Letter(s) from Olga Berezhnyuk to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1

... Yesterday again I come home.... Do you know, from loneliness the life at times seems unfair.
Though is more exact -wrong, because validity is. Validity is always. Who likes, trusts and waits - will receive all this. So also we will have Our day and Hapiness.. Though is not present, it is not enough a day and it is not enough a year... but all the same, as it is difficult to understand, that someone precisely also is broken off, also waits and also bites lips.
Your energy of me charges and makes happy.... In Rovno the sun again shines. For me it shines due to you. Thanks you for it:) I miss..and the ticket at me will be only to one way. I wait for this arrival and the meeting step by step to come nearer.. In fact we at all did not represent to any moment about existence each other anything.
Unless guessed, that somewhere there is someone. and now we transform into a dust thousand kilometers, throwing the feelings through the rivers, mountains, woods and fields. And each word without a miss beats in heart. So I wait for this moment. The moment of a meeting. I know, banal "greetings" will sound not simply so.
But today I am very much upset...
Not fast arrival does not leave another, except for how to wait..... And again to wait......
Jessey,I likely cannot arrive to the nearest two or more months. I did not think that tickets such expensive. Earlier to me familiar spoke that ticket cost 200-300 dollars,but in real it's costs approximately 800 dollars. I am much upset ....But it's my problems.
But time of arrival of value has no, I shall wait because I love you and in any case I shall come.... This test by time nonsense for Love... may be you will can come to me earlier... I very much want it.
You became necessary for me.. With you to me it is good and quiet. You for me are already strong and invincible requirement.
From it to not leave anywhere... I on distance feel your heat,strong heat, I feel very much .We are necessary each other.. It is unequivocal.
Jessey,everything, everything at us will be good and another cannot be. On another I simply cannot represented.

Love you, your Olga

Letter 2

My dear,Jessey, each time you are writing to me and sending me these remarkable words and impressing phrases full of emotive feelings I really render speechless for a while no matter what's or who's around :)...
You are full of romance . a person like you is a unique of his kind in these days . I think I also like to release my self and break all holds rules and self controls but you really should know that I do this only with you , for you , while talking , writing and expressing of my feelings to you . no matter what is coming and how is it going to be....
while writing to you I will just through every thing away and I will live with you the moment . cause I need it and for some unusual reason I can not just stop neither can not control my self ...
With you my dear I feel that words are themselves the writer ,my hands are in their control just like doing the writing but words themselves are the controller . I feel that you have a kind of own world like precise empire ... getting into is prohibited for all but the lucky master with the magic key will have all doors open , once he open the main gate a full permission to all entrances of heaven will be his only eternal fate...
while staying in such heaven is the most powerful appealing drug to which master will be addicted I hope I will find the magic key and I hope I can be the one . I promise you that as long as I breath I will do every thing to make all your dreams comes true cause this is the minimum I can do to such person like you...
My dearest, please, do prey for me,and I know you will be waiting for me, Jessey,I love you, please, always keep this in mind.


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My info in any case
Olga Berezhnyuk
14 Sobornaya St. Flat 56
Rovno, Ukraine 33000

Letter 3

Hi,Jessey, my dear:))
Just close your eyes and let your soul and body feel my hands stretching out.Can you fell all the love and care, and my faith in you.....
I really hope you will never let me down,and from my side I promise never to betray you.
I will always here you cry for help, I will always take your pain away. I will ask angels to guide you so you will never lose your way...
Love is a entire world, but you can embrace it with your own two hands.We can do no great things, only small things but with great love, and I have all this love just to you, my dear.
I am sure love is in greatest power, so it will overcome all the obstacles, such as pain, distance or even time, cause love is immortal, it is a sister of eternity, and a friend of happiness.So I truly believe if there is Love indeed, it will find the way out.
Please, put me straight to your heart, so I will take all the loneliness from it, and will give you the fulfillness with joy and care and support.
What else should I give you?
Is entire me with my self-inertia enough?
No, it is not.I will give you the best music of my soul. What else would you take from me?
I give you my life, and I will not ask for anything in turn, just to know, that you are here, alive and happy.Ha, let everybody smile, I don't care about my self any more.
I am back to life,I am alive, maybe the destiny wanted me to fight and now I am worth to be happy.
Are you with me? I care about you. You mean to me so much.So just let me take your hand and take you to the country of dreams.Only we know the way to the gates of this country, cause it was established for us and by us only. Our love can build everything.
Jessey, Yes, we celebrate Christmas, January 7, And yes, we open presents on New Year 31 December night:-)I miss you, dear. I was so happy to hear from you anything, oh, when you will be next to me, I will feel myself the happiest woman on Earth.
I am waiting for your letters like for a the true happiness.

Always yours,
For ever and ever.

Letter 4

Have a great day:)
Again and again I am thinking of you.
I have been thinking about you and about us many times. I will never to disappoint you in any kind of way.
Whenever I get a mail from you, it is something very special for me. I am looking for every little sign, it is like in that one song from The Police: every little breath you take, every smile you make, and I will watch you...:)
You might know it, maybe. I really like it.
Jessey,I am going to tell you a little secret: I have been living the happiest days in my life lately. You are the reason. I thank you for you exist in this world. I'll never loose sight of you....
You've changed my life so completely.....
Listen to your heart, darling. You can trust it (as I trust in mine). And you will not regret it. I feel the very same about you. I was looking for a man who will be able to share my life, such for good and bad moments. And love me. In return, I'll take care of and watch over him. I found this man.this man- is you!:)
Would you will this man? I believe that love is the essence of life. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It can change everything. And I guess that the best part of love is when we lose all the sense of reality, when our souls come across the infinity. Love will lead us to eternity... Finding you in this world was the best thing in my life. You don't know what it means to me...

Waiting for you.

Your Olga