Letter(s) from Elena to Leigh (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello, my dearest Leigh! I am very happy that you have written to me. Internet is a wonderful way to write to someone for away and to get to know each other. I hope that we will develop a friendship that may grow to become something more. I am 24 and I was born in Nicolaev in Ukraine. I like my work as a teacher of music very much. Teaching is my thing to do and I enjoy my work very much. No I am also not a workaholic, but I work hard and it gives sense to live. In my free time, weekends and holidays I love to relax to go for a walk to communicate with my friends to listen to music and to watch some movie. I like all kinds of music (almost) and the one I prefer depends on my mood or activity. I like the classics. Sometimes I feel like listening to rock like U2, Guns and Roses or Linkin Park, Jazz or Blues like Tom Waits; I like Irish and Russian folk music and I am fond of the 60's and 70's oldies. I love dancing. I like discos as long as they are not too crowded. I like reading books, almost any gender, also with theater. I do not watch much TV, except at nights to relax and I prefer either movies or cultural things like Discovery channel. I'm cheerful and keep my good mood through almost anything; I'm an incurable optimist that finds the best even when going through the worst. I find my ideal man to be a kind, loving ,caring, romantic and intelligent man. I look for a loyal and faithful man. I want him to treat me like a lady; kindly and respectfully. I am capable of doing anything for a loved one. I know that no matter what happens, I will never let my loved one down, once I find the right one. I believe that honesty and trust are the most important things I look for in a relationship. What your dreams are? Tell me how a perfect life would be for you. What did you always want as a child? Sometimes, your dearest dreams come from childhood, are yours? If there's anything else in particular you want to know about me, ask what you want; I will be happy to answer your questions. I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently. With love Your Elena

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Leigh! Thank you for your nice letter. I would like very much to continue our relationship with you. I agree with everything that you told me about love, dreams and hopes. Will you tell me more about your hobbies, likes and dislikes? I will be happy to tell you my opinion about the things I asked you about. My main hobbies are music, reading, outdoors activities. I love music, and admire people who are talented in it. I think music and art in general is about being in touch with your emotions, and being able to express them. So I am really happy to be a music teacher. I like anything related to the sea; swimming, having fun on the beach in general. I like night clubs as long as they are not too crowded, I like traveling and seeing new places, snow, beaches. I like movies as long as they are not sad or depressing, I like almost all books, almost all theater plays and most museums. I like to spend time with friends and family. I usually prefer gatherings where we chat, play games, sing or whatever else we feel like doing - I like people, but not crowds. To go out I usually avoid night clubs that are too crowded. I never saw the fun in cramming into a packed place where you can't dance, talk, or even go to the restrooms without fighting your way through. From time to time I need to get out of it all and find open spaces. I love outdoors and in particular hiking, walking. I like to cook. I can cook many dishes, mostly meat dishes, salads and desserts. I like to eat almost anything; as in most things I usually try to enjoy what I have and take things with good spirits, so I do not easily say 'I don't like that' unless it is really, really bad. Have you tried Ukrainian food? Do you like it? About things I do not like, all I can think of right now is evil people. As for my favorite colors like with music, it depends a lot on mood or circumstance. I like green, of course, in outdoors, forests, mountains but not in houses, cars and other things. I like the color of the ocean, the sky, the snow, a sunset. In a relationship all I want is peace and love. I want a loving word, and embrace from my loved ones. A place and family where I can trust and be trusted, to feel at home in my home - to be happy. Will you tell me more about your friends and the reason you are searching your love abroad? I hope to hear from you soon. With love Your Elena

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Leigh! Another day at the school is finished and thankfully I am not stressed about something at the end of the day. So for that reason only itOs a good day. Your letter was the second reason to consider this day to be wonderful. Thank you very much for your e-mail. I enjoyed it very much. It seems like we become closer with every letter. And I really like this feeling. Thank you for telling me why you are here. As for me I am looking for someone from who I am going to be happy with. I don't care where is he from, I only want him to be a person that I feel like being "home" when with him, a person intelligent, thoughtful, sensitive. A person cultivated, who likes to laugh and not scared to talk about his feelings. I don't like games, and I don't play them. I don't want to be drained by people and I don't want to drain them. I was not happy to find my love in my country and that's why I decided to try my luck here. If I find him...I know I will love him with all my heart...and if he is who I will think he is .. he will love me too. As for my friends I am very choosy about them. I think there are around 10 people who I would call real friends and from them there are 2 that I really feel that they know everything about me and that I know everything about them. I feel fortunate to have such a strong base, and I am not jealous of people that they claim they have 100 of friends, because these people get very lonely at times. Human relationships in friendly or romantic level needs to reach a high level in order to be fulfilling and during this days most people hold their defences high and don't let anybody near. I am trying not to do that. When I feel that someone is worth it, and there are not many times I feel that, I am risking my emotions with them. I don't hold back, and if I get hurt or disappointed I accept it as part of the trip to the most wonderful place one can be. People who are trying to protect themselves from all the negative experiences sometimes they miss the chance to see something truly wonderful. ThatOs why, for me, opening up to you and spending energy to get to know you, risking disappointment when I set my expectations in my mind, so far away from being with you, thatOs why it is worth the risk and the effort. In my life I want to see, hear, do, know about, so many things that I am not sure I have the time for all. But I know one thing. Even if I get to experience all, it is not going to worth one tenth of what doing one tenth of them together with someone I love. ThatOs how I feel. I will be thinking about you and waiting for your letter. With love Your Elena

Letter 4

Hello, my dearest Leigh! How are you? You brighten my day every time you write to me. Thank you for the kind words you have written about me. I think you are very sweet and a really good person. I can tell you are someone who is honest and wants to meet someone who is just like you. I hope I will be that person. I love your personality and I feel that whoever you choose to be your wife will be the luckiest woman on this earth. I hope that woman is me. :))) How is your work going? Tomorrow I will take my pupils to a concert hall for a big concert where the best pupils from all musical schools of our town will take part. The jury will chose the best team and the reward will be a concert tour by different places of Ukraine. Our team consists of 10 pupils and 4 of them are mine so director asked me to take up to this matter. It is a big honor for me that the majority of my pupils are chosen to represent our school and I look forward to this event tomorrow. We had final rehearsal before this concert today and I saw that my pupils were nervous today already. I tried to calm down but to tell you the truth I feel exited and nervous as well. I hope that everything will be ok tomorrow. I don't expect them to be winners but I want them to play well for them and me to be satisfied with our work. How is the weather in your country? It is getting cooler outside here. It is about 10 degrees above 0. It has been raining the whole day today. I was thinking how wonderful it could be to come home to my beloved on such a rainy and cool day. He would give me a kiss and smile and I would feel happy and warm. Do you think about such things too? I look forward to your letter. With love Your Elena

Letter 5

Hello, my dearest Leigh! I am so happy to hear from you. Through your words I begin to see a very interesting person with inner beauty I really am starting to want to explore much more. Your nature and kind heart interest me very much. Not everyone can put into words what they think , I sometimes can not do this. But you make me want to share my thoughts with you and get to know your inner thoughts. It was really interesting for me to learn more about your work and the things you do. As for the concert I told you my students performed well and I really enjoyed their playing. Our team is on fourth place among 12 school that took part in the contest. So I think that the result is really good and I am satisfied with it. We went to the cafe with my pupils and had some ice-cream together. I told them that they did well but they should work harder to develop their skills and win next time. I think that it is very important always to develop skills and never stop and think that you already can a lot and you needn't work hard. I usually tell them that talent it is wonderful but they should always work hard for the professional growth. Do you agree with me? Today I went to the hospital to visit one of my friends. We studied at the University together. I didn't see him for a long time already and recently I have found out that he is at hospital after operation. We went there together with my friend and tried to make him feel better. His operation was not really serious but all the same he feels not well being there because there are a lot of people who have terrible deceases there and it is really difficult to see them suffering. We cheered him up a little and I am really happy about it. When I was walking home from the hospital I was thinking why people should suffer so much and why all those terrible illnesses are necessary. There are a lot of problems in life without them and we have a lot of things that spoil our life and make it difficult. How wonderful it could be if all the people were healthy. The world would be much better. What do you think about it? I look forward to hear from you and to learn more about you and the things you did today. With love Your Elena