Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Petuhova to Pablo (Chile)

Letter 1
Hello! very good letter It is pleasant for me to receive all that you have written for me, it is lovely!! Well, let me tell you more about myself. I'm 25 years old, my height is 5,6 and my weight is about 50 kg (i dont know how it will be in pounds). I was born on the 21 of May, 1981. And when were you born and what is your zodiac sign? Io think it's quite important to know this because we can learn the person better when we know his or her date of birth. I'm white Russian girl. And I'm religious. I'm orthodox Christian so I believe in Jesus. I'm single, I have never been married and I have no kids. I'm an open-minded person, I'm very sensitive and sociable. I love to meet new people and learn something new about different countries, different nationalities and so on. I love to read. My friends and family say that I'm very communicative and kind-hearted. (If they have not told so. Probably they would be not friends for me) What can I tell you about the city I live in? I love my city. It is called Cheboksary. it's situated about 850 kilometers from the capital of Russia Moscow. My city is very beautiful. But here it happens very coldly in the winter. I think, that in city practically there are no such strong frosts as at us and does not drop out so a lot of snow. In the winter everything is covered with snow and people have to wear warm clothing. We have a lot of fun at winter. I go skiing, skating and sliding with my friends and family. But my favourite season is summer, when the trees are green and there are a many different flowers. I often go swimming in summer. By the way my city is located on one of the most beautiful river in Russia. It is Oka river.and what is your favourite season? What is the weather like in your city right now? Well, it's pretty long letter I did not think that I would be able to write so much! Once more I was happy to get your letter and I hope to hear from you soon!!! By the way I'm attaching my photo and I hope you'll like it. Good bye! our Russian friend, Tanya.
Letter 2
Hello! to me your new letter was pleasant to receive greetings. Certainly I would like to receive from you and your fine letters are farther, I would like you to inform that, I think you very good person by your letters. I can tell to you a little concerning my work, also I can tell that I write to you from the Internet of cafe, I do not have my computer. Also I have no msn, yahoo, you can write to me only letters and I the letter to answer you. That concerning my work I now work at school, I look for pupils of that school in which I work. I very much like this trade. I am engaged the tutor with children.!!! I also would like to know concerning your trade, and still I want to know much more concerning your interests to me. As for me it very much and is very important to have only the most serious attitudes, and probably a marriage and only for this purpose I want will get acquainted to the person which looks in the same party where also I. Also I want to give more to time to letters which write to you. I see that you very remarkable person, I hope that all of you understand that I write to you. I know very well English language and I can write to you without problems. I want to tell to you and to show my feelings and I want that you understood me correctly. My parents of me I do not understand speak what for to me all this it is necessary, and I speak them that I want to meet seriously the person for me it very important be with the person which me will respect, but in Russia never I shall see it. Only on this I write abroad and I want will get acquainted with the person which very cultural and beautiful young. But you to me likes, and I see in you that that that we could perhaps even together. Please send your photos more I too I shall send you much more my photos. I wait for your answer.. Write to me soon. Sincerely Tanya
Letter 3
Dear thanks you for the letter. I want to tell to you a little about me again, I think that for you it very much and very important, I want to tell to you concerning my feelings and my intentions. The most important for me to meet the person kind and fair because it about all speaks me. I always dreamed about such the person that it was very much and very cultural! I am going to have with such the person only serious attitudes, it is possible children, I very strongly love children at my girlfriend there is a kid, and it so strongly is pleasant to me I on him I look also to me it would be desirable to have at once the kid also. All this is very important for me I seriously I want to have family. I hope that you understand me, thanks you that you write to me I see in you that that similar to me. We with you than that descend. For us with you now the main thing to not lose each other because to me writes many men, but I choose you because you very good person, and I hope that at us with you all will turn out, I really want to start to concern seriously to you, understand me correctly..... Write to me soon My kisses for you.
Yours Tanya
Letter 4

Thanks you for the letter. I realize all that you write to me. I hope that all will be wonderful. Also all will seems to me that wonderfully. I already wrote to you that I want from the person. I want only that you were fair and kind. I believe that you such. And in the future it will be much more easier to us to live and communicate. You understand me?? Dear mine it will be very lovely if we shall meet each other, we then could learn each other much closer, it for us will be a first step to our attitudes. I speak with you frankly and fairly, serious attitudes, and love are necessary for me... I Wait for your answer My kisses
Yours Tanya
Letter 5
Dear Pablo thanks you for the letter, thanks you that you correctly understand me. You speak that you have found the wife of me?? It is very lovely of you, I did not think that you so love me strongly, but now I understand and I believe you. You seriously want serious attitudes probably a marriage??? The answer to it because I think that to us it is necessary for me to solve other problems, I all this time thought about our meetings. What do you think concerning it?? I would like to know precisely where you lives all full details of your name and your country. Write to me. I hope that we can meet nevertheless with you each other. I think that for on with you it will be very wonderful, as at us you similar characters. For me it is very important to have good and warm family. You can be in me confident I not that kind of girls which travel simply so, you can be in me confident that very lovely and kind. In you I see all too most. So it is necessary for us to meet each other, I can arrive to you?? You could help me with travel?? I wait for your answer, and I wish for you good day. My kisses
Yours Tanya
Letter 6
Dear mine thanks you for the letter, thanks you also that you with me are very frank. I want to inform you concerning that that I very much want to meet you. I seriously concern to you, and to our attitudes. I seriously want to have these attitudes, for that what to learn you much more in real lives. What do you think of it?? I need in usd$1389 dollars, and this sum of money is necessary for this purpose to travel to you for me. I have already ordered all in agency so you can not experience for it. all will be wonderful, my documents for travel will be already ready in some days. I think that would be wonderful if you could transfer money already tomorrow or after tomorrow. And I already could be with you on Tuesday of other week. You understand?? I think that it simply wonderfully. How you think?? Thanks you that you give me your address. You can transfer money for my name, in the western union bank. my dear I seriously want to understand you to learn closer, And it will be very wonderful if we with you do a marriage. But it needs a lot of time. And time at us with you will be, as I shall be with you in your city of 3 weeks. So all will be good, I hope for it because I believe you, you for me very fair and kind person, I as you simply dreamed of such person. Dear write to me soon, and I wait for your consent.. My kisses for you
Yours Tanya My details
Tatyana Rozhentsova.
The country Russia.
City Cheboksary.
Street Petrova 21 - 17.
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