Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Sibagatullina to Tor-Ivar (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hi my darling Ivar!!!
I am very glad to news from you. I missed without yours e-mail.
My darling
To me it is very pleasant that I like you. Mine Ivar I shall not answer your questions
In this letter, I wish to express the feelings to you. My dear
I cannot explain why I love you, it is simple
Inside of me. My heart worries each time as I see
The letter and me to become very well when I read it up to the end.
My darling I can tell only, that in my soul to be created that that
Inexplicable, me very much pulls to you and I wish to be with you... I want
To feel you and know that I can to remain in your embraces up to
Those times while at us to not come to an end forces... To kiss you and the nobility that to you it
To like... Easier to speak you warm words and to trust that I them
Has told knowingly... It would be very pleasant to Me to meet you after work and
On a table you would be waited always with hot meal which I would prepare with love...
I would be gentle with you and never would do to you painfully! I would like
Long and romantic attitudes with you, because I any more
I can present the life without you. Every morning I wake up
Also I recollect you and to me at once it becomes good, only from one idea.
I am very happy that the God has enabled me to get acquainted with you and to become
Much more close. If you do not have not enough these explanations I do not know as still to describe
That condition with which I live already a lot of time. My darling I hope
That we can meet you and I can prove to you the love.
Only tell to me that you really want it.
My darling you with me agrees? I shall try you to cause very soon.
I love you. Kiss.
Today on work I thought of you and it was pleasant to me to know, that there is a person who thinks of me, reads my ideas and writes something for me. And how you? You these days missed on dialogue with me?
Today we with friends plan to have some entertainment. It will be possible club or a disco. It is a pity, that now there is no opportunity to invite you there because you it is far. I think, that we with you could spend perfectly together evening. I hope, that we shall do still it in the future and we can well have fun. I am assured, that it will be good time for us! We shall drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can maintain it. And after that we probably shall reach somewhere else....., and where I shall do with you some things. Ideas about
It me in advance raise. My imagination very developed and I can represent for myself many details of our appointment. Probably, dear, it is time to me to finish this letter, and I now shall write that a lot of superfluous and I shall have then confusion before you.
I wait for yours e-mail, my darling.
Embraces and my kiss!!!
Yours Ekaterina



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