Letter(s) from Elena to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Beauty of our soul is the most important for me.
My dream is to create a family with healthy and beautiful children.
Who knows,maybe you are that one I was searching for all my life...
I will wait for your letter...

My e-mail: persik_lulu@mail.com


Letter 2

Hello,Dear Wayne!
Thank you for your massage. I think that it`s not a problem for us that you wont be having more children. Let me tell you something about my daily life. I was born on 27 of...I`m 25 years young. I live in Ukraine, Roven`ki. My native town small and beautiful. In spring it`s blooming. There are three parks in it,include a park of Tripoli culture. I like to walk there. I usually spend my free time with my friends and rare with my family,because of all the members are often busy. I like cinema,theatre, exhibitions,concerts and other interesting places...I have one closest friend,her name is Yana, I`m taking care of her,I love her and trust. I think that she is the true friend,because I can share all my secrets with her. Do you have the same friendship?I`m interesting in cooking,arts and music. I work as a teacher of art. I`m very creative person,I have a fertile imagination and there are a lot of quaint ideas in my head) As about my family,it`s consist of me,my father,mother and elder sister. We love each other and support in all our troubles and ideas...etc. Maybe you`ll ask me why I decided to search my second half in Internet? Because I think that only in Internet people can know each other better than in the real life,do you agree with me?And I would like to know what suggested you an idea to search love in Internet...I would like to find kind,lovely,honest and clever man who would be ready to support me and to take care of me and I`ll retaliate want warm,sincere and loving relations. What do you expect for your future relations? I`m interested in you and I`d like to know more about you. Could you send me some your new photos? Perhaps You will find in me an interesting interlocutress. In any case I will wait for your letter.

Yours Elena...

Letter 3


I am so glad that you wrote!

I like to nude.I am always nude when I am alone in my place.And ofcourese I am proud of my body and like when a man watches at me nude!If you are addictet to breasts then I am the woman you need!

There's a thing that I am afraid you to tell,because it can push you away from me(but I hope it won't).I don't know english at all and that's why I am using the services of the translating agency for translating our letters.

I liked your Bubba,and you ofcourse.You reminding me of Darving in this picture.And I am do sure that you rae as clever as him.

I was born on the 27th of December.I am a christmas child))).

Give my love to your Family and to Bubba.Take care.
Your Marina.