Scam letter(s) from Alfiya Yusoopova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1
Victor, it is again me! I hope that the dearest man in the world is ok and that he is happy to read my letter!!! Well, Victor, thank you for you letter. I needed your support and I recieved it. I knew that you would understand it. This night I saw a dream. We were near the river and the water was very blue. The sun was shining and from the forest we could hear the songs of birds. You were looking at me and speaking something (in russian!) I was speaking in english. And the most funny was that you told me "ja tebja lublu", I answered "I love you too, Victor". Then we sat down in the boat and swam. We were looking at each other. I remember was very serious but so kind. I was happy and smiled. You know sometimes when you see a dream and if you suddenly wake up, you cant understand why you are here, in your room, in the bed. You have to be there where you were several minutes ago. And only then you understand that unfortunetely it was only a dream! Has it ever happened to you, sweety? This morning I was very upset to understand that it is not a reality... But I am sure that oneday my dream will come true. And Then I will be the most happiest woman in the world!!! Your Alfiya
Letter 2
My sweety! Dont you mind me calling you like this? Victor, thank you very much that you are in my life! I couldnt even dream about it, I mean about a man who would treat me as carefully as you, who would tell me so kind words... but now I can say that I am happy. I have everything in my life - I have a man whome I love! Dear, I want to say that I love you, that these feeling is too serious that I cant hide it anylonger in my heart. If these words mean something for you, if they are important, I am ready to give you my heart. But if you just want to play games with me, I ask you not to do it, Victor. I am too serious. My intentions were serious from the first letter to you. When I told you that you are a true friend for me, it was really so. But I even didnt notice how this feeling of friendship grow into love. What is love for you, sweety? Do you still believe in it? As for me , I think that love is unability to live without a person a day. In our case - without a letter. I understand that I need you more and more every day. I want to tell to you not about my interests but I want to trust you something important, that you and only you can understand. Victor, I would like so much my love to be mutual!... You Alfiya with love only for you.
Letter 3
Hello, Victor! My love, how are you today? Today is a nice day and I want you to feel my good mood. I am happy and I cant explain why. Victor, I understood that people neednt much for happiness! As for me everyhing I need is love, your love, your attention. when I know that somebody in the other part of the world is thinking about me, I am so happy!!! Victor, you know when I am in love I am like a bird. I can do a lot of things a day, and it seems to me that I am flying! Have you ever felt like this. If you remember tell me when it was and why, ok? But I am not a bird!!! If I were a bird I would fly to my beloved person, the only man that I love in my love. I would cross planes and seas, forests and cities, just to see you. But dear, I hope that very soon it will be possible, I mean my travel to you. The fact is that I was in the travel agency today. You know I have never been abroad and I was a little bit affraid of it. But can you imagine my surprise when I saw there my former colleague. we worked at school together. Now she is a travel agent so she is ready to help me with pleasure. When I explained to her all the situation she was very glad for me! So, as Dasha (my friend and travel agent now) explained I will need visa, passport, different medical cards, insurance. It will cost $2000. Dear, you understand that wage of a teacher is much less. But I borrowed from my friends and my father helped me. So, I can pay these papers. the problem is that I dont have enough money for solvency and it is necessary. Have you ever heard about it? Solvency is a sum of money that I need to live in your country for a day. For your country it is $1200 for three months because my visa is available during three month, but then It will be possible to extend it. So, Victor, I would like to ask you to help me with solvency. Without your help I will not come because I have no more money left. Well, dear, think it over and say would you help me or not. I want to believe that you will. Victor, I know that you love me and you want me to come as much as I want. I kiss you. Alfiya.
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