Letter(s) from Alena to Leigh (Australia)
Letter 1
Hello, wonderful!!! I know that we got the chance to communicate with each other not in vain. So I'd like to use this chance. Hope that you don't mind. So I'd like to start from the fact that I am extraordinary girl! May be not a woman but a lady for sure! My name is Olena and I am very optimistic person and a little bit risky! And what about you?! Will you use the chance that we have to communicate with me?! So I'd like you to know from the very beginning that I am not old "granny" and may be a much more younger, but I hope that for you it is not a problem at all. Just you even shouldn't ask me if it is the problem that there is the age difference between us. I can tell you "No!" Of course I don't want to compare myself with "Lolita" by Nabokov but any way, may be some features from "nymphets" I have but I think that I am a grown up and I am responsible for the fact that I am here at the dating site and for the fact that I want to know you better. I am sure that you are not "Humbert". I am sure that you are serious and I hope that we will find in each other's hearts exactly that we are seeking for. Let's go on our acquaintance and we will see everything for sure, because it is better to try then to sit and to imagine what will happen then "if", "when" .... So I will wait for the letter from you at this address as Kisses from me, Yours Olena.
Letter 2
My dear Leigh, Hello, wonderful!!! Thank you for the prompt answer. Of course I hoped to get the answer from you. Of course I hoped that you would pay attention to my letter for you!!! thanks for the photo that you sent me. I'd like you to know that you look great there and I hope that you know that you are really very nice man. So we can go on knowing each other. I want to explain you why I told you that I am a unique person, it is my thought. I'd like to start from the very beginning, I mean from the days when I realized who I am and where I am. I mean from that age when you realize that you are the personality; so it was when my age was about 5-6 years old and I understood that all people should have mother and father. I am sure that right now you think that I am alone, right, right - no mother, no father! Don't think that they died or something like that. They alive but for this time they even don't remember about the existing of their girl. They gave me to orphans when I was little girl and I hardly could understand what was going on. I cried a lot of course and I asked for mum and father, but everything was in vain. I despaired and decided to go on my life with the hope that one day I will have a family like all people and I hoped that I would be happy one day. I saw that some people came to "my home" and they looked through children there and after it some of my friends there disappeared. I was sad but "our mum" told us that now they have happier life and the most important this is that they have their own happy families. So you understand that the dream to have a happy family I had all the time. I always imagined how happy my family will be! All nights long I dreamt about being taken to the family, but it didn't happen. When I was a little girl I was like "ugly duckling" and no one paid attention to me. So I was there till the time to go study came. I know that for this time I look rather better, but it is another story from my life that I'd like to tell you. Hope that you will not mind if I will tell you about it lately! For this time for me it is important that we try to know each other and we try to create that happy family that I always dreamt about! You see that during my life I am tired to be alone! Kisses from me, Yours Olena.
Letter 3
My dear Leigh, Hello, wonderful!!! It is really wonderful day! Even in spite of the clouds it seems to me that the sun shines brightly today. May be it is because of the letter that I have from you??? Hope that you didn't cry when you read the letter from me??? But what to do life is life and sometimes it is really cruel. Thanks for the photo that you sent me, you look definitely wonderful there and I hope that you will send me more of the photos of yourself as well. Will you? You included some questions to the letter that you sent me and I'd like to answer all of them. So I am not too shy person, but I am a little bit shy when the talk is about intimate things. I don't mind if I will move to another country. As you understand i am alone and i have no parents and as you understand nothing can prevent me from doing it. Right? I look for trust, love and mutual understanding, I think that it is the most important things in the relations. What do you think about it? Hope that you understand that it is really important. Love means for me devotedness. and what about you? Yes, I have some photos with my friends and I understand that you would like to have even one from them. So I gladly send it to you. Hope that you will like it. You told me that a lot of your friends call you like Redda. Hope that you will explain me what it means and than I will call you so. It was always so that the life gave surprises to me. And so when the time to go to the adult life came and I celebrated my last birthday there in orphanage I had one acquaintance. You know that sometimes schools have the parties for seniors and so there it was the same. They mixed the pupils and the graduators from all the years at the tables and than we had interesting communications. The woman that sat at my table attracted my attention just because of her strange accent. She had the foreign accent, and when the principal introduced her I understood that she came from abroad and she told us her story. She met her man via the Net and she is still happy with him. I was rather interested in it and asked a lot of questions because of it. It was interesting and long talk. She tried to prove me that sometimes it happens. But the party ended and with the end of the party I forgot about it for some time. I graduated from the school and went to the college. I was a good student and I even have the diploma of the cooker here. I am a professional cook! Just because of my studying there I lived in the hostel ( by the way, I still live there ) and I acquainted with one guy, I thought that he is good one, but I was mistaken, he knew that I don't have people to protect me and he wanted to use me. Fortunately I avoided the worst!!! And then I was "opened" my eyes!!! I got two friends, they are girl who told me about their life situations and I understood that this world, this country is not for me. I don't want to be hurt and I don't want to be with such bastards like i met and they had the chance to met. So it was the time when I remembered about that lady from my school. So I decided to use the way that she used for founding her man and for founding her happiness. Don't be upset with this fact, but because of not knowing English i went to the translation firm and put my profile. Just if it could be possible to shout, I'd like to shout there that I am looking for happiness. I know that it is in Love and Family, in being together with your beloved one!!! Hope that you will understand that for me it was really serious step and I wait from it the real results. I know that may be the fact that I pay for the translation almost the last money can embarrass you, but it is my duty. I know that life is life. I know that it is serious and I am ready for everything for the sake of being with my man. Nothing can prevent!!! So I hope that you will think about this fact and you will tell me your thoughts, it is important for me. Really! You became of more importance for me with each letter. Kisses from me, Yours Olena.
Letter 4

My dear Leigh, Hello, wonderful!!! Thanks for the letter. I am so impressed with the fact that there you have spring, I am sure that it is wonderful when you have spring, just here it is really cold and I hate when it is so cold, but soon the winter will come and we will need to wear the coats and a lot of sweaters, it is so uncomfortable. I understand that you have no the own camera. But you should know that I am patient and I will wait till you will have the time and opportunity to send it. I understand that you would like to call on me, but at the same time i understand that it is my weak point, from the first time you understand that I am not rich girl at all and I even don;t have the person who could help me with it. From the other side you know that I can;t speak English and so I even can't imagine how you are going to communicate with me. So I have the way to solve the problem with it. Just what do you think if we will use the help of the translation firm and we will have the phone talk with the help of the interpreter? Hope that you will agree. Just the only one thing that made me feel upset is that you asked me for the photos with family and I hope that you understand that with that request you made me suffer, where should I find my family if i have no parents at all. So I hope that you will explain it to me. Thanks that you explained me why you are Redda, but I hope that you will not mind if I will call you with your own name, just if not you can forgot about it at all. I hope that you didn't forget about the importance of your thoughts! It is nice that I told you about everything in my previous letter. Just I feel easier after telling you about my life story. May be it is not good that I put all the life problems on you, but I think that I need to be honest with you from the very beginning. Today when I went to the translation firm I looked through the photos that I prepared for you and I understood that I forgot to tell you that I prepared for the acquaintance with you and I went to the professional photographer and made the photos. It is like the little photo album and I wanted to be shown at the best wait. Of course I want you to appreciate it!!! So I'd like to know the impressions from the photos that you had! So after writing the letter to you I came home and I sat and thought about us about the future happiness and about the real relations. I imagined everything. I went sleep with a good mood and I had a wonderful dream of us being together!!! Just it was like you came home after a long working day and you looked tired and rather sad. But I was ready for it and I cooked the most wonderful dinner that you have ever tasted and the bottle of wonderful wine. I knew that you would be tired and so the filled bath tub waited for you, it was full of warm water and the aroma candles were burned. Just I helped her with taking the bath and than we went to the dinner table, you were amazed with everything that I cooked for you and than i offered you to go on our relaxing times together upstairs at our bedroom. You lifted me and you brought me there. When we entered the bedroom I saw that you were so excited... I wanted to help you with unbuttoning your shirt....and here the door bell rang... I had to wake up. I knew that that dream was not in vain and I hope that you will feel it too. I hope that one day we will make it come true. Do you want it??? Hope that you wish it like I am. any way I will wait for your thoughts with great impatience and next time I hope that may be if you wish you will continue this my dream. I will wait impatiently. Hope that you will not make me wait for a long time. Kisses from me, Yours Olena.
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