Scam letter(s) from Julia to Bob (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend. I hope that in future we really become friends or even more than friends. Frankly speaking it is always difficult to describe myself to the person who i even don't know. But from my point of you it is not so hard if you will do it sincere without any lie. So, my name is Yulia. I am very sincere, open-hearted and candid person. It is very important to me, not to lie people and i hate when people lie me. I am very principle in this things. I can trust people but before this i must be sure in this person on 100% or even more. Sometimes i like to be as a kid, but in serious things such as relationship between woman and man i prefer to be serious. I don't want to play games, i just really want to find my second half, the second part of me. Maybe you are my future love? Who knows...But i belive in a destiny and i know that there is a person on this planet who destine only for me and i am only for him too! So, i wait for you, my unique man! And if you need someone to love and to be loved by write me immediately. My address is:
Letter 2
Hello my Destiny ! I decided to start my letter in such a way because we never now what our Destiny has prepared for us. Maybe you are really my destiny, who knows..But as for the beginning I think we should learn more about each other, do you agree?:)I am happy that we have a chance to correspond and I understand that you find it hard to trust people in the net but I hope our letters will give a start to serious and true relations between us with no games, lies and cheating. I want to be absolutely open and honest with you and I am ready to answer your questions and tell you about my life. Dear Bob,I think you would like to know a little bit about me. So here are some facts from my life. As you know my name is Ylia. I live together with my parents and my elder sister in beautiful Ukrainian town Schastie. In English it is translated as "happiness" and the name of my town is very symbolic. Now I work as a consultant in the regional center of my area, the city called Lugansk I like my job because I enjoy communicating with other people and I easily find common language with them. I have an optimistic view to this life because I think that we live this life only once so we should get as much positive emotions as we can. I try to surround myself with beautiful things - flowers, fine furniture which can make atmosphere at home very cozy. I think that I have a good taste to beautiful things:) I love nature and I have a dream to live in the country far away from noisy overcrowded cities where I will be surrounded by the beauty of nature all the time. I think that age means nothing if two people love each other. As well as weight, height, culture. I do not care for such things, I care for your personality and inner world. I also think you look much younger then your age. My main gaol in life now is to create a strong and happy family. I didn't find a man who I would consider to be my life partner in Ukraine and decided to try my luck abroad. I have already thought over what will happen if I find my partner in other country and I have decided for myself that I am ready to leave my life here and move to his country. I know it will not be easy to start life from zero in a new country but my man will be with me so i am not scared of difficulties. I think we have a lot in common because we share the same hobbies. I also like photography and I enjoy making beautiful professional photos of myself. Maybe one day you will make a photo session for me?:) I also like cooking and my friends and relatives say i am a good cook. I can prepare anything for you -what food do you like? By my favorite meal that I prepare on special occasions is a chocolate pie. It has a recipe which my grandma told me and I keep it in secret:) It taste deliciously! I try to keep in shape but I can't stand a temptation to eat a piece of this pie. I am sure you will not stand it too:) I think I will stop for now and will wait for your questions. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Maybe this letter will give a start to a wonderful and warm correspondence between us which will grow into something ****** within time. We will see:) I wish you a nice day. waiting impatiently for your reply, Warmly, Yulia
Letter 3
Hello my dear Bob! Thank you for your lovely letter. It is great that you have replied me and we can get to know more about each other. How are you today? Hope that you are doing pretty well. I am glad that you enjoyed my previous letter and my photos and I would like to tell you more about myself. Of course it is hard to tell you about myself through letters but I will try all my best so you can learn what kind of person I am. But I am also very exited because of our communication and I am pleased that you like me so much. I hope we will turn these letters into serious relations. You know it is very pleasant for me to correspond with you,too. You are incredibly interesting person, I like the way you express your thoughts in the letters. I feel something in common with you, some kind of a connection that links us through a great distance. Do you feel it?:) I think that nothing in our life happens just as an occasion so I guess someone in heaven arranged our meeting over the net:) It is a pity I can't see you in real life right now. Still thanks for the photo you send me , it is lovely and I like the way you smile to me on the photo:) You have a warm smile. I am very happy with our correspondence but I feel very pity that I can't write you letters by myself. I translate your letter through the agency because I do not know English. I hope it will not prevent us to correspond.. Is it ok for you that I am using translating service? I really hope that language will not make a barrier between us. Thank you for asking me questions. I will be pleased to answer them. If you have any other questions to me feel free to ask me,ok? Asking questions is the only way we can get to know each other one now. How many children would you like to have&I love kids greatly and I want to have at least to - a boy and a girl What sort of music do you like? I love Jazz, Blues, Soul, romantic ballads I have had relationships, what do you think of this and can you accept the fact that you are not the first that I make love to? Yes, it is absolutely natural because i also had relations in the past. Can you tell me something about your *** life? (I am just curious). I will whisper this into your ear when we meet:))) So you will have to wait. Are you intrigued?:) I am a ****** very active male, how active are you? You will see it:) What would you like to do most in your free time? Reading, shopping, practicing sports, designing, going out with friends for a cup of tea or to a bowling club If you have children, would you like to continue working, or do you want to be the house-mother-wife? I would love to combine job and family life. i am sure I would have enough time both for my career and my family. Do you have a drivers licence? No I do not. I do not need it because I do not have a possibility to buy a car. Can you tell me a fantasy that you want to do and never have done? It can be anything! To meet with you in real life:) It is my main fantasy now. Would you like to travel with me around the world? Yes, it is my dream to travel around the world with my future husband before we deiced to have kids. Dear Bob, I hope that I satisfied your curiosity:)I will be waiting impatiently to hear back from you. I need to run now as I have got a lot job to do today. But I promise you that I will be thinking about you. Take good care about yourself. I send you a sweet kiss, Your Yulia
Letter 4

Good day to you my dear Bob! Thank you very much for your letter. You know it has already become a tradition for me to receive your letters:) I hope that we will keep observing it in future:)) You have touched some very important topics in your last letters and I feel that I should give you my comments to them. My dear Bob, I can't understand why do you have doubts that an attractive woman can be interested in you. Do you think you do not deserve this? I can't find an explanation to this because you are an interesting and handsome man, you have good sense of humor and clear goals in life , you are kind and caring so why can't I be attracted on you? You request to me to explain this confused me. I do not understand why you are so unsure about your self? My professional photos are just my hobby. I have a friend who makes good photos. She told me that i could do a good career modeling but I am not interested in this at all. I like my job and I do not think that being a model is a serious occupation. I do like to make beautiful photos but I would never treat it really seriously. It is true that I want to have kids in future. I know that job is an important part of your life and if we get married you will need to work a lot as well because we will be bringing up kids and we should give them only the best things. I do realize this. I do not think that man should be at home all the time because some in the family will need to earn money,right? It is women's responsibility to spend more time at home, with kids. As for you age I think that you are not old to have kids, not at all. I have heard about couples having kids even being elder then you are. You are in this age when you can teach your kids a lot and share many things with then. You have achieved a lot in life, you have a rich life experience. A young father can't give his kids as much as you can give to yours. MY dear bob, I think that we do not have very serious reasons that can prevent us to correspond and develop our relations. I hope that my letters answered some of your questions and made you be more sure about you and me. I will be looking forward to your answer. I will miss you:) You should know that I am thinking about you no matter you are very far from me. Kiss you gently. Yours forever, Yulia
Letter 5
Dear Mr. Bob, I would be glad to explain you the situation. I am a representative of the translating service called "Favorite-lady". Our Service deals with translating correspondence,international calls and providing support on personal meeting of our clients. The lady who you were corresponding with Ylia was using or agency service to correspond with you but the term of her contract is over now. If you are interested we can send you the list of prices and options that we have in our service. If you do not want to keep in touch with Ylia please let us know. If you have any questions you can contact us us on the telephone number 13158495771. from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m according to Ukrainian time. With respect, The Administrator of "Favorite-lady",
Evgeniy Ispravnikov
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