Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Petuhova to Emmanuel (France)

Letter 1
Hello Emmanuel Vendeville !!!
My name is Elena.
I saw your profile at Singleamerican and I decided to write you, because I consider your person very interesting.
I want to know more about you.
I want to find somebody who can be my good friend, and I consider that you could be such man. I want your letter in my mailbox very soon with photo.
After your reply on my this letter I wrote you about myself and I will send you my photos.
It's my e-mail :
Letter 2
Hi my new friend Emmanuel.
Thank huge to you that has answered me.
I was very glad to read your letter.
Emmanuel In this letter I shall tell a little about myself.
My name is Elena. I was born to 12.07.1977 year in city Kazan.
As you can understand to me now 29 years.
Now my growth makes 173 centimeters. My weight 55 kg. I am not predisposed to completeness. At me a good figure and for it I watch and always I look behind the state of health.
My city though and not big but it very beautiful. I am very happy what exactly here have passed my childhood.
I never could think simply that I shall start to search to myself for the partner through the Internet, but such time that is simple at me has come did not remain other choice.
I have understood that the worthy person to me here simply to not find.
There can be from our correspondence something and it will turn out?
I have finished institute on a speciality pedagogics. Now I work as the teacher of small children in the state school.
I very much like my work as she is connected to children. I simply adore children and certainly I dream of the which I can create with the favourite person.
Emmanuel I live here with my grandmother. My parents have died. Except for the grandmother at me more anybody is not present. To me it is very sad in this world, I am tired to be one.
But more I do not want to mention a theme of my relatives because me very sadly to recollect all this when my parents have died that all of me have turned away, nobody wanted to offer me the help,
except for my grandmother. They to me the most dear person on light.
Now you tell something about itself. It will be very interesting to me to learn your life your destiny.
Together with this letter I send you the photo, I hope that I shall like you.
But I very much would like as to see more than your photos. I will be sure that you very interesting person with which to me very interestingly to communicate.
Your Russian girlfriend Elena
Letter 3
Hello again the my dear friend Emmanuel.
Thank huge that has answered you my letter. I think that during which we learn this beginning of our long correspondence more about each other and we can find much in common.
In yours I have learned the letter about you little bit more, but I yet have not opened your soul, have not understood what you actually.
I already spoke you that appearance and money for me do not play any role.
In this letter I to you shall tell little bit more about myself.
In the childhood I was very capable child. At me were very good knowledge on mathematics.
When I became more senior, the grandmother has told that to me is necessary to go to modelling agency and I have gone, I always obeyed the grandmother. To me spoke that I can become rich and well-known,
but it was not mine and consequently I left from there and have acted in pedagogical institute.
Now I the teacher of elementary grades.
My city in which I live refers to Kazan.
It one of the largest cities of Russia and always can be found it on a card. Kazan is capital of republic Tatarstan. But it not only big, but also one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. It is located in 600 kilometers from Moscow. In it there lives very much a plenty of the population. My city the best place on the ground with which at me it is connected the finest memoirs. I simply adore it.
Emmanuel Tell still something about itself. Why you were solved on search of the girl through the Internet?
It will be very interesting to me to learn about you even more.
I again send to you the photo. You very interesting person.
I wait with impatience of your answer.
Your Russian girlfriend Elena
Letter 4
Hello again my dear Emmanuel. Huge to you thank that do not forget me.
How are you doing today? At me all is awful.
My day today has passed very tensely. Today one of pupils has complained of me to director, that I punish it. Such never was, it is simple because of that that I have put a bad mark it have decided to revenge me thus.
Director of my school has reprimanded me.
Now I simply do not know what to do. Now even children became not so good.
All this seems to me that because of that that we adults submit him a bad example.
And I realize these children.
The reason of that that I began to search to itself for the partner of life,
was in my tragical relations with the man.
I lived with the young man in one apartment. We have not been married, we simply checked our relations. But after a while after our crossing to this apartment it started to take alcoholic drinks and is simple when came home that started to beat me. I could not sustain all this and simply left from him. And for myself I have understood that a plenty of men at us are in the same condition as well as my former young man.
Can to you it will seem a usual history, but for me it actually simply tragedy.
But more I do not want to speak about bad and sad. I want to be pleased to that that at me is now.
I think that with a place with you Emmanuel I shall get that that big.
I wait from you for the answer.
Letter 5
Hi again the my dear friend Emmanuel.
Thanks you huge for your prompt reply. How your mood? How are you doing?
I'm fine.
Emmanuel you so much interesting have told about yourselves that very interesting person seems to me that you. I am very interesting for keeping up with you correspondence.
I already informed you in my first letter, that I write to you letters from the Internet of cafe. We with my grandmother live not so richly. At our place is not present a computer phone.
Here on it I come to the Internet of cafe which is in city centre.
From my house to reach it 15 minutes on public transport.
You have a car or you too have movement on city on public transport?
I long reflected above an ideal of the person which approaches me,
but have understood that for me it simply does not exist.
I do not have certain concept of the ideal person, that with whom I can be the happiest on light.
Nobody can explain why we like the certain people, and others cause disgust. We build the ideals in a head and we imagine second half very fine, and in a life we are happy absolutely with other people.
I do not consider myself very beautiful, I consider myself as simply usual girl whom as well as the others some millions girls all over the world wish to be happy.
I simply wish to love and give love to surrounding people.
In this world I am lonely, I require the person which can simply understand and support me which will help me advice.
Which will speak me words I love, and I shall know that it really so,
that it is not simple words.
Emmanuel I ask from you a pardon if it was boring to you to read my letter, but I simply would want that knew that I want in my life, that I wait from acquaintance to men through the Internet.
I very much want this person you hopes that, I am simple to you now I test attachment.
But I want that this feeling became deeper.
I wait from you for the answer Emmanuel.
Letter 6
Hi my lovely friend Emmanuel.
As I am glad to see again your letter at myself in a mail box.
My darling Emmanuel each your letter I wait with huge impatience.
I have thought I have opened to you the soul and who I such up to the end to you have not told.
In this letter I shall eliminate his mistake.
As you understand I work not all time. I certainly still have also free,
which I very much like to spend in a society of the friends.
Usually after work I go home as very much I get tired. I give work all energy.
The house me is waited by my grandmother already with a ready hot supper.
But also I very perfectly prepare. I very much like to invent always new dishes. Here one of these days I have thought up very tasty salad which has named in honour of the most lovely friend, in your honour. Now salad refers to "Emmanuel". I think that to you will be pleasant to hear it.
AS I already informed you that I watch the figure and behind the health.
Therefore once a week, on Saturday I visit basin and an exercise room.
Many my girlfriends envy me, but I simply answer them that it is necessary to watch the beauty.
As I very much like to spend time in loneliness. I very much like to dream. In dreams to live much more pleasantly than in a reality.
From music I like to listen Russian, but I as like also foreign executors,
such êàê:Ace Of Base, Roxette, Madonna. I think that our sights at music coincide.
I very much like to read various books, but last time I them I read only when I go to bed.
Emmanuel Than you like to borrow the free time? How you like to have a rest?
When I was younger, very much liked to visit various parties and discos,
but now having matured, I had other interests.
My most favourite season this summer. When in the street the heat when it is possible to go on the river or on lake and to bathe. And your what favourite season?
On it I shall finish the letter and somewhat quicker I shall send it to you.
And as always I wait from you for the answer.
Letter 7
Hi the my dear friend Emmanuel.
Thanks you for your letter, thanks you for your warm words in your letter.
I each time see letters from you warmer, each time they are more filled with warm words in my address. For it I am ready you to kiss in a cheek.
My dear Emmanuel I do not know why but I am ready to open to you any secrets and dreams, I am ready to share with all of you the desires and sufferings.
Today I have thought as it would be wonderful to have the child.
Yes to me 29 years and I am absolute one and I do not have any plans for the future.
I very much would like to have family, to get children and simply to live as all people on the ground.
Anything it is not necessary to me any more. The life such, what she is simply necessary for me is.
It is not necessary for me of mountain of gold and money, ornaments and gifts are not necessary for me, the love is simply necessary for me.
I am very lonely and only our correspondence to help me to cope with my problems.
Without you Emmanuel I likely simply would be gone.
Excuse me that I so much to you I complain, but I should to whom tell that all this that it was easier.
But you the same can tell to me the problems, I can help you advice.
But you do not think that I am young to give advice.
You likely frequently ask a question why I correspond with you if you are more senior than me. I saw that many young people have no anything in this life. Many of them till now live with parents and parents of them provide, they simply can nothing in this life.
I search absolutely for another. I would search for that person which was a support for me in this life.
I wait from you for the answer Emmanuel.
I think that we can tell much each other that that new and interesting about each other.
I wait for the letter!!!!
Letter 8
Hi my dear Emmanue! I am very glad to receive your warm close letter.
Many thanks for your attention. I very much would like to have With you serious attitudes and to be the sensitive partner of a life For you. In our letters we should continue to study each other better.
With each your new letter I shall study, that you very interesting The person. I enjoy according to the correspondence to you. I think, that we should Write each other, as it probably more often. Up to an opportunity Allows us. Nothing does the person and the woman is closer, than to execute It is a lot of time together and to communicate more. I very much like to dream and think of my future. To me I very much would be desirable to Have in my apartment or give to an old fireplace dwelling and to a plenty of colors. As Would like to have an aquarium with exotic fishes and sea turtles. What do you think of it? What house would dream to have you? It would be very interesting to me to know your dream. Certainly I shall create comfort in my house. I shall feel very happy woman if my husband will be my friend Reliable, silent cautious both strong and clever. You like to visit friends? Or to enter into noisy advantage and The cheerful company? You love free days Emmanue? You like to have rest? I very much love free days. In free days I very much like to carry out Time for kitchen. I wish to know, that you like to use in food. You love a sweet? I very much love a sweet, but I observe a figure, and I limit me in Use of sweet food. As I am borrowed by sports to contain me in the good form. You care about health? I wish to execute further time together and to study each other better. Each yours after the letter I expect impatiently. Do not leave me during long time.
I shall wait your answer tomorrow. So long! Sincerely yours Elena
Letter 9
Hi again the my dear friend Emmanuel. Thanks huge that you have written to me the letter. I waited for it with huge impatience.
My dear Emmanuel how are you doing? At me all simply is very good!!!
All is simply remarkable!!!
Today I long thought above that who I such and that at me is in this life.
Also has understood that all that I have it my family. And that that I with them do not keep in contact, it is not so good.
I thought long happen misfortune with me who will help me first of all?
Who can that that to make for me?
It people and anybody can only native to me more.
You in case of a trouble with me could something make for me?
I long cried, I could not calm down, I was afraid to present that I absolutely one and that there is nobody beside with me.
It was awful.
I have gone on a telephone exchange and have called to the aunt to Ekaterinburg.
My aunt, washing the native aunt was so is glad to hear my voice, that its voice to shiver and it has started to cry.
We have spoken very long. It appears at it the son was born recently.
It speaks that at us with it eyes are similar.
I for a long time did not feel family and now when it became closer that I cannot hide the pleasure.
How you consider Emmanuel for you family is important, it for you is the main thing in a life?
YES today it is so much all at once it was recollected, simply nightmare.
Now I think that after a meeting with you my life has started to improve and that you very much change it. I have started to reflect on of what earlier never thought. I understand that had no purposes in a life, I did not wish to aspire to what.
And now for me the overall objective is to become better.
In fact one person is not capable to change the world and if I shall become better and people surrounding me will take from me an example and then all of us we shall do together our life better.
I kiss you also look forward to hearing from you.
Your Elena
Letter 10
Hello my dear Emmanuel.
I am very glad to receive your letter today.
For me great pleasure to read your letter.
I am very grateful to you for your attachment to me. It to me is very dear I wish it to keep for very long time.
It is very a pity to me that we was by neighbours, that we are divided by several thousand kilometers, that we not can sit, talk somewhere simply now about us, about a life, about LOVE.
BUT we are divided by greater ocean.
But I think, that we can break all barrier by means of language of love.
Even the most difficult obstacles have no force close to such strong,
clever and cautious person as you Emmanuel.
I till now store your very first letter and sometimes even I re-read it.
It was very cautious, not similar on what.
I very much wish to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamed, as we sit on coast of the river. We lay on a grass, and with a number the small river in which because of heat simply pulls absolutely close rustles to be expiated.
But to us it is simple not before, we simply lay and we enjoy a society each other. We in my dreams are similar on two small angels.
I always try to continue traditions of my family.
My grandmum always learned to me to be independent.
I very much love clever and strong people who have the point of view concerning a life, concerning its sense.
I very much love people surrounding me, they are very dear to me I I always I try to not quarrel with anybody.
The love for me means freedom.
For me freedom of a choice of my favourite person is important, I never shall force it something to do against its will. I should choose freely this person whom I should see in its all sincere kindness.
I think, that creation of family should be based on love. If marriage is created not on love, it will not be long and happy.
Love - a victim.
If the soul of the person is remarkable, its weaknesses remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on new.
I Demanded shall have love for which I am ready to give back a life.
I would like to have such understanding and affinity for the sake of which I shall be ready to give back all.
What do you think of all this?
What is love in your opinion?
Please answer my questions.
Emmanuel Our life have met.
Allow them to burn as a bright star of our surprising love.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
I hope for destiny.
Love and kiss.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Emmanuel!!!!!!! :-)! How are you? Thanks for your letter. This big happiness to receive news from you. I hope, that you today have good day. I constantly think of you... I have found true love and romanticism in attitudes with you. I think, that you which that person I searched. Which that person I searched in a life. I think, that we - is very close to our happiness. You think also? I know you not long time, but you seem to me the most fair, kind and sincere person. My mum always speaks me, that I should be fair with people, and I never deceive anybody. I always inform mine Grandmother concerning our successful attitudes. It is very grateful for us. It is glad, which I shall not be one, and I shall have family. I wish to divide with you our happiness. I want, know, what can to make you happy? Please give me chance to love and favourite. I shall wait very much for the answer to my letter. I think of you Emmanuel every second. Love. Yours Elena
Letter 12
Hi my love Emmanuel!!!!!!
My dear I hope it in All of you well.
I am glad to see your letter. Each your letter brings a heat in my heart.
I dream of that day when our long-awaited meeting is lead.
I am always glad to your letters mine. They always lift my mood.
For me was the big happiness to meet such person as you .
You became my ideal .I am glad, that you have accepted my hot female heart.
Love mine I can not be without you for me it more begins torture.
I want to be near to you want to feel your gentle touches and kisses.
Want to hear from you gentle words of love.
Today magnificent weather in the street. In such fine day the best to be in the street and to leave on walk on fresh air. It is so pleasant. But the best to write to you the letter and to speak with you. It is remarkable. When I think of you, my favourite person, I became so happy, and it pleasantly and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desirable to fly with happiness. It is very difficult for me without your words, without your letters, without you. I have understood, that searched for you all my life. You are intended me by destiny Emmanuel. I should connect a life to you my good. I am happy, that you mine. I do not wish you to lose. You are very dear to me. I shall wait for your letter soon. It is many kisses and love. Your fine Elena
Letter 13
Hi my love Emmanuel!!!!! How are you? In me all it is good. I am very glad so soon to receive your letter. Every day your letters do me more happily. I look forward to a meeting with you. My mum is very glad for us. It is assured, that in us the good happy future was filled with love and happiness. My mum will be very glad it in me such cautious husband as you. It speaks it, I protected you because now it is difficult to find such advantage the person as you. My girlfriends are glad, that I have found happiness in you. They are glad, that I have got acquainted with such good person as you!!!!!!!!! Now they also wish to find the same prince as you Emmanuel:) But I at once have told it, that you unique all over the world, and such remarkable people as you are not present more. You are unique. My love!!!!!!! I am very happy, that I have found you in a life.
You the most fine creation on light, Lovely, loved, long-awaited, charming mine!!!!
I like, I like, I like, and I can not more without you!!! You are simple - super lovely!!!!!!
And I do not want that me have left without you!!!!!!!! I am simple I do not find words for pleasure that you are at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Also I adore you I wait!!!!!!!!!! Lovely, Loved, most beautiful,
Charming, the pretty boy, the clear head mine, remarkable,
Tender and loved!!!! YOU MINE!!! DO NOT FORGET I you more strongly I LOVE than you me!!!YES! YES! YES! I love and adore you!
Whole you EVERYWHERE! For ever yours!!! I LIKE, I WANT,
Also I CAN NOT without YOU! PRETTY BOY of mine any more!!!!!!!!!
I love you beloved mine!! I can not and Minutes without you loved to live!!! Beloved mine,
The sun, you is simple a miracle which to me the destiny has presented,
I love you so as nobody liked!!! I want you!!!
Also want to visit all places of your body!!!
And to kiss it so that you finished from each my kiss!!!
I shall open all your intimate places!!!
I am hungry, and want to be sated with you to exhaust from You all juicy pulp and to seize you!!!
I love you and I want you and I can not without you !! a beauty mine!
The love and - is a lot of kisses. Elena
Letter 14
Hi my love Emmanuel!
I am glad to receive from you the letter.
I think of us much. And I thought of our meeting much. The meeting is necessary for our relations. We have correspondence more month. And I have found out much about you. We became better to know each other.
What you think? I have the big interest to you. You very much to like me. Your letters bring to me happiness. Your words kindle fire and hope for real love in my soul. But you so are far also me from it to become sadly. This big distance between us oppress me. I want that we were close to each other. That we might take a walk together talk about us, test your touch and your look. I want to test our feelings. What you think of it? I love you Emmanuel!!!!!!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Kisses and love.
Yours Elena
Letter 15
Hi my love Emmanuel! Thanks for your magnificent letter. You The remarkable person which that person I so for a long time searched.
And now I in the days and nights wait for our meeting. I dream about it, I dream To see you, I dream to embrace you, I dream to feel taste of your lips.
For all time of correspondence you became me dear person. I Has grown fond of you, I love you!!! I never thought that I can find Such kind, sincere person as you. I am confident you, I It is confident that that you that who is necessary for me In that what exactly you You will make me the happy person, that person with which I shall feel like confidently with which I shall be myself and That with which I want to be together. Not so it was simple to make the decision To leave for other country, but my feelings are stronger than fear and I want to be Near to you, I am confident that that you the good person and I want to lead The life with you. You would like it? If it is possible, I not Would like to postpone trip to you. I very strongly love you and I am afraid To lose you.
I in 10 days shall have holiday and I want to lead him with you. Today In a breakfast I addressed in Travel agency. And all has learned about my possible trip to you and What package of documents is necessary for me. On the one hand I am madly glad, to that That all appeared not so difficultly as I assumed. With another The parties I am a little upset. On all my charges it is necessary for me 890 euros. 560 euros are necessary on the ticket for you and 330 euros it it is necessary on the visa and the foreign passport. I have counted it On exchange by the Central Bank of Russia. Also Has passed to euro. I certainly, understood that all expenses Dearly but that so it is expensive! And I even have been upset It is a little. And now I shall send you this letter, and I shall wait the answer. If My charges for you it will be dear , I certainly shall understand all, not Doubt. In fact sometimes, that is necessary to refuse From itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In anyone Case we shall be Good friends. I shall have now Supper also I shall lay to sleep. And in everything, that I do not know, that I would like more, it tomorrow. I wait for your answer. I love you From the bottom of the heart. Yours love Elena. I love you, I love you, I love you.
Letter 16
Hello my darling and my sweet person on all ground Emmanuel. I am very very happy that you have written me the letter.
I was simply madly happy to read it.
My darling Emmanuel today I went in the largest bank of our city to learn all how you can send me of money.
I have talked with serving this bank which to me has answered all questions.
It has told what to send money from other country completely not simply.
Well in the first I have learned that it is possible to send money through the account in bank. But unfortunately I have no it{him} in bank, but I have asked about it. I have learned as I can open it.
To me have told that in banks of my city of the account in banks it is possible to open only if the first sum of a payment will be 9000 roubles that 282 euros are equal. For other smaller sums the bank simply refuses to open accounts so they there consider that it not favourably campaigns. And as to me have explained that precisely same situation in other banks of our city.
As I have learned that there are any special companies which are engaged in remittances worldwide.
To me have told that all there are such 3 companies:
Likely you heard something about company Western Union. To me have told that it is the greatest company in the world which is practically in any country.
It specializes on remittances worldwide.
To me have told about this company much. Me have assured what even employees of bank use Western Union, and it very much is pleasant to them, so all occurs without problems and money it is possible to receive at once as soon as them have sent you. To me have told their site and have told that I can address for the additional information there, there it will be easier to me all to understand. This address of a site - can be useful too to you Have told that there is one more company of transfers - MoneyGram. To me have told that it not so greater and that it is rare where is. But all me have assured that it too very reliable. In my city to me have told that there is only one bank where there is this company. So this company of transfers not so widespread seems to me that, but it can in your city is.
As to me have told about one more company is company Contakt. To me have told that this company basically works only in Russia and in Germany. But it can is and in other countries. I do not know also the employee of bank to me about this company have told very little.
But me have told that in their bank there is only company Western Union and it is better to me to address concerning transfers to them further I and have made, to me there all have in detail explained how I can receive money from other country and that I for this purpose should make. Like it it has appeared not so difficultly but I equally all have written down to forget all.
Here for the beginning to me have told that you should know my coordinates.
That I have received money in the native city you should specify simply that My name is - ELENA KUKLINA and that,
That I live in RUSSIA, KAZAN, LENINA 48-23post cod - 424098,
But as I can receive your money in any other city of Russia if you will specify that money addressed to - ELENA KUKLINA on a residence - RUSSIA. But certainly this your business.
Here but me have warned, that I could receive money in bank, I should know all about you (a full name and a surname full coordinates of your residence and as you should send me a code from 10 figures without which I cannot receive money in any way)
That is that I need to know from you
1) your full name
2) yours a full surname
3) your country
4) your city
5) your Street
6) your postal index
7) your phone number
Here that I today could learn all in bank. My darling Emmanuel my desire to arrive to you inflames every day all more strongly and more strongly.
I even am afraid think of that that we cannot to be together.
I think that you wish me to hold near to yourselves.
OH today I so long went on city that is very tired, that likely I shall finish the letter and I shall go home to sleep.
But I hope for that that to dream me a dream how we we shall appear a beside this night.
My darling Emmanuel I very strongly love you and I shall wait for your prompt reply.
Yours Elena.
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