Letter(s) from Daria Pustovalova to Massimo (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi my dear and favourite Massimo!!!
How you today? I shall go to Moscow tomorrow or on Wednesday. I shall write to you from Moscow as at me do and I shall inform you data of my flight. I am very happy, that you like my photos and that we find common language and mutual understanding. This the most important at dialogue of people, you with me agree Massimo? About you at me representation very remarkable, I spoke you about it much. I wish to ask something you. And you as consider, I the sexual girl? I do not know, how I can tell about myself sexual I or not, it should be asked people from. Here for example, my friends speak, that I very sexual. You with it agree Massimo? You already are deeply in we wash heart and in my soul. I without mind from you Massimo!!! Write to me soon Massimo. I shall wait very much. Your love LILIYA!
Greater kisses for you.