Scam letter(s) from Alex Love to Terry (UK)

Letter 1

Hi Terry, I really appreciate your mail and the fact that you took out your time to tell me about yourself, life, family, career and what you want in the nearest future. I am glad you have shown so much interest and been open to me in your letter. I love that as that is very important in any relationship. Thanks also for those lovely pictures you sent, there are really lovely. I am glad you love where you live and you know what you want in life, as your lack is just one thing, and it's that special someone. I have the same lack as you do, and I know there is someone somewhere there for me as you are optimistic as well. I am glad you are open to me and I would let you know all that is going on around me, so that we can help ourselves to become better people. I am a family-oriented woman and a one-man woman just like you, having the same qualities as you do as am caring, loving, romantic, kind, open, passionate and respectful. I have a very big heart to love and shower so much love on my soulmate, because I have waited for him for long and I can't wait to show him all the long, romance, fun and happiness he deserves. I am the kind of woman that knows how to treat him well and make him feel loved as well as I want to feel loved. I am committed to making my man a better person, giving him the care and make him always look forward to each day to cherish and treasure each other.
I am in love with your great qualities, moreso, as you are not a womanizer. I am committed and devoted to sharing the ups and downs of life, solving problems together as well as sharing our deepest feelings and desires. If you are looking for a confidant to depend on in life, you can count on me as I hope I could also count and entrust myself to you. I am not arrogant, as I am a good listener and I believe in conversation.
With your few words, I was able to deduce that you are a man that love life and like to have fun, but only lacks a partner to catch the fun with and live life to the fullest with. Just like you, I love to have fun and live life to the fullest as I want to believe that we can grow old together so that we can have lots of loving memories to share and cherish. I like spending quality time with my partner and I enjoy doing things together with him. It's nice to know that you love your son as you have a very great relationship with him, am glad about that, and that proves how loving and caring you are and that is a proof for me that when we peradventure have a home togethe and have our kids, you'd be the best father to them. I am never married so I have no kids yet.
We sometime need to be proud about things and people around us, but too much of pride is not good. I hope you can look into that, though it might seem difficult, but we can always try tocaution ourselves. Yes, *** is as important as well as health to me too, that way it makes us feel good and look younger. Just as I have told you, I love spending quality time together, so that is not going to be a problem as we can satisfy ourselves and give our best to make our bond wax stronger.
I also found out that you are adventerous and enjoys to tour, that is great we can do that together and have a ride of a lifetime, I think my ride will start in meeting you and from there we would have the whole of lifetime to be together and when we peradventure do, no man, moutain, river, seas, oceans, hills or any form of barrier will be able to stand between us. I want to believe that being in a relationship with you, at least, and hopefully being dreammates that we've long waited for would be a thing to treasure forever and we can smile into the future that we have found that special someone that fis us as hand and glove.I have some more pictures for you as demanded.
Now, tell me more about your plans for your wife, how you want to treat her and love her. What is your idea about children, maybe having 2 or 3. What you wish and hope for us if we are to be lovers. Have a great day and take good care of your self and your son. My regards to him. With lots of love,
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