Scam letter(s) from Marina Sozonova to Massimo (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Massimo, i am glad to receive from you the letter. I as am glad, that you have decided to get acquainted with me. As you already know, my name is Olga. I was born on May, 17th, 1980. I live in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. My city to be in Republic Tatarstan which is a part of Russia. I at present work as the seller the adviser in the big shop of clothes. I as like to travel. I long time was engaged in dances because it is pleasant to dance. I as like to prepare, listen to music, to look films and many other things. A lot of time I spend with friends and relatives. I like to spend time on open air and on the nature. I shall send you a photo where we with girlfriends went to walk on a wood in the summer. One more photo, I had more recently a rest on a summer residence with two close girlfriends. I in the summer often spend time on Kama. Kama is greater river which proceeds near to our city.

That I expect from our dialogue. I would like, that you would appear that the man with which I shall be the remained life. Here such intentions at me. And very much I hope, what at you too the same purposes?

I too would like to learn about you more. How you spend the free time?
I wish to see more than your photos. I shall wait for your letter.
Olga. PS: If for any reasons I have not liked you, you at once me warn.
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