Romance scam letter(s) from Amanda Diana Arthur to Herbert (Austria)
Letter 1

hello herbert,
how are you doing now?i hope yu are fine and doing great.well dear i am also fine but i am thinking soo much about you and want to come to you this week.dear i went to accra this morning to the ticket office to buy my ticket but when i went to book my flight,they told me that i have to do medical test and submit the medical report to them before they will allow me to book my flight.they told me that this days,there are soo many diseases in the world and that they dont want anybody to transfer any diseases to any country and so i have to do the medical test and submit the certificate so that they will know that i am not having any bad disease.darling i am very clean but i have to do it so that they will allow me to book my flight so that i can give you the time and the date that i will depart from ghana and when i shall come to you in austria ok.darling i love you very much and i want to spend this christmas with you in austria because i really love you and i cant wait to spend this christmas lonely here in ghana.i have only 3night left for me to come to you so please do your best and help me the money tomorrow ok.i went to see the docter and he told me that it the medical test will cost me 250 euros ok.this is the only money i need now to come to you and i hope you will not disappoint me.i love you and i cant wait to hold your arms at schwechat airport.i love you once again and i hope you will send the money for me tomorrow so that i come to you on 24.please send me sms when you finish reading this mail.i am lonely herbert and want to sleep in your bed 24.
all my love,
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