Letter(s) from Yana Businka to Johan (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Johan,

I am so happy that you paid attention to my profile!Thank you for it! As soon as i saw your profile ,I thought:"I want to communicate with him ! He sounds so sweet!" And now i feel very excited ...It is like a new list of paper behind us ..And the words that will be written on it ,the story ,depend only on us! I believe in love and i have a proposition for you!Let's try and create our own fairy-tale of love and happiness together?Do you want it?I want!I am really interested in you! so,my name is Yana , I 29 years old this year which makes me a big girl:)I want to tell a bit more about me ,will you mind?I am sure you won't:) so ,from the early childhood I have one great passion -dancing,I am very good at it ,you can trust me as I work as a PT teacher at school. I live with my mother and sister in a small town near Lugansk (it is called Alexandovka) but I work in Lugansk .My native country is Ukraine ... I love my family ,they did everything they could for me ,it is a pity but my dad did not take part in my bringing up, my dad left us for another woman when I was a little girl,it is hard for me to tell you this story from the beginning to the end but one day I will. I do not want my children to grow up without father,that is why i decided to look for a man from another country as i know that men from another countries are kinder,more reliable and they also dream about love! you know I have a lot of feelings inside and the biggest one is love ,I desire to give it to my destiny man ,to my only man!perhaps it is you?I hope so ...I am a very romantic girl ,I like walking along the streets of my town dreaming about future , I like to hear the drops of rain dropping on my umbrella...I like reading Shakespear , it is a pity but in Russian as I have no money to learn English,I like picnics and good companies, I like listening to the sea ... I open you my soul now , I hope that you will appreciate it and you will write me! I hope that you will! I am waiting for your letter.

your Jana,

p.s. You can write me to my e-mail is Yana_businka@mail.ru

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Johan,

Thank you for your letter,great photo and especially for your compliments , I am a woman and as all women all over the world and ages I am melting fro warm words like a snow under the spring sunshine, you know how to please a woman , i feel flattered , there is a saying that women loves with the help of the ears so my ears are pleased and are falling in love with you !:) You are a very handsome man , I like everything about you. Thank you for understanding my language problem. I do not speak English myself,I dream about it ,but still...So i just went to the interpreter's firm and told them about my problem. I do not know even how to switch on the computer:) They translated my profile and placed it in the Internet. they translate your letter to me ,I write the answer and they translate it and type. I hope that one day I will be able to speak to you in English!I am sure that this day will come!

Honey , I hope that everything will be great between us. I do not need much. I can tell you for sure that I do not need a wealthy superman ..I need a kind and reliable loving man near me ..A man who will come up to me hug me and kiss...Without any reason ..Just to show that he needs me ..I want to sleep at night near him and to be sure that this man is only mine that he loves me and that I love him ..To feel the warmth of his body and to feel such a close taste of his lips...That is all I need!

Write me sooner , my dear , I will miss you! Jana

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Johan,

Thank you for your wonderful letter and great pics , I like how you look and what you tell ,may be we are each other's destiny ,what do you think about it ? So you have an interesting work , I like different marry-go-rounds and do you like to have fun? Honey , may I ask you ? Why do you live in a trailer in summer? Is it convenient for you? I have never lived in a trailer , that is why it is a bit extraordinary for me :) My darling , you ask me if I would like to live in Netherlands? Actually there is no difference for me where to live , I just dream about being with my man and I hope that it is you! Johan , you ask why I ams till single ? Of course I had some relations, but actually, I became tired of men here. It doesn't mean that I don't want to have Ukrainian man as my husband , or that men in my country are blind and could not see "that nice me":))) Men in my country are not blind at all , I would say vise a versa , they have 100% perfect eyesight... they used to look after each woman and used to have lovers , even being married , and also they used to drink much vodka and behave themselves like animals,I wouldn't say this about all men here , but most of them are like that , and like you said , that to find a true love is a normal goal of all human beings, here in my country men are looking for sex , vodka and fun first of all, and maybe after all this some are looking for love ...or maybe I was just not lucky enough to find a real man ..yet :)) Or,maybe I'm just a wrong person:)) Anyway , this is great , that I have a chance to use Internet to find my second half... It is really strange , how people now got used to this gray machines ... Anyway , that will do about computers and Internet , I will be just happy to know more about your future life partner, what kind of woman you imagine by your side? Honey this will be my last email to you, because i am out of money. I need 1000 dollars fore my visa to come to you and also i need money fore my translater.
honey ,please!! will you help me

Kisses and love

Your Jana