Letter(s) from Alla Alekseeva to John (USA)

Letter 1

hi where did u see my profile?
i'm very glad that u wrote me.
i really want to find serious relations. i want to find man who will take care of me & whom i could give my warm. how will we meet & are u able to do it? if yes, then i'll give u my number & we talk about us. Can u send me u photos more?

Letter 2

hi, i really remember this englishan who put me on this site. I can tell u that he wanted me to come to him by my own means. (U know that its expensive for young woman in Russia) & when i refused him, he became angry & said smt strange about all woman in Russia & then i knew about this site & was extremly surprised!!! I still don't understand to the end what is "scammer" & crazy about this man, because after this profile in this site nobody believed me more & i couldn't find the man of my life.... Can u help me? What can u do with this site? this information is not real & he dodn't have any rights to put it there.....
I send u my photos. kissss
i'm still want to find man for serious relations & interested only in real meeting.kisssss

Letter 3

hi, i'll be glad if u call me today 7-812-746-55-58
i'll tell u evrything u like.
LOl, u are right about htis man... Can u contact the site?
Photos with brests...ok, but only when we talk & know everything about our meeting. kissss

Letter 4

oh, i'm so glad that u are want to meet. i want this also. I'll e waiting foe u calling, i prefer talking, not email. kissss
About photos.... hehe when we decide about meeting, because i don't send them to man, whom i didn't talk with))))

Letter 5

Alekseeva Alla Urevna
198188, Russia
Saint-Petersburg, Govorova, 11-5.
kiss u.

Letter 6

my birthday is 17.08.1984
kissss, call me tommorow. kisss

Letter 7

i'm going to sleep now. Good night. kisss

Letter 8

hi, darling. Here is my pic, don't have more topless pics....
Call me tommorow, i have some news about visa. Did u send me invitation?
kisss u. i think of u.

Letter 9

hi darling, i hope to c u photos. kissesssss

Letter 10

no u mistake with names of my pics....
i want to travel by Lufthansa or may be another one.
i think of us & wsiting for u pics & dream abotu our meeting & wait for u invitation soon!!!

Letter 11

dear. i know that u saw them on the site, why should i send them to u again?i think of us. kisss
u'll c me all when we meet. Darling, for me very important to be taken off the site, because i don't want evrybody to think that i'm unhonest.... did u weite there? i'm normal young girl who want to find hapiness, i want to be with u.

Letter 12

here are darling these photos & don't have any more)))
Well, sure i have 1 or 2 but i'll send them to u as surprise after i go to embassy & get visa & don't ask me send them now, bec it'll be surprice... kissss
i miss u voice. & don't stroke on them, i'll come soon myself.

Letter 13

my darling, my future verry sexxy photos will make u hot & u will wait me so much after them /it'll be surprise before my coming, not earlier....)) kisss
call me & lets discuss the details of my coming & our time together. kisss

Letter 14

no, the time is for deals, not for words. i'm waiting to go to embassy.... then photos.

Letter 15

hows that? seems u wanted my sexy photos only & nothing more....

Letter 16

i'm sure u didn't write to the site & didn't send me the invitation & lied me, bec. wanted only to get my pics, then u've got them a lot to stroke enough....