talking about the feeling and harmony with two people.
I like to talk things over if something comes up. If two people love each other they both feel bad, no matter which one hurt which one,right. I have learn one thing in my life, never be proud in relationship! Life is to short for fighting and feeling bad. I know your feeling waking up alone and going to sleep alone very well. I try not to think it too much, just makes me sad. I just believe that life will bring me what is meant to come to me, I try not to push my life to curtain direction (trying just to fool my fait a bit writing to YOU. I go with the flow of life, it will bring me where I belong.
Today I was to drink a coffee with some friends in a cafe club near the university.There was a man working and one time he said to me "Dear you are so much full of kissing and hugging". I know how you feel. Maybe the need to love somebody is greater than to be loved, but there can not be one without the other. I hope that we both can find solutions to this need,maybe the solution is close than we realize. But enough of this.
Well...I have been having trouble falling asleep at night lately. I find myself thinking about you and can't get you off of my mind. I really hope this turns into a long and lasting relationship.I too think that to love and be loved is one of the greatest treasures in life. Other hardships become easier to bear if you have a loving partner by your side that understands and cares.
I finish my letter here my possible lover,I hope was not too long for you.I wait your answer.
Many many kisses

Letter 2

I am very happy each time when I receive the letter from you. Today i had again a bad day,i was trying to find a solution to solve my problem with the school but i need a miracle to solve it.Thank you very much because you want to help me with my school problem but I cant accept your help because I don't know when I can give you the money back.You have a great soul ,thank you so much because you want to help me but I told you why I cant accept your help.I don't think that is faire to take money from someone and not to give it back because I didn't worked for that money and it is not fair not in front of you and not in front of God.My parents have educated me that if I want to have money I have to work and I can't get money for nothing.It is true,for the little money I earn now I work very hard and I can't afford to pay my diploma but is nothing I can do.After my father death the financial situation of my family got very low and that's why I wanted to became a lawyer to earn money to live decent and to help my mother with the bills.But it looks like what I wanted it is not so easy for me.I will like to accept your help but I don't know if you are able to wait me to raise the money to pay you back.
Today I have read to my mum some words from your letter. She said to me that probably you are a very good man.
And my mum send you the best regards. She wishs all the best for us .I guess we begin to feel each other.
it is the most important thing . As I consider , we should trust each other. Lie is very bad. We should completely trust each other, because it is only the single way to create reliable union.
It is a pity that there is such big distance between us. But each our letter makes this distance less and less. I hope very much, that after corresponding we will have the opportunity to meet in person in future. But now it is only a dream.
You know, my mum and me make tasty pies. I hope that one time you can taste it.
I want to ask you something.
Are you missing the real and sincere love as I am? Are you sick and tired of grey, joyless and ordinary colourless routine life? Have you got anyone to share the sea of love and tenderness accumulated in your heart? Have you got anyone to lavish love and care upon you? I believe I am the one who will make you see Heaven on the ground, share everything with you and give you the true love. Of course if you are ready for such relationship... Just like you I am missing true and romantic feelings and the right man who put the family and the wife on the first place. It's a common thing in my country that families are made and children are born not on love ground but just occasionally... I have no wish to become just a passer-by on one's life road. I still believe that my destiny is wandering somewhere in the world and I don't care what language he speaks and what country he lives in. You can be my chance and my fortune or my fortune and not by chance. We may be destined to each other. You may be waiting and looking for no one but me...
Love is the most important thing in my life no matter what form it is in. There is the love for my family. The love for my friends. The love for the world. The hardest is the love between a man and a woman. It is sad but a person could live their whole life without finding true love. Some believe that you only get one chance at love. That you only have one soulmate. Some believe that you could have other chances at love if you are lucky. I believe that some get second chances and others may not. I was in love once and it was one of the best times of my life. It is the greatest feeling in the World like Heaven on Earth. I want that feeling again and I refuse to settle for anything least than 100% Love. I could not marry for anything else.
I don't believe in conditional love. That is not true love to me. I only believe in unconditional love which my parents taught me and gave me all my life. My parents love me whether I passed or failed, whether I was right or wrong. That is the love I will give to my husband. Whether he loses or gains weight or whether rich or poor. I will love him forever all the way to Heaven. I want to support my love in his dreams and goals in life and I want to share my dreams and goals with him. Letting him know everyday that I have faith in whatever he wanted to do.
I can go on and on about love but I just wanted you to know that Love is the center focus of my life. Everything else is second. That is my religion! There is hope for the world and that hope lies in love.
I want to know whether you will accept this religion?
Does it sound like you?
I finish my letter here.I wish you a great day ,and take care of you.Kisses and hugs

Letter 3

Hello Carl

How are you? Everything is ok with you and your family? I hope it is.I also think that we will get well.I think we have a lot of things in common and I have a feeling that we will have a happy future together.Maybe it is woman intuition.I really hope that one day you will taste her pies,or maybe my pies:)).

Even if i have big problems today I woke up with some kind of happy feeling! As though I have wings and I can fly very, very high. I don't know why I have it, may be because you think about me or may be because your letters, like a sun beam, bring me happiness, warmth and part of your soul, making each day like a holiday! Thank you very much for all this dear.So, we are writing to each other, with every letter we are becoming closer .. right ? It is good when you know that somebody is thinking of you , that somebody cares about you and really , it does not matter how many miles are between us our letters , our thoughts and ideas , our feelings and dreams for future make us closer , much more closer than if we are leaving in the same street :- )
You know, I'm thinking about you, I'm trying to imagine what you are doing at your work, how you are smiling, how you talk, what eyes you have! And then I remember what a huge distance separates us, and I become sad & it is possible that we are not in so terrible situation. From the beginning we will know each other, our interests, dreams attitude to the life values. Even without seeing eyes of each other we build our relations on the confidence, sincerity, and on the most important aspects, which we feel without dependence on the distance, language barrier, and differences in culture, different economical level.

Please tell me is not a joke ,you really want to help me?This is a miracle Carl ,really a miracle.I need so much this money but nobody here in my country don't help me.I meet you so far away from me ,you don't know me ,but you want to help me .I cant believe is true.You saved my life ,my future ,thank you so so much.I want to tell you I will do everything possible ,I will save money from my salary every month to return you the money.I know for you are such a little money but I cant fell well if I don't give you the money back.Carl now the problem is I don't know how can you send me this money.I saw at TV an advertising about a service Western union ,they told is very good and save and you need only my full name and my address but I don't know is you have this service there in your country.I have to pay the diploma until Frieday and if you want to help me I will pay you back,because I can't get money for free,I have to work for my money so I will save from my salary and I will pay you back.You are the only person that want to help me and you don't even know me in person and please I want to pay you back if you help me,I will feel bad about it if I wouldn't.
Can you imagine, we are looking in each other the things, which we can't find in our compatriots? You are looking for a woman, which, as it seems to me, can create friendly family, which is able to create the special atmosphere of love and understanding. Am I right? I'm looking for a person, which will appreciate me for my clear soul, faithfulness, and my possibility to give tenderness; for sincerity - to give sincerity. You know, I wanted to tell you one more thing: I have told my brother and mother about my decision about finding someone through Internet, from other country, and mother told me that everything. what is good for me is good for her, as for my brother they wished me good luck and real love . I know that their wishes will be become true. My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that you know there is no princese to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. If two people love each other they both feel bad, no matter which one hurt which one, right.I just believe that life will tring me what is meant to come to me, I try not to push my life to curtain direction.I finish my letter here.I hope you will have a great day.Many kisses and hugs

Letter 4

My number is 0721491196 but i dont know if i can received calls from another country.To call outside from my country or to received calls from another country i must to activate a service ,roamnig,and i must to pay for it.Anyway you can try to call me.Thank you so much because you want to help me,i cant believe this is true.Is very late now and i must to go to sleep ,i will write you tomorrow.

My full name is Ciobanu Catalin and my address is Strada
13 Septembrie nr 15 Bloc P70 apartament 69 Bucuresti Romania





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