Scam letter(s) from Natalia Skachihina to Buddy (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely John! I have received your message. I understand, that you want to send me 35 $ on telephone conversations. It is very lovely of you. My lovely John I want to tell, that I learned also to me have informed, that on Saturdays the bank does not work. If you will d translation, do it on Monday. You understand me. In days off I can not receive your money. My lovely I as want to inform you, that at me now absolutely difficulties with money. It is very inconvenient for me to ask you, but at me really critical situation.
It is necessary for me to liquidate a debt for an apartment in the near future. As I also informed you I take off an apartment. I iei?o for one month of residing of 3500 roubles.
On your money it is 130 $. I have run into debt for two months. It is necessary for me to pay 260 $ to extinguish all for posts. If I shall not make it to me it will be necessary to search for other habitation. I do not want to lose this apartment. My lovely I ask you money in loans. Later when at me all will be good I of them to you aa?io.
Excuse me, that I ask you the help. You the person whom I love, and you love me. I have no place to borrow such money more. My lovely John you understand me? As I want to inform you, that for internet to me too it is necessary to pay. The next month I will have nothing to pay to write to you. As I informed you, I iei?o for one month 90 $. My lovely you can help me with 260 $ for an apartment, 90 $ for internet and for telephone conversations 35 $. If you can, send 385 US dollars. Excuse me, that I ask money you. It is very inconvenient for me, but at me really a problem big. I shall wait for your message. I love you John. With love Natalya. P.S. A ridiculous picture. Thank.
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