Letter(s) from Polina Dubrovina to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Bob!
I am so happy that you wrote me at last. I was so affraid that you can ignore my letter among many others. So, lets begin our aquaitance with my name - Polina. You know it already, but it is just to be on the save side. Well, my name isnt usual for Russia. Yes, I am from Russia! You are surprised I think. well, Bob, what do you know about Russia Have you ever been there As for me I have never been in your country. I have never been abroad. But I am an energetic person and I like to travel. To go to the picnics with my friends, to spend time in the open air. And what is youE hobby
I live in Urengoy. It is a city in the Urals. It is the eastern part of Russia. I live with my sister, she is older than me in 2 years. So, I am 29 years old, I was born on the 10 of may, in 1977. i am 29 and i think that I am a sussesful girl for my age. I work as a nurse in the hospital. It is my evocation to help people. Sometimes my work is very difficult, and at the end of the work day I am all to pieces. But when I see that my work helps people, I am very glad and dont notice tireness.
As a doctor I acn say that the best medicine is a healthy style of life. So I am fond of sport. When I was a child I attended sport school and swam. Now I swim only for pleasure - I like water very much!!! Every day beginns from jogging in the morning and after it I am full of energy for the whole day. And what are your usual affaires during the day Well, write me all you awnt about yourself, every detail is interesting when people dont know each other. May be I didnt answer some your questions, so ask me, ok
I wish you a good day and to be in a good mood. It is the most important in the life - to be happy!!! Do you agree
Your russian friend Polina.

Letter 2

Hello, my friend Bobby!
It is so nice of you to show your interest to me. For every woman is pleasant to be noticed by man. For me it is pleasant to be noticed by such a man like you! Thank you very much for it!
So, we only begin to communicate and we shall write much about ourselves. So, as I have already told you I live with my sister. We dont have parents. But 10 years ago I had a happy family with mother and father. One day changed all our life: they were in an accident. At first it was very difficult, and now when I remember about them, I have tears in the eyes. That's why I dont like to talk about it. But we were really happy, and I have a lot of wonderful souvenirs from that time.
I have received also thanks for your photo and is glad that in my life you have appeared the good and beautiful man as Bobby.
My dear Bobby I have no computer and I write to you the letter about the Internet of club.
And you, what about your family? i am sure that your story is much more happy.
I work in a hospital and you understand that I dont have much time to develope my English and sometimes you can see mistakes in my letters. I learnt English at school and wanted to enter the university of foreign languages. But a sudden death of my parents broke my plans and I decided to connect my life with medicine.
Bobby, you know if I could grant one of my wishes, that wish would be to meet a nice man who would respect me and love me not only for my appereance but for my character, spiritual world. It will be the best thing for me - to love and to be loved. And you, Bobby, what would you do if you had this possibility?
As you have alredy understood, I am an easy-going girl, and demand from people with whome I communicate just to respect me. IA I see that a person believes me, I am ready to trust him in everything. But I hate liars.
So, it is all for today. I write not from home but from internet club and now i have to go away.
Your friend Polina.

Letter 3

Hello, Bobby!
I see that our communication is developing and very soon we will be very close to each other. I would like it very much! So, as usual, I want at first to tell about my day. Well, today it is cloudy and I am a little bit sad. I dont like forecast weather, it is boring! But I didnt have time to get bored. At hospital there were a lot of work. Bobby, you know sometimes I work at night, sometimes at day time, so if sometimes I dont write to you, it will be because I dont have time as I work or just sleep after the night at work.
My dear does not cost I worry received your photos. And why you all time send me the same letter???????
I wonder what is the weather in your city now? I think it is warmer than in Urengoy. I would like so much the weather to be warm and sunny. I have never been at the sea and wanted to visit it this summer but I couldnt because I worked without vacation and couldnt go anywhere far. Do you like to swim, Bobby? I learnt to swim at 5 years and my parents called me " a fish ". There is russian expression " to swim like a fish " that is - very good. Yes, I like swimming. It is so pleasant to feel how water cares your skin.
Bobby, do you know any foreign languages? As for me I also know French. I can speak it as fluently as English. I have already written to you that i was good at languages at school, but as i couldnt connect my life with them it is just my hobby.

I also would like to give you my home address in this letter:
I live in Russia, in Urengoy city,
Vodoprovodnaja Street, 167
flat 16

Please, give me your address too. I would like to send you one day a present:)!
May be you want to hear my voice (as for me I want it), so I shall tell you that if you are not against you can give me your phone number, because I dont have a phone at home. I am going to buy a mobile but not now, I dont have enough time. I try to economize, and very soon I will be sure to buy it. It is very difficult to live without phone.
So, at these words i stop my letter and send you a lot of HELLO!
Your Polina.

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Bobby!
With every your letter I get used to you more and more! I see your good attitude to me and it is so pleasant! I think that you are ok and read my letter with pleasure.
Reading your letters I understand that we have a lot of common. Of course all people are different but it is interesting when you feel a person. I can say that I feel you!
My dear Bobby WOw!!! Your photo is super! Now I understand that you are not only kind and intellegent but handsome! Thank you for the photo. Now I can look at your face when I want and whenever I want.
It seems to me that we are simular in some way, dont you find?
I speak English fluently but of course with an accent. I studied it at school, than in university. Writing letters to you I use no translator. It goes without saying I need practice, as practice makes perfect. So I improve my english reading english literature in original, listening english speech recording on the tape and communicating with you. The last method is the most effective I shall say!
Mine AIIIOEI Bobby I as am glad from you to receive your home address.
Today I didnt work and I was cleaning the house all day long. It is my sister's birthday and I decided prepare a small surprise for her. Now she has material problems and she didnt want to celebrate the bithday. While she is at work (she will come in the evening) I prepared supper and invited our close friends. just imagine she is entering the flat, switches on the light and see the served table and her friends!!! I want so much everything to be all right!
My sister Irina doesnt like big companies but there were always many friends in our house. I like guests very much. When we have guests it is a holliday. I always cook, because I do it better than Irina, and I am not against, I like to cook. I dream to open my own restaurant oneday:).
Well, I see that it is high time to come back home because I need to do some more things. I went to the internet club just to write you and to say that I am ok. Tomorrow I will write you abut our party, OK?
Your Polina.

Letter 5

Hello, dear Bobby!!!
Yes, it is again me! My angel, how are you? The day is cool and windy but your letter warmed my heart and I am full of life. Bobby, what is your day today?
My dear Bobby I have received yours 10 photos of work. But I do not have photo of me in a uniform. I send you my AIINON? a photo and I hope that is pleasant to you.
It is a pity to me concerning your last love which it was promised to arrive to you. But I am really fair with you Bobby and I want serious attitudes.
The party was very nice! We had a good evening with talks, dances and playing the guitar. My sister is fond of playing the guitar, me too. We sing very nice. She and me, we have beautiful voices and every time when guests visit us, they ask us to sing. I think that oneday you will have an opportunity to listen to me. I hope you will enjoy it!
Bobby, I tell my sister about you. I hope that you are not against. Just understand me that she is the closest person for me and I have nobody but her. And you, of course!!! And you, do you tell somebody about me? What is their reaction?
today I went shopping and I saw a wonderfull doll. Yes, I like dolls very much! You cant imagine how much of them I had in the childhood! My parents bought me a doll in a month. So, I have still passion for the dolls! You can think that I am a child, but I am as I am...
On this note I will stop my letter and I wish you a good day!
Your Polina.

Letter 6

Hello, dear, Bobby!
How are you doing today, my friend? Do you still think about me?
My dear Bobby I understand and I speak the English language. And as Bobby thanks for a card and a photo. I am glad for our acquaintance.
Today I had a very long day at work, because I dont know why but there were several accidents on the road and we had many patients. Bobby, when I look at people who are suffering from any illness I cant take it easy. I work not for the first year at hopspital, but I cant get used to it. I dont show my tears to these people, but when I come home I feel very bad. Next day I go to work and I try to do all my best to help my patients. In a few weeks I see the result of my work and it is the greatest happiness for me!!!
And for you, Bobby, what can give you the satisfaction? As for me it is my work. And what about you? i think it is necessary to be satifacted by the work. In other case what work for? I dont earn much, but I like my work and I dont want another one.
Bobby, I dont even know if it is interesting for you. I just write because these are things about that I think often and I want to know your oppinion on it.
So, I hope that very very soon I will enjoy your letter!

Letter 7

The life is wonderful if there is you in it Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby, thank you that you dont leave me and go on writing letters. It is a real pleasure to read about you, your life. Our relations are so important for me that even if I have no time I hurry to the internet club just to read from you and to say that I am ok.
Today I am going to visit my friend. She lives in the suburbs and she invited me to see her new house. I like to spend time with her. She is older than me, she has a husband and a child.
her daughter loves me very much and it is always like a holliday for me to visit them. And you, Bobby, do you have friends who has wifes? Do you communicate? I ask it because some people think that when a person marries he becomes far from friends. Is it right? I can say that when I marry, I will communicate with my friends, I will never break up with them. These are people who were with me all the time before meeting with my husband and I will try to make them friends.
I dont have many friends but I dont feel lack of attention. And do you have many friends, Bobby? I think you do because a man with so nice character like yours must attract people! As you attracted me...
I hope that you will attract me more and more with your letters. Because every your letter makes us closer.
Polina with a lot of kisses.

Letter 8

Dear, Bobby!
From the first letter that I had sent to you, I feel that something changed in me. I cant explain to you what I feel because it is difficult to speak abot feelings in written form.
My dear Bobby I am glad from you to receive a new photo of you. And I as send you my photo Bobby and I hope that is pleasant to you my love Bobby???
I can say just that your letters help me. There are different problems in life but when I open my mail box and see your letter I feel better. You know that I am in correspondance only with you
and I get only your letters. That's why they are so dear for me. And I can say you thank you that you were with me all this time. And I hope that it will never finish. I want to be always with you.
Bobby, you became so important for me that I cant live a day without you! Bobby, I cant keep it in my heart anylonger and I want to tell you that I love you...
I want to think that you will not laught at me and that your attitude to me is serious. In other case my heart will be broken. I dont want it.
Bobby, and you, do you feel something like I do? Do you feel that we are too close to each other to be called only friends. Bobby, as for me I treat you not as a friend, you are much more for me.
I got used to live without you, to wake up in the morning without you, to have breakfast without you, to have a rest and again without you! Dear, Iwould give so much just to see you!
I hope you will understand it and I will wait for your letter, I want to know what you think about it.
I kiss you.
Your Polina.

Letter 9

Hello, my dear, Bobby!
How are you doing today, my sun? I hope that you are ok there without me, in this far country. When I look at the globe and see your cuontry I try to guess what you are doing now, at what part of the country you are now. Bobby, I miss you more and more every day and the life becomes more difficult without you. I cant find a place here without you. Everything I have from you it is your words, thoughts about you. And I keep it in my heart and I dont want anybody to know about it. But not always it is like I want. Even at work people and patients notice that something attracts me. Russian people say that eyes are the mirrow of soul, so everything is in my eyes: my love for you, my affection and passion.
I not against to find out each other it is better. But I really love you Bobby!!!
My love, Bobby, sometimes the life is so cruel but at the same time it is very kind. It is so nice that we have found each other but is not good that we are separated with thousands of kilometeres! But I try not to think about it, and it is easier.
Bobby, remember please that you are like a sun for me. As a flower cant live without the shining of the sun, I can live a day without your attention, without your letters!
Your Plina with love and millons of kisses.

Letter 10

Bobby, the best time in my life came when i met you! And I dont want to loose it. Bobby, francly speaking more I feel in love with you, more I am affraid to loose my Bobby!!! You know it is very very difficult to live without your eyes and your smile. Bobby, I deciced and nobody can make me think in anther way. Bobby, I want to see you, I want to kiss you, I want to feel you. I want you... And there is only one way to get it. Bobby, you know that I am ready to do everything for you and I want to come to you. Because life without you my life is like a sufferness. I cant live like this. Bobby, you unmderstand yourself that a man and a wife should live together. We are adults, and our life is full of different events and I dont want to think every day, every minute that you can leave me! But it can happen!!!
But to be serious I trust you and know that you love me. The fact is that we acnt write to each other for the whole life, we need to meet you to understand if we relly love each other. Bobby, I have a normal desire oA every woman to take care of you, to make you coffe in the morning and to prepare supper in the evening. I want to meet you from work and to listen to you about what happenns at work. At last, I want to sleep in the samN bed as you and to feel the warm of your body. Bobby, it not much? It is just love...
If you are not against of it I will go to the travel agency to learn what papers I need to come to you, ok? Anyway, write me what do you think about it.
I love you with all my heart.

Letter 11

Hello, my dearest Bobby!
The birds begin to sing songs when I pronounce your name, it is so dear to my heart that I can repeat it many many times. Bobby! I would like to call you like this every day. Your name is very melodious!!!
My love, do you like to dream? As for me, I am a strong romantic. When I miss you much, I can even cry because I cant see you at the moment. Not everything depends on us in this world and sometimes we shall wait for something that we want very much. So, dear, I think that before going to bed you often remember me. As for me, I always do it, I wonder what you are doing at the moment. When the night is coming and you are going to sleep, remember about me. I am always with you, even if we are far from each other, I feel you! So, sweety, when you are in bed close your eyes and listen to the sounds of silence. Imagine that I enter your bedroom. I sit down at the head of your bed and whisper your name. I tell you the warmest words, touch you? hair and you are falling asleep... When I was a child my mother always told me different fairy-tales before going to sleep. They were about princesses and princes. I still remember one of them. It is about a beautiful girl who was waiting for her love. Her love was from a far country. They loved each other very much, and nothing, even the great distance could not prevent them from being together. It remindes me about us. And as in all fairy-tales, our story will have a happy end and I am sure that we will be together.
My history Bobby short. I have lost parents in an early age. Went to school then has acted in medical institute. I have not noticed as time have passed, and me 29 years. So it is possible and to grow old and who will take me in the wife. And I have decided to find the favourite person to find through the Internet. As it occupies less time. And I want to create with you our family.
My love Bobby I have no many photo of me. I as want to thank you Bobby for flowers. You have won my heart and I want to be with you. I all life dreamed about such to the man as you Bobby. Also I want that we were together up to the end of our life.
By the way, today I went to the travel agency and they said me that I will need to do the next papers to go abroad: passport ($180), tourist visa ($220), tickets ($960), insurance ($650.) The tourist visa is available during 3 months, but then we will extend visa. The insuriance is absolutely nessecary for every russian person who goes abroad. You know, that unfortunately there are too many terrors in Russia last time. It is really the most difficult and important problem for us. We are safe neighter in the street not in the air. Many planes are explosed in the air by terrorists. If not terrors, we can have thefts. So, Bobby, the gouverenment demands every traveller to have insurance.
I have already said to my best friends that I am going to you. They are shoked! But they are happy for me and they even have proposed their help! I am very glad to it, they are my true friends. But, dear, even with their help, I cant pay all papers myself. Unfortunately, I dont have enough money for insurance. It is embarrassing for me to ask your help, but I have no choice. Bobby, may be it is in your forces to help me with insuriance? So, if you could help me with $650, I would be able to begin to do papers very soon. And in a week we will be together at your place. Please, dont think that I want your money, I really love you and want to be with your. Just understand that to pay everything is very much for me, my wage is not very big.
So, sweety, wirte me what do you think about it? Is it possible for you? My friend said that she will try to prepare papers in a week. Of course it will be more expensive, but I am redy to do everything just to be with you as soon as possible. I love you, dear, more and more each day.
I kiss you.

Letter 12

Hello my love Bobby!!!!
I did not receive your letters my love Chris after on November 2 What happened???? My love Chris you asked to find out to me about arrival to you but were then lost. It is your game????