Scam Letter(s) from Larisa to Leigh (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi-hi Leigh! Nice to meet you! Thanks for being interested. First of all let me introduce myself. IOm a young girl of 24. I live in Vinnitsya. ItOs a small town in the central Ukraine. I think that itOs very nice place to live. My parents live separately in the village nearby. I have one little sister. SheOs only 2. I like to spend spare time with her. She is so pretty and funny :) Do you like children? Tell me more about your family, please. I work as a Dj on the local radio. I like my job very much, cause it brings me a lot of new impressions every day. Also IOm a student. I took a cooking as a subject. I believe that every woman have to cook well. IOm keen on finding new recipes and making delicious dishes. Would you like to taste them some day? Because of my profession, IOm crazy about music. I like all stiles of music, cause there are at least one good song belonging to any singer. DonOt you think so? Tell me more about your interests and hobbies and send me some your pretty pictures, please. Waiting for your soon response, Lora

Letter 2

Hi, Leigh! Thank you very much for answering my writing! ;-) I enjoyed reading your response. ;-) I didnOt mention all my hobbies in my first letter. I like to play tennis very much. I played tennis from when I was 8 years old till about 20 years old. Then I stopped playing frequently because of studies and because of work. ;-( Now I play only sometimes at weekends, but I would love to play more again. ;-) It always have been a wish of me to be playing tennis with the man I love. ;-) I definitely look for somebody to live together forever and not just for fun. And while living together to have fun together (traveling, doing hobbies we both like, enjoying each others company, going to nature, going to cinema or restaurant, to have a romantic evening at home at the fireplace or somewhere else, etc.). Of course there is also time to do things on your own and separate from each other, but it shouldnOt be the main thing. And another important thing in a relationship, on my opinion, is helping each other in difficult times. ;-) What do you think about relations? Why did you decide to look for a girl on-line? CanOt wait to get your next letter !!!! Best wishes!!! Lora

P.S. Forgot to mention that my English is not good enough. So I have to use the service of the Translation Firm. I hope you don't mind it. I was thinking about taking some language courses, but just can't afford them by now. Take care

Letter 3

Hi again Leigh! Hope youOre doing well! I feel that our relations became more stable and deep, donOt you think so? I want to continue moving in this direction. Maybe we can build something really good together. What do you think? As you know, I work on the radio, and as we broadcast in life, we have a lot of funny awkward situations every day. For example, I had very interesting situation on my work yesterday. One gay wanted us to call his girlfriend and wake her up. So he told, that she has just entered university and is very proud about it. My partner called her and told that he is a dean of the faculty from that uni. He asked her different silly questions, but she just was keeping answering, thinking that it was the dean. It was very funny :) Do you usually plan things in life ? Or do you see only the next day? I mean if I ask you if you want to go to some place the next week, can you answer with yes or no, or will your answer be "we'll see what happens next week"? Waiting to hear from you again!!! Kissing you tenderly !!! Lora



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