Scam letter(s) from Alesya Garbuzyuk to Leigh (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello Leigh! I'm a very loyal, honest, faithful, and responsible person looking for a man with the same qualities. When and if I find my prince I will treat him with the respect he deserves, support him at whatever he does, and make him feel safe and secure. I am looking for a serious relationship - are you? I miss not having a man at my side to love, and to feel his tender love for me, I enjoy very much the intimacy and closeness that can only come from being in love with that someone special, I hope that I will soon find that love. If you are interested in me and my photo find me at: Waiting for your response, Alesya.
Letter 2
Hello Leigh! I am glad that you answered me. I see you are interested in my message. First of all I want to tell you more about myself. My full name is Alesya Garbuzyuk, I am 28 years old, born in 1977, on the 7th of November in a small Ukrainian town Belovodsk. Not long ago I moved to Lugansk and work here as a cook in a bar. I also have got an elder brother Alexander, he lives and works Donetsk with his family. My father worked as an engineer and my mother worked as a seller but now they are on a pension. They still live in Belovodsk as all their friends live there and my parents say that they are too old to change their life. I have dark brown long hair and hazel eyes. My weight is 51 kg and height is 168 cm. I like to communicate with people, I'm always interested to discover something new and unexpected in people. I have a lot of friends and they say that I have good sense of humor. I prefer active kind of rest. I am an active person. I like to begin my day from doing some morning exercises. I like pets very much and I have my own cat. It's a common cat, not pure-bred by the name Milka but I adore her and like to take care of her. I also like flat plants, I have a lot of them. They are so capricious but so beautiful! I dream to meet caring, loving, faithful, sincere and honest gentleman to have him as my life partner and most importantly as a friend to share the rest of my life with all its ups and downs and to give all my love, attention and care. May be it will be you. Let us see what will happen from our communication. Please, answer me soon, Alesya.
Letter 3
Good afternoon dear Leigh, It was great to get your letter. I'm glad to have an opportunity of writing you again. There is no doubt our corresponding is a nice chance for knowing each other better. It's my pleasure to use this lucky chance. I would like to tell you a bit more about my parents. My mother is a very tender, quiet and charming woman. They say I took after her in my character. I have never met so noble, strong spiritually, honest, reliable and careful man, but my father. I'd like to find a man who has such qualities and who is able to care of his family. I dream of such splendid family in the near future. Now I have ambitions to get higher education. I would like to study at the University. I saw myself as an economist working in a bank. Unfortunately in reality I work as a cook if you remember. I understand that my study will take much of my time, but I will try to find some moments for relaxing and enjoying myself. My interests are literature, music and cooking. I'm energetic, rather intelligent, friendly, patient, polite. I think I'm calm, never panic in a crisis, love animals and children. I am interested in you and wish our relations to be continued. Also I want you to know that I feel very fortunate to have met you and I sincerely hope that we can continue our relationship, and that we can meet one day. This would be wonderful. Well my dear I think that is all for now. Please tell me more about you and your interests. I hope to get your reply soon. Bye for now, Alesya.
Letter 4

Hi dear Leigh! I am so touched that you wrote, my heart started to beat fast when I saw your letter. I am really so touched and I hope very much to open up to you, to have you know me and how deep my passion truly is. I search for someone with deep passion and a true heart!! Please understand that I am a woman and that I search for a heart that truly is my match, my heart and my world!! I like also different music, but I love romantic style the most. I also like to read and to watch movies. I tend to watch dramas like "The beach house", I cried so much cause I wish I was going through meeting someone so deep and loving! I search for a special man. I want him to understand my feelings and my heart. I want him to share the same depth of want and need, to share the same desire to have a deep true love and to be married with our complete heart, to know what beautiful passion feels like, to know what beautiful hunger truly is. My previous boyfriend was selfish and only thought about himself and never knew the female's heart. I search for a true serious heart, one that wants to know everything about each other, someone wanting so deeply to express his deep heart, to want and hunger to know all of me. I am not into games, I am not a liar, I am truthful and honest, I will always tell you what is in my heart and soul. I am very sensual and very romantic. I search for that special heart that will want to connect, to claim me, want to have me fill his heart. I want to know that I can dream about him, to have him in my thoughts as I go to work, to think about him when I lay down at night, to have his smile and his words deep in my mind and in my heart. I think two people should be for each other and to have a trust and a bond to work together so that they can overcome anything, to also grow into each other and have our hearts become as one! One more thing that I should say to you is that as soon as I don't know English language and don't have a computer at home,I have to use the service of the firm that provide me with Internet and translation. I do my best pay for this service accurately. Honey, I thank you so very very much,,I hope that I could touch your heart and I hope that I am someone that you would like to know a lot more and maybe more, I hope that I have told you things that will bring you a smile. Now I have to go but I'm impatiently waiting for your answer. Alesya.
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Leigh! Well I am getting lots of great feelings for you. I also feel much warmth in me, when I think of you. When I think of you, I feel deep feelings of wanting to be close to you, deep feelings that you could be the one for me! I would like to name you as my boyfriend! If you would accept and I could be your girlfriend!? I think much about you. I think about how possibly, I could use my strong intuition, to see if we could find true love, a perfect match. Dear, you are extremely desirable to me. Also I think a lot can be said for a man and a woman meeting by chance, on the Internet, and having such a strong emotional connection. I am worried a little by the distance between us. A lot can happen to upset a relationship that is half way across the planet! But I think things will be fine! My biggest dream is to meet my totally perfect match in a man, a total soul mate. I dream that he is you! I dream that we are walking through a forest together. That we are holding each others hands tightly. Your fingers are wrapped with my fingers. We feel so much warmth between our hands! My long nails are digging into your hand, and I like to do that to you! We are walking in a beautiful forest with huge cathedral like cedar and cypress trees. These trees are so very tall, that their far green canopy above is hard to see! This day we are walking among these trees, and feeling this strange world of silent towering shady forest, smelling the damp wood and soil and the coniferous needles. Then we turn a corner in the trail, and we come to a mountain waterfall. The water chirping off a low cliff. We do not hesitate, we just run together towards the stream, hardly letting go of each others hands, we slip our shoes off, and jump into the water. We swim a little. Then we meet, standing together under the waterfall. Then we embrace and we feel each others’ lips together. There is so much warmth between our lips. As we kiss we feel as if the world stops. Our lips feel as if glued together. We feel the cool water between our legs. But this just makes us more passionate. We kiss for such a long time; we never tire of doing this! And then we are a little cold, so we move to a sandy bank. We let the hot summer sun warm us, and we gently caress each others skin. Watching the water drops dry and getting rubbed away, and drying from our skin in the heat; Marveling at the beauty of each others skin, holding each other so very close. We are just getting to know each other so very well. We have all the time in the world, and we are giving each other all the greatest love and passion, getting to know every fine detail of each other. To understand each other perfectly, how we think, how we feel in each others hearts; how we react and respond to each others every feeling and mood; how we can cheer the other when they are sad; how we can help each other and care for one another in every way; how are bodies feel together in the hotness of ****** ecstasy; how we can make each other rise into such love and passion, so that we feel as if we can never be apart! Hope to hear from you soon, Truly yours, Alesya.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, We want to bring to your attention that Alesya is a client of our firm. She uses our firm's service of translation and Internet services. Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment, which is rather small. If you are not interested in the further correspondence, we ask you to observe confidentiality concerning the personal information from Alesya. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours,
Principal of "Continental"
Denis Kovalsky.
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