Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Vasilieva to Bob (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Bob!!!
It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. I waited for it with excitement and now I am hapy to see it.
To me very pleasantly your attention, I "appreciate" your attention.
I was not confident that you write to me, but I wished to receive your letter, and waited for it.
I have received it and is very glad to it, and now I do not know what to start to write to you.
I am confused and hesitate. Give so, I shall tell a little about me directly and if I shall be really interesting to you, you will answer me, and we shall develop our acquaintance.
You will ask me questions, and I shall answer.
Bob all over again I should tell to you that I live in Russia. On a site the information about my residence is not true.
I have committed a greater mistake at registration. I thought that I put a place where I wish to live, and it was my mistake.The first time in my life registered on a site of acquaintances and I did not know how to do it correctly. Bob I hope that it will not push away you from our acquaintance.
I wish to tell to you, about me is direct. From the very beginning I wish to tell, Iam informed about men from the Internet which get acquainted with girls, for the sake of entertainment, is simple that it was not boring, He askes ***** photos from girls, girls fall in love and send them ***** photos.
Understand, that I am very serious in creation of ours of the relation with you, and I shall never send a ***** photo to you.
I shall be frank in all letters, and I shall demand the same relation to you, on the equal rights of the man and the woman. I hope, that it is clear for you.
Well I shall tell to you a little about me directly and that I represent as the person. My age is 29 years.I have gray-blue eyes,if you see me on a photo, I use cosmetics, but not a lot of it.
I do not like to use a lot of cosmetics. My growth 168 centimeters. I am the open girl for all conversation. I have never been married, and now I wish to get acquainted with you with this purpose. I hope that you are similar to me in your search.
After a while we shall understand, how much we come nearer and we approach to everyone another, for development of real relations.
My former relations with the man were short, I have lost interest in them.
And now I have decided to get acquainted with the man from the Internet. I hope to meet here kind and cultural the man.
I am a doctor, my work borrows from me a lot of time and forces.I ask to be patience with me becous I am always busy and shall write to you to 1-2 days. My work is very pleasant to me, it is pleasant to me to do goods to people, and I try to be always in the form and forces. To work as the doctor, it was necessary for me to study at university, and only Having ended study university, I have begun to work in hospitals.
At university I studied on paid branch to pay for study I worked a lot to pay my research. I sold ice-cream, I was the croupier in Casino. Understand Bob, I did not wish to ask money from parents, on receptions of formation, and I should work independently. In school from 15 years I have been borrowed in volleyball, many times played at city competitions. Sports always interesting to me, I found fun, dialogue with other girls and certainly health in it. I am the person who always try to be pleased life, but the life often was not fair to me. It happens to me very often,it is very hard. I am weak, defenceless girl also have no man's support, I do not have enough it. But I always overcome all difficulties in a life. Bob I hope that you will be fair with me. The deceit in the relation is greater meanness, I do not respect such people.
Deceit is very bad, I shall not allow to deceive myself. I know from friends that a lot of people in the Internet deceive, and not serious in relations, for other people who are fair and serious in the intentions,They are afraid to get acquainted.
I even do not know will you beleiv me, but I am first time in the Internet.
My girlfriend, which earlier a vein in Russia. Has acquainted with the American, He came here to Russia and its visors. Now Maria lives with husband in America, its example and has shown me how to reach a computer and acquainted with you. I hope that all for us will be serious, similarly to them.
she wishes me successes in Fulfilment of acquaintance to you Bob. she is very happy with the man Michael.
They love and at them this feeling is mutual. Michael is businessman circles is known.
Now they are very happy they married and have two beautiful children.
I love Maria's Experience and therefore I have decided to write to you the letter.
I do not know, how you will react, but I wish to be frank with you. I wish to ask you a question on which I wish to receive your answer. Tell to me your opinion.
Whether tell two persons who has got acquainted in letters through the Internet can become the most native and close people and to create family in the future? And whether there can be it with us?
I wish to know your opinion concerning it. I shall finish my letter on it.
Bob and I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Therefore as you have woken in me hope, that we can be especial the friend for the friend.
If you valid so, consider,
I wait for your letter on this box
I shall wait, your letter, sincerely yours Elena!
Letter 2
Hello my friend Bob! I am very glad to see your letter. It is very pleasant to me to receive your answer. After sending the first letter to you I thought of you much and waited for your letter. Now I am happy that we continue. Very much it is pleasant to me and it is interesting to write to you letters. I hope that you are similar to me in it. In this letter I wish to ask to you some questions, I hope that you do not object to my questions which I now shall ask. As we continued it the correspondence, is very important to know, how much the person can listen to you and show to you attention. And so my first question, what I wish to know, than you are borrowed basically a thing? Your work? Than especially you are borrowed? Your hobbies? What would you like make in a life? Why I ask these kind simple questions, attention. As, when you will begin, answer them, I can understand about you vital representation as you behave and in a life. I want, that you knew, that I know English, I write to you letters without wave programs of the translator, I use services of the translator only when I am at a loss with what or a word. Please I very much ask to be patient to me because when you ask any question, and I do not answer, probably that I not could understand completely its sense, touch to me these questions again in more detail. Now I shall tell to you a little about work. At once I shall tell, it is very rigid work and the big attention in the attitude to other people demands. I work as the doctor. Main my duty, service of the personnel, That my patients were under the correct control and supervision of their attending physicians. I to review behind that that patients during accepted medicines that by it in time did injections, and behind correct observance of all norms and rules of treatment that it is appointed. Also I write down about change of their health in their hospital magazine. My colleagues also help me with it. Sometimes we often argue in occasion of correctness of purpose of a kind of treatment to the patient, but to a bowl of all happens so my colleagues agree with me, and are convinced then of correctness of my decision. Often after recover people who became completely is healthy, and this that to what we always go and we achieve it.. Happens, that from my patients I should accept Flowers as a token of their gratitude as their treatment has passed successfully and very much Successfully, when they did not hope in general for such result. I observe that weight treatment has been executed according to rules of the list. You understand Bob, I on work should be firm. And I as to the woman very much do not have goods, care and caress. On my work it cannot be supposed with patients and the personnel, but you - know I simply Would like tenderness of love and tenderness from the beloved. Therefore I wish to get acquainted with you. Often, when I - I am free in free days, I read a fiction or novels. At thinking not greater library of the house and I often take books from City library. Often I think what sense in reading books. And here to what conclusion I have come. I read to fill a life the fine moments, even those that I take from books, in fact the vital fine moments at me are not present, and I very much would like them to go through most. I put myself on a place of book heroes, and itself I try to understand that that they experience in the novels. I very much want that in my life there was a beautiful novel with loving me the man. I do not like to spend time in empty, time is simple, and never I do any actions that I did not think of grief, it well helps to forget about grief and boredom. Very important value which I adhere " To be dear " and with the close person for those people who surround me, but I know that many of them are not for me similar. But it is necessary to respect with all people (allow even, they do not deserve it). I very lonely person. And my age is not so young also to me it is necessary to find the way to lives and to create family. I very much require in man's attention and care. Now you understand Bob why I have decided to write only to you? I can tell about the character that I the critical person. I always try to put myself in a society so to not offend advantage of other people. I respect with opinion of other person and I listen to it. I very much do not love people who the egoist. I concern to criticism loyally. But always I accept it from people.. And you respect with opinion of other people, you do it. I try to give you a picture of, to you small representation about it that I am actually that you have understood that I for the person. . I hope, that you write to me and will tell to me more about you directly. Thanks for your attention. On it I shall stop, and I shall write to you later. Sincerely yours in all sincerity, Elena KOZLOVA. Bob " I hope, that you write to me again! Sincerely yours Elena! "
Letter 3
Greetings the my dear friend Bob! And again I receive from you the letter. And you know, I am glad, I am very glad, This letter from you Bob. Dialogue with you is interesting to me, I think, that is very interesting to communicate with you. C our moment acquaintance, I constantly think you, and you very much like me.. My day today has passed not so well. I worked today, and on work I have tested strong stress. Now I shall tell to you from what it has occured to me. I with fellow workers, observed here such a situation. We in hospital have one nurse, her name is Natacsha. It very good and kind person, we appreciate it as the worker and the girlfriend. To it for work its husband, his name is Vova has come. It not where does not work. It drinks alcohol much, therefore it have expelled from its work. It has come to Natasha, being in strong alcohol intoxication. It asked from it money for a bottle of *****. It has given up to it and then it became angry, has started to shout at it. It demanded money, but it has told that will not give it money, for purchases of alcohol then it has struck it on the person. Also has again asked it money, it cried but did not give it money. It begged it to stop to drink alcohol. But Vova was we shall gain desire to drink, and it has again struck it. We observed on it with other women, among us there were no men to stop Vovu. And then we have caused police. They have arrived very quickly and have taken away it. And Natacsha sat and long cried. Then it has approached to us, and has told, that we have in vain caused police. It is afraid, that because of us it now will throw it. It speaks that loves it, and it will be corrected. Then it has left home. Here such there are situations. And now I do not know, correctly we have made or not. But I am more inclined to think that correctly, only I experience for Natacshu. I after that case, all the day long am strongly excited, and I can not will calm down. I not when would not marry such person. Also it is one of the reasons why I wish to leave Russia. I recollect it with a pain. I understand Natacsha, it loved the husband, and could not make anything With it. While its husband used it. I against such attitudes. I I think, that is very bad, when the husband in the similar way uses The wife in the similar purposes. Natacsha for its love - I very much pity to it. It sincerely loves and which its husband does not notice bad things does. You understand Bob, I wish to have the man which would give me only love. Therefore I am not interested to have the man in Russia.. I cannot rely on such the man and if I, to not have any trust to the husband as I cannot trust such to the man. I would not like to Love such the man. My disappointment in the Russian man are very much greater and therefore I have decided to reach acquainted with you. I want that in my family always there was a consent between its members. That in the house always there was kind conditions. I shall try to achieve it in every way. That person who will be mine the husband not when will not offend me. We awake always only to love each other and cares of our family I think, that it is good, that we acquainted with you Bob. I know, it is possible sometime, that you ask me about arrival in yours The country. And you already know, that I cannot give it to arrive To you. I also know about many cases when women from Russia deceive Men from other countries and therefore I shall never ask yours Money. That there were no questions on mistrust. I saw people which The life is very rich, but they are not so happy, and now I understand, That I the girl who earns to itself of money and let to it a little, but I know, that I can be pleased lives, the help for a life of mother. I understand need of money, but it not the main thing for me. There are vital values for me which at cost surpass much more Money. And I shall be glad the nobility, that you also concern to it. The person who estimates not money, namely, feelings. I ask to forgive to me If I, have offended something in the letter, I am sincere, did not want It to make. I apologize for grief in this letter. Probably that I have in vain told to you such sad history. But the matter is that I need to give vent to the soul. And at me not so it is a lot of good friends. Therefore I also have written you it to not hold in myself. I hope you are not afflicted. But on it I shall finish the letter to you Bob. Thanks That you have read through this letter. You for me - it is more than the friend. Now I with greater not patience shall wait for your following letter. And I think of you constantly. Always sincerely yours for you ELENA!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Bob!!!!
I again receive your letter, and I very much like to receive yours Letters Bob. You in 1000 miles from me and me it seems a little Strange when you somewhere there it is far, but however you Continue to write to me letters Bob!
I admit to you, that I sympathize with you, and it is possible even more.
We correspond some time, but it seems to me that I know you already very much for a long time. You have a similar feeling?
When I write to you or I read your letters, I seem to me that very much for a long time and well I know you, but in fact it not so, it is not real, because we not so long ago have got acquainted.
But why I feel it? You multiply to explain to me Bob. When I receive your letters I very long I read them. I read them several times. I try to remember each line of that that you write. Also I try completely and to understand correctly that that you wish to transfer me in letters. For me very important that you Bob understood me completely. I understand that it difficultly for you because my English is not perfect.
Bob you well understand my letters.
Bob I think that that that now occurs between us, it is possible to name any relations.
I wish to tell to you that I in my opinion am good between relations of the man and the woman. I think relations between the man and the woman should be equal the rights (50/50). At us in Russia many men think that they have privileges before women and can clamp their rights. I do not agree with it{this}. How your opinion?
I cannot simply allow, that the man considered me with contempt or the smaller person, you understand it Bob?
Certainly I understand that chapter seven always should be the man. But it should cares and to preserve the woman and it.
I think that if men he has decided to connect the life with the woman that should think all over again before going on it because it is very serious step and if it will appear a mistake one of partners can strongly suffer from it.
I wish to tell that it is necessary to be serious in relations to both partners. If you really solved choose serious attitudes, it should be a mutual consent two person which have decided to give the obligation, that they will observe any conditions between the friend-friend, type: respect, trust, love, sincerity. I could pass this list during long time, but it not so is important. It seems to me, that you in any sense trust me, and believe to me, that it is not casual.
Possibly our meeting - destiny, but I do not know.
In the world there are many people who are not serious in relations and consequently lose that that at them is .
I do not want that we have lost that that is between us.
And I now have a question, you really want serious relations with me?
It is very important for me the nobility as far as you sincere now, in words with me?.
I very much experience now for your answer. I want that at all of us was serious. I now very much worry, I very much wish to know your opinion concerning my letter, that I could understand for me directly a lot of prophetic concerning me and you Bob.
I send a photo of my city, thus you can see a place where I live, Bob you can send me a photo
Your city and to tell about him, it will be interesting to me to see these photos. Our life is not predicted.
And in it, meaning lives. To be unpredictable. If you know, that will be tomorrow, it would become boring. I not when did not think that in my life there can be that occurs now. I now see a spark of happiness, that poorly shines to us Bob in is far. And several days ago I also could not present it. Our acquaintance has returned me by a life and now I think not only of my work.
To tell more precisely that I completely have ceased to think of it. I think only of you, my lovely friend Bob.
But I do not foreknow your letter and therefore I think, that for me now it will be important to know your opinion and therefore I wait from you for letters with hope, that you understand all which I write.
With all sincerity Ah yes I yet have not answered your questions. My favourite color black. A favourite pet a dog. I do not have certain favourite music. I listen to different music. It depends on mood and from desire. I am not able to play on musical
Letter 5
Greetings Bob, I am glad that you so have quickly written to me the letter. Yes I have a computer of the house. I have messenger Yahoo elena_rozlova/I you wait in it
Letter 6
Hello my darling Bob! I am very glad to receive your letter. I with greater excitement looked forward to hearing from you, but now I have calmed down and the nobility is very happy that you want that between us serious attitudes developed. I am happy because now I understand, I have you who seriously is interested in me, and we shall melt more and more native people. I spoke with mum about you. I told to it about that that I feel to you. It is certainly glad that in my life has appeared the man. But it concerns to you with care, it speaks that this all so not really because between us the big distance. I have told to it, that I completely trust you, and very much I want will meet you. Mum has told, that let all will be how goes and has wished that we have really found love and were happy. In last letter I spoke that I want that between us there were serious attitudes. That these attitudes were in the equal rights and I am very glad to that your opinion similarly to mine. It seems to me, that between us there is "thread" which connects us the general interests that we search also the general features of our characters. Bob I think that we not when we shall not argue, our opinions will be always similar. If there will be any disagreements, I shall always try to concede to you Bob because I consider, that the man should be the leader in attitudes. But I hope, that you to not awake to abuse my trust. I sincerely trust, that you very good both lovely person and seconds I do not doubt of it. And I am happy, that we have got acquainted. I am ready to jump and shout in all throat, that I know most lovely and good the man in all Universe, and this the man my close friend, you my lovely prince Bob!!! When two people have sympathies and the love is born, I know, that this big and light feeling. I know, what not people can love all each other, understand, feel the partner. Often happens, that people speak " I love ", and after the first disagreement completely cease to keep in touch. It means, that they have not been enamoured. Because when there is a present love between 2 people they never can leave each other and always will be together. I very much want that at me and you had such, greater, strong love. I do not want that you spoke me words as, " I love you ". If you do not awake are confident it. It very much greater and strong words. It can be spoken only when you feel that your partner, the unique person with whom you wish to be a number all life. Bob I write to you these words because I very seriously concern to you. You know, what I can love you Bob? But love a long part of mutual attitudes between the man and the woman. And also as pleasures of time, also the love demands the special approach. And it is necessary to approach to it with additional care and care. Bob I wish to ask, you had a love which you were confident on 100 ? I hope for your sincerity. I wish to tell about my former attitudes with the man from Russia. We very much for a long time were familiar from school. But our dialogue was not close. In many years we have casually met in city. I walked with the girlfriend, and they were with friends. And our company was united. We became all to a bowl and a bowl to meet. Then I have grown fond of it and it spoke, that loves me. We made greater plans for our joint further life. It spoke that loves me and I trusted it. It very often walked with the friends. It occured in increasing frequency. I trusted it. But then to me have started friends to speak, that see it in the company with other girls. It spoke, that it or simply familiar, or, that friends say lies. I continued to trust it. And there was such case: I have seen it with the girl. They went and embraced each other. Both of them were *****. They send from a bar. I have approached to them and have asked: " that this such? ". But the girl began to be rude to me and to shout at me. It did not know, that I its girlfriend. Then I have explained who I such. And it has told that too its girlfriend and there are they to more floor of year. Then I have seen its friends, they stood and laughed at me. I have begun to cry and have left. After that I not to time did not see it and I do not wish to see. I never thought that such history can happens in my life. After that has passed some years, I have forgotten all this and I do not like to recollect. Now I finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you. Elena which checks to you deep sympathy, waits from you for letters Bob! With impatience.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Bob! How are you, all is good? How you feel today? I Hope, that at all of you is excellent, because I very much like to receive your letters Bob. And I know, that you Bob which really knows me and Likes to receive my letters. I wish to send you 2 small verses which I have written down, and now I wish to send you it, I have written down these verses on the Internet of cafe because on my computer there are no necessary programs, and there is no microphone. I have written down on a disk and now I shall send you. There one verse in English, and one in Russian. To me it seems to you interestingly, to hear as Russian sounds. These are different verses, but they bear identical sense. I have solved, that you can hear my voice, I think you awake are glad. You like my idea? I very much wish to be all more close and more close to you wash the darling Bob. I think that there is no such person who would like to be one. You so do not think? I do not know such The person who would not like to love and be favourite also. I trust in Love, I believe, that such feeling as love is capable, to destroy mountains, to build dams, to dry up the rivers. In any sense it very much strong feeling. But it as well dangerous feeling because because of love, and it is very frequent Because of blind love the person loses the most important, essence. In history there were many wars on which man went for the sake of love to women. In ancient Russia men caused each other on duel for the sake of female love. It is very a pity that now men in Russia have ceased to be the present knights, and became drunkards. I do not love violence and I do not like wars for the sake of love. But it will be pleasant to any woman to know that it has a man who loves it and is ready to make for the sake of this love a feat. Who can protect it in case of danger. Bob I deeply sympathize with you, and I wish to consider you as my knight, my defender. It is very a pity that to our attitudes still far before. Because we at all to time did not see us personally at a meeting. I think that I fall in love with you, but my love is not strong on 100 . But I feel that you are very close to me. I very much wish to be near to you. But my love requires time and for you while this time has not arrived. I ask from you a pardon if something has offended you Bob. I ask to understand me because for me the love is a deep feeling. It not simple words and therefore to love the person time it is required. Time does us by adults, and also our intellectual actions. Together in due course we grow old, but also time leaves past, and our year pass. Happens so time treats, heals our wounds, including wounds of soul. There is a torture when you wait. Bob I speak it because I have a big desire to meet you. I very much wish to arrive to you. But it now is impossible because of my small money. I hate those people on the Internet which ask money. They have killed love to many people. Also have sold this love to money. I shall never ask you money. It will be sometime possible, to exceed my wages (now I earn approximately 120-140 $ in a month) and I shall save to visit and I shall not demand any your help. But I really do not know, when it will be. And my heart is very much torn to you Bob. In Russia people earn also it very difficultly a little to afford something dear. I do not wish to speak about money more. Now the world is broken because of money and together with it really sincere and high feelings disappear. Material problems prevent to live to people in love and the consent, and for the decision of these problems it is necessary to be proof and rigid, it extinguishes their feelings. But I trust in the present love. In love which not that cannot break. Today I to mum talked about you Bob much! It speaks that our acquaintance has strongly changed me. But it still is afraid to trust you completely. I try to speak it as much as possible about you that it trusted you. On October, 25th comes nearer, but I very much do not want it, I even to think I am afraid that in some days to me 30 years will be executed. This round date and it it is necessary to mark behind a greater table, but I even to present I am afraid it. I want that this day you were a number with me. It is very a pity that now not probably. I shall finish the letter Bob, . I speak, you thank Bob, that you have read through This letter also has considered my letter with understanding. I shall be Wait for your letter. Your sincere Elena waits for your letter!!!
Letter 8
Greetings my dear Bob. Today I had very heavy day. At me was a lot of work. But all the same I have had time to make much. Today I tried to call to you. But I could not phone to you. I dialed your number some times. But to me spoke that with you there is no communication. Yes, very badly that we could not talk to you. I very strongly wished to hear your voice. As I also spoke you, today I went to agency. That I asked as to arrive to you Bob and how many it will cost. Believe to me it is very a shame to write it. But I want that you knew. In agency to me have told, that to arrive to you to me it is necessary to have 2200 $. Yes I understand that it very much a greater sum, especially for me. And on it I have asked to explain to me all charges on what this money are spent. They have told to me that this cost includes services of firm on registration of the visa, booking of tickets and all necessary documents, and cost of the ticket. It is probably possible to manage and their help, but they to me have told that soon Christmas and new year and on it I cannot to make that. And on it at them such prices. Now I do not know what to do. I understand that it very dearly both for me and for you. I understand that this sum of money costs between our meeting and I cannot make anything. To me very hard it is the nobility. I so strongly wish to arrive to you. Because of these news at me the head very strongly was ill. If that is fairly I has paniced on that that I never can arrive to you. It has very strongly upset me. On it I so long could not cause you in Yahoo. I did not know that to you to tell. Believe that when I write to you this letter I very strongly I cry. I understand that this very big a barrier on our way and I cannot do with it anything. I have no such money. And now I start to understand one true. Speak what not in money happiness. And earlier I trusted it. But now I see on the example, that without money of happiness too it is very complex to achieve. I in full also do not know despair that to us now to do. All my dreams became brought down. Last night after our conversation I long could not fall asleep. I dreamed of that as I shall arrive to you mine Bob. As we shall be in a place. As I can strongly press you to the heart and tell that our happiness took place. That here it that instant of which our life we waited many years. Forgive me for such sad letter. Yes it not such big. But my keyboard all wet. I at all do not know that to you to write. Forgive me for such plaintive letter. But I longer to whom I can not give vent to the soul and tears. I do not know what further to write. I wish you good night. I very strongly love you. Your Elena
Letter 9
Greetings my dear Bob. Forgive that yesterday I could not write to you the letter. Yesterday I had what that put bad luck. I tried to call to you as well as promised. But could not. By phone to me spoke that your subscriber is blocked. I do not know on a couple so it turned out. I many times dialed your number. But to sense from it was not. When I have come home that I wished to write to you the letter. And here at me too not that it has not turned out. At me the computer has broken. To me it have repaired only today. I again had to borrow money to pay for a computer. I Inform you new YAHOO LOGIN ELENA_KOZLOVA2. I have established new yahoo? That to volume that I could not recollect the password to old. On it I have made new. I hope that in the evening we can talk. As I also promised you I have borrowed money and have gone to agency. I have concluded with them the contract and have made the first payment at a rate of 300 $. Now to me are necessary money which you promised to help me. I descended in Western Union and have asked them as you can transfer me of money. You should go to the nearest item Western Union and there to you will tell all that you interests. After you will send me of money you should inform me all exact data on translation. I should know MTCN-it is a confidential code of translation. Completely a name a surname and city of the sender. But remember that money you should send today. Tomorrow I should be received and transferred them in agency. On that that tomorrow last day repayments of the first payment. If I cannot transfer them money that agency will suspend registration of my documents and will be engaged in those people which pay for their services at once. I hope that you do not take offence at me my darling Bob/That you understand all and can help me in time. I very strongly love you and I wait for our meeting. With love Elena. In the evening I wait for you in yahoo elena_kozlova2
Letter 10
My greetings Bob. Forgive that I have not sent you the address. At attracting absolutely it has taken off from a head with these problems. The country Russia, the city of Kazan, Karla Marksa 21 street, apartment 124. The whole Elena
Letter 11
Yes we can talk. Here mine Yahoo elena_kozlova2. I wait for you
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