Scam letter(s) from Valeria Bozhenova to Deeper (India)

Letter 1
Dear Sir, We would like to inform you that your lady Valery whom you are corresponding with now has some financial problems.
As she has wrote you she is a client of our agency but now she doesn't have an opportunity to pay for the translation services we provide. Valery is very interested in you and asked us permission to write you this letter and inform you about the situation she is now. We are writing from her e-mail address in order to avoid all the misunderstandings between you and your lady. If you are interested in our services and want to continue lettering with Valery, please inform us and we will send you all the necessary information.
We are always ready to answer your questions and help you. Faithfully Yours,
Agency "Moonlight".
Letter 2
Dear Sir, Thank you for contacting us and for interest in our services.
As you have asked we are sending you all the necessary information about our agency and the way of payment.
The name of our agency is "Moonlight", the office is situated in Lugansk, Ukraine. We want you to know that we are not a marriage agency and we don't have our own web-site as we don't need it. We are a legal and lawful translation agency which helps our clients who don't speak Russian or English with translating documents, letters from English into Russian and vise versa. In our agency work qualified translators and operators. We hope that the following information concerning our agency and services will be interesting for you. The agency "Moonlight" provides the following services for the clients:
- printing and scanning of photos and documents;
- giving access to the Internet;
- translation from Russian into English;
- translation from English into Russian;
- interpretation of telephone calls; As you can see we provide a variety of different services and hope you would like to become our client.
As for the last, you have an opportunity to contact your lady by telephone. But before doing it you should inform us about the day and time you want to call. After that we will give you the number of our telephone and set the exact day of your call.
The prise of 10 minutes call is $20. Here is the information about methods of payment and our prises: - the cost of 1 letter is $5 USD (translations -$4 and access to Internet and printing -$1),
- the cost of scanning or printing of one picture is $2 USD (the photo from your lady or the photo from you to her). Also you have an opportunity to use the services of unlimited correspondence if it is more suitable for you: Unlimited account for one month: $250 USD - includes unlimited letters and photos. Unlimited account for two months: $450 USD - includes unlimited letters and photos and telephone calls to 10 minutes. Unlimited account for three months: $630 USD - includes unlimited letters and photos and telephone calls to 30 minutes. If you want to send money through Western Union you should use the following information: Country: Ukraine
City: Lugansk
The name of the receiver (full name of your lady) - Valeria Bozhenova. After transferring money you should write us about the control number of the transfer, the sum of money, your full name and the country you live.
Of course you can send any sum of money but the minimum is $30 and after you do the transfer we put money on your account what means you can continue the corresponding with your lady.
But if you don't have an opportunity to visit Western Union office, you can wire your money on-line, using the credit card. You can visit web site and during 15 minutes you will be able to send money from your credit card. Hope the information was useful and interesting for you and you would like to become our client.
We are ready to answer any questions if you have them. Sincerely Yours,
Agency "Moonlight".
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