Letter(s) from Valentina Mushtai to Leigh (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello, what is your name? Thank you very much for your interest. I don't know how I should start my letter, I will tell you a little about myself and I hope you will forgive me if it will seem a little impersonal. Well, as you might know already, my name is Val, I'm 24 years old and my birthday is on the 24 December. I live in Ukraine in Sverdlovsk city. I'm a student of a building university, when I finish(hopefully:)) I will be a building engineer. I have one more year left. I can't say that it is very interesting speciality, but I have chosen it because of the prospects it has. Now there are a lot of buildings are constructed and I will always have job. I know that sounds boring, but I quite like it. I live quite far from my parents. I had to move when I entered the university, but I visit them every other weekend. I'm very close with them, especially with my mom. I love her. I try to study well and not to disappoint her. I live in the dorms with two my girlfriends. They also study in my university, but on the other specialities. I like to live here, you know, when you miss the lecture, you know where to get it:)) But I have to admit, this is very useful for studying, even though not very pleasant when somebody comes home in the bad mood. I'm dreaming to have my own place to live where I could have a pet. I would decorate it on my taste and I would have many plants, but it is only my dreams for now. I'm very optimistic and cheerful by the character. Even when I'm angry with somebody I forgive easily. I'm quite confident person and I'm not moody at all. Well, maybe, very rarely when it rains heavily, but I think all people feel depressed then. I like to laugh and I'm very communicative girl. I have a lot of friends, so I'm busy all the time with my studying and with them. But there is another dream in my heart. I would like to have a family. I want to meet my soulmate and make him happy. I like you very much and I have very good feeling about you. Maybe, we can give it a try and see what happens. I need my other half to come home to, to discuss simple and important things and just to enjoy life together. I would like to have children, but I don't look so far into future. I prefer to move step by step. Do you agree with me? I hope that I'm the person you could be happy with, because I think we have very much in common. Please, tell me more about yourself and send me your photos. I will be very pleased to see them and to read your letter. I wish you a very nice day Val

Letter 2

Hello dear Leigh, Thank you for your letter. I like you very much. I mean it. It is nice to know that somewhere is a man who might be my Destiny. It is really exciting for me to have such a relation because i have never tried it before. My friend told me that she got acquainted through the Internet and he was very good that i decided to do the same. I hate Ukrainian guys who are interested only in cars,money,drinking and their own social cool status among friends. I had been dating with the guy from my University and you know what I got? I was like a full doll to show to the friends and to proud that he managed to gain such a baby. But I am not just a stupid Barbie to follow my guy and to smile silently while he is chattering with the friends. I have soul,thoughts and wishes. I need to be heard and understood. So I think Internet can give me the opportunity to open my inner world. Because appearance is not the most important. I made sure about it thousands times. I do not care if you are black or white skinned, if you are older than me. So what? Even if you have kids I do not mind. Because children are the biggest happiness in the world,they are the reason of existing of every person. I want to have the kids of my own so much! But I still do not have my beloved. I'm an optimist and I know that I'll find my love and will be happy with him. I want to create a family full of love,understanding and respect. But I do not want to forget about the career. Family and career can complete each other easily. Women in Ukraine got used to work hard and in addition to lead the house. I'm not an exception. I do not know if I'm ready to relocate to my beloved yet. I did no think about it. I'm interested in serious relations which probably lead to marriage. If you will be worth leaving my native country I'll do it in the name of my love. I have nothing to lose here. As you know I live in the dorms so I go home very rare. We do not have Universities in my city so I just should go there. I'm an absolutely independent person now,because i live my life like I want. My parents never interrupt with my decisions and actions. They brought me up like that,so now I hate when someone tries to interrupt with me. I do not mind a good piece of advice but the final result will depend only upon me. I told my mum and dad that I was going to write on the Internet. And I explained why. They agreed and told it was my decision and I have responsibility for it. But I can always ask them about anything and they will happily help me. I have wonderful relations with my mum and dad. They miss me much and me too. But what can i do if I have to study? I think high education is really important now. And I want to be a good specialist. My family lives in the small village and they must work hard to provide me with everything i need. I am sick and tired of that, and that is the reason I want to graduate sooner to be able to work and earn money. Now I use my scholarship to write you because i do not want top ask my parent to pay for me. I use Internet cafe. As I live in the dorms I do not have the computer there. And frankly speaking I'm not so good in English. As you know my profession will be engineer so it is not connected with English. I wish there were classes of this language at my University but unfortunately I have to pay(again payment!!:) for it some extra money. You know I understood where is a problem of my country. We are not socially protected. But I'm an optimist and know that everything will be fine some day! Are you an optimist? If not I'll make you feel so because I have good energy inside and I'll charge you with it!!!!!
Kisses Val

Letter 3

Hello dear Leigh, Thank you for your photo, you are very attractive man. I was really glad to hear from you and I liked your letter very much. To tell you the truth, it seems to me that you are the man I have been waiting all my life. I like communicating with people that's why I have lots of friends. They say I'm a kind- hearted and very romantic person. I am one of those who fall in love easily, but it can be sometimes very disappointing, you know. It's just that I notice only good things about people and when it comes out that they are far not so nice as they seem to be,it's usually rather painful. The point is that I believe people easily and,unfortunately, sometimes I get betrayed. Still,I believe that there are more good people and that you are one of them. I long for a serious relationship, beautiful and romantic, with flowers and candle light dinners, with meeting a sunrise together, talking about love. I want kids,a boy and a girl, a nice cozy house and a man,strong, kind-hearted,romantic and honest(just like you, I'm sure) who would be always near. I want us to be real soul mates, to share all laughs and sorrows together. I'm ready to do everything for a beloved person, to be not only a lover for him, but also a friend and a companion who is always ready to help and to solve all the problems together. And I don't really care if the man of my dream will be from another country, or a person of another nationality or culture,because for real love sky's the limit. There are only three things that I hate about people, it's when they are not honest, or cruel, or greedy. These features make me feel really nasty, moreover that I've met many such people in my life. Of course, I'm sure that you are not the man of that kind, and, if you share my views and want to have serious relationship with a person like me, let us try to do this. Maybe,we are meant to be together? I'm looking forward to hear from you. Faithfully yours, Val

Letter 4

Hello dear Leigh, At last I can write you and tell you how much I missed you during these days! I'm sorry that I didn't write you for several days. I went for a short vacation with my mother and there was no Internet cafe there that I could e-mail you. Thank you very much for your letter, thoughts about you kept my heart warm and when I came and saw your letter I was so happy. The trip was very tiring, we went on the bus and I didn't realize how hard it was to sit all night long on the seat without walking around, but at least, it was direct trip and we didn't have to change the trains. When we got there the weather was nice, not very hot, but warm enough for swimming, the next day the weather got worse and it stayed till the last day we left. Such a bad luck. The sea was 10 Celsius degree and I tried swimming, but I just couldn't enter the water more than on the knees, but there were a few crazy men that went swimming, it was painful to even look at them:)) Such a vacation, but I'm very glad that my mother had some good rest, but she loves swimming like me, so we visited local sightseeing places, the zoo, the musical fountain and the fairy tales forest. It is the place where there are many fairy tales and cartoons characters like statues made of wood or stone or iron. It was nice to visit this place again, I remember I went there with my parents when I was a little girl. Memories are precious things especially when they are connected with something nice. We even visited dolphinarium and watched dolphin show. There were a guy and a girl that made dolphins do different things. There were three dolphins, they jumped from the water through the circles and played with visitors. It is fantastic how smart these animals are. I can't imagine how they train them. There are very funny and just like people. I really enjoyed the time, even despite the weather was bad, I am very glad that I had some time with my mother. With the present fast pace of life we hurry so much and never have enough time for our closest people. Honey, what about you? What did you do? Did you miss me? I missed you very much. It would be nice to have you by my side and spend time together. Do you like the nature? The nature is beautiful there, it is probably because the climate is warm and the plants are exotic, for me at least. There grow palm trees in the streets, I would never see a palm tree in my place:)) It's a pity we were not together, but I hope to have my next vacation with you. I kiss you and I will be waiting to hear from you. Yours only Val

Letter 5

Hello my sweetheart Leigh, I'm so happy to hear from you. I would love to come to you in Australia one day. Tell me about it a little. All I know is that there are a lot of kangaroo and koalas. By the way I saw them in the zoo. I'm sorry that I didn't write you for a couple of days, I went to my parents for a weekend. I wasn't going to stay there, I thought I would go just for a day, but my father said that he missed me so much and asked me to stay for a couple of days. I didn't do anything special, I helped them in the kitchen garden with potatoes and other vegetables and then we made a little barbecue. My dad bought some meat and we fried it on the fire. It was very tasty, but a little bit tough. I didn't do anything special today. I went to pay some bills and bought some tomatoes. I cut them into slices and put in the freezer, so when the season is over I could cook fried eggs with tomatoes. Do you like it? I love it. It is very fast and tasty. It will taste great, especially when there are no fresh vegetables and fruit. I already put some fresh black current, too. Honey, I miss you so badly, you can't even imagine. I want you to hold me I kiss you tenderly Yours only Val

Letter 6

Hello my dear Leigh, How are you today? What is your mood? I am very sad today dearest. I had a horrible news yesterday. I don't remember if I mentioned about a friend of mine whose sister was sick with cancer. She was a wonderful girl and she had two daughters,5 and 11 years old. And she was only 29,or 30,I don't know exactly. So,she was sick and her relatives hoped that she would recover one day. She also hoped and she visited many doctors. But you know that this disease is really incurable and sooner or later the person dies. It is horrible. So I got to know yesterday that this girl passed away. It was a kind of shock for me because I knew her personally and I talked to her many times. And now she is not in this world any more. She was so young,she had two wonderful daughters and her husband,and her life was so unexpectedly stopped. Why? For what? Yes,it made me very depressed,I feel pity for her daughters who need their mother so much. The life is really unpredictable thing and we should be ready for any ordeals. Someone passes them successfully but someone gives up. But this is not fair. Why people die? Especially when they are so young. I know dear that you don't know the answer and nobody knows but anyway the life is so sad sometimes. Of course the life continues and we should live and fight,struggle with problems and troubles but sometimes we begin thinking over the sense of life and wonder if there is some or not. You know I woke up in the morning and saw the sun shining and I felt better. I understood that the God gave us the life and he takes it. If we live we should live and hope that dead people are on heavens and they are better there. That they are happier than we and they have nothing to worry about there. I do want it to be so. Please,excuse me for my depressed mood today. But I shared it with you and I feel much better now. I am so happy that I have a person with whom I can share not only my happiness but my grief as well. Thank you very much that you've read it and it means so much to me. Of course there will be a lot of moments when I will share something very pleasant and good with you. It will be I am sure. You can also share anything with me and I am always happy to glad with you and to fell melancholy together. I kiss you here very tenderly and I promise to tell you something pleasant next time. Sorry for my pessimism in this letter. Your only Val

Letter 7

Hello my dear Leigh! It is so great to hear from you. Thank you sweetheart for your support. I missed you so much! How was your weekend? What did you do? I had a very nice weekend. I visited my girlfriend Yana with her small son Danil, who is 4 month young now. You know every time when I see him he really seems to grow up by hours, not by days. Last time when I saw him he was much smaller than he is now. He is such a nice pleasant-looking baby. And he laughs very loudly when I tickle him. Cute! We had much fun with each other that day. Then,we went to the park and had some walking and the weather was warm and sunny. Fresh air is very useful for babies and when we came back he slept so deeply and he snored a little:):):) So funny! Then,we drank tea with Yana and talked a lot. We have not seen each other for three weeks and it is quite a period for girls you know:) Many news were waiting for us to discuss:) She complained me on her husband and advised me never to get married:):):) But they just have some problems with her husband's job,he doesn't want to work much and they don't have enough money. But now he is looking for a new job so I hope everything will be okay with them. I do know that she loves her husband dearly and he loves her as well but this routine life can bother sometimes unfortunately. Anyway they have a baby and it is wonderful I think. So this is what I was doing during my weekend. Today I don't have any special news dear. The weather is cool and a lot of people put on coats and boots. They are getting ready for winter. But I don't,I think it is too early for frosts and I am still waiting for Indian summer which will be in October. Dear,are you all right? I hope so. I wish you were here with me. A moving amusement park with a lot of attractions comes to my town this week and we could visit it together. We could have much fun. I like attractions,it gives so much adrenalin.:) I kiss you and I am looking forward to your reply, yours only Val

Letter 8

Hello my dear Leigh! Thank you so very much for your photos. Your nephew looks so sweet on the photo. I'm so glad that you like children. I love them, too. And I don't mind if they are cheeky:)) I want to have a family very much. I do hope that we will improve our relations and that this correspondence will lead to something serious. I am so tired of men here who are lazy bones and light minded. I want a strong real man who will protect me and I will feel like I am behind the stone wall. I want to feel extreme love, the love and passion! Love is a fantastic feeling. The best ever. Unfortunately there is always a chance to get hurt but at least you are alive and feel and live life instead of being a cold robot not dare to take the chance of love. Love each other and not only by words. Intimacy is one of the foundations to feel that our souls come together. That's close life. I also believe that the world that surrounds us is like big invisible mirrors. If you mirror in them like the person who is searching for something, what do you think you will see there? That's why the concrete situation will last for unknown period of time. If you want to get love, you need to give it first of all! And what do you think will happen in our mirror then? Yes, you will mirror like a person who gives you love. You get love, because you give it. By the way, that was also one of the topics of American doctor and physiologist Dipack Chopr. He mentioned it in his Bestseller "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". He said that if you want to get happiness, you must learn to give it first of all. If you want to get love, you need to give it. If you want to feel attention you'll have to pay your attention on other people. If you don't want to have financial needs, share with people who are in need now. He says that the easiest way to get everything you want is to help other people to get what they want. The more you give, the more you get, because then you will support the circulation of abundance in your life... That's why I try my best to be the useful person for the society. ... I dream to see the world, to get acquainted with famous people, The only conclusion I made for myself is that I am very shy and romantic girl, I dream of happy family life, about my small business that will bring me pleasure and satisfaction to my soul... The only thing that I lack in this life is a boyfriend, a man, who will be my good friend, who will love me, take care of me, who will support me and whom I can give my heart... I would like to find a job in Australia one day, I want to be your best friend, your lover, I want at first to be a good friend to you and we want see where this correspondence could bring. As for the phone, I don't have one, but I asked my friend and she let me use her phone. The number is +380955298329. Can you call me tomorrow at 17.00 my time? I can't wait to hear your voice, just don't be mad if I don't understand you sometimes, you know I'm not good at English, I studied it at school, but it is not enough, of course. If you decide to send me anything, my address is 94100, Ukraine Sverdlovsk region, Tchervonopartizansk, Pionerskaya street, 4/1. Velentina Mushtai Will be thinking of you. Kiss you tenderly, Yours Val

Letter 9

Hello my dear Leigh! I was so happy to hear your voice today, even though it was very hard for us to communicate. I wish I could speak better English. Every time I get a letter from you, I feel very happy and on the contrary when I don't there is something missing in my life - your warm words that cheer me up. I don't know how happened that two souls met in such a huge world. That seems weird and strange for me. You know I'm not too much demanding in live and in relationship also. All I need is to see the smile on my beloved face. I have so many dreams, but they are very simple. The most important is to have your second half to come home to. A person can be so happy sitting on the sofa and feeling warm hand in his hand, watching a movie and knowing that there is nothing he or she can't do in life, because there is a person to support him and love him, no matter if you are successful or not in life. That may sound weird, but I consider THIS to be success and luck:)) I'm sending you my photos with my friend Yana and another friend of mine that we live with, Katya. And This is my mom. I hope you like my photos Kiss you tenderly and I will be waiting to hear from you very much Yours Val

Letter 10

Hello my dear Leigh! Thank you for the photos, you are such a handsome man. And I love dogs! I'm sorry for making you wait so long for a phone call. I will try to make it earlier next time. As for my size, I'm not sure what sizes you have in Australia. My size is 48 in our measure system. I start my studies again on Monday and I will be very busy then, my free days are over:)) The summer flew so fast! I wish it was half a year and this year it started very late and finished very early. Where is that global warming everybody is talking about?:)) I don't know why, but I am feeling unwell unfortunately. It seems to me that I am getting sick. I think I've caught a very bad cold. I had sore throat yesterday and my temperature was 38 in the evening. I had a terrible headache. So all the symptoms told that it was a flue or tonsillitis. So,I took a lot of medicine and I went to bad. Today it seems I am a little better. I have the temperature 37. And the headache is not so terrible as it was before. But I feel much pain in the body and I feel weakness. Anyway I will continue taking medicine of course as I hate being sick and I'll try not to neglect this flue. I hate being sick and I want to recover as soon as possible. So I am making all my efforts to get well. What about you,dearest? I hope you are better than me honey. I will go now because I don't feel so good. I hope you won't be offended with such a short message. I am thinking of you and I'll try to contact you as soon as possible. Pray for me and my soonest recovery. Take care, many many kisses and a tight hug from your girl Val

Letter 11

Hello my sweetheart Leigh! I can't wait to get your package, the waiting will kill me:)) Thank you so very much for your love and your care. I was so happy to read your cheerful words. I missed you so much during these days! Now I am really much better than I was before. Today is the first day I seem to be very fine. I came here to write to you and was very happy to find your warm words. I am very glad you have not forgotten me. :) So I am getting better and beginning to regain my health and strength. It is not pleasant to have those symptoms of the flu because it made me feel miserable! I also probably had "laryngitis" and that is why my voice was disappearing. Sweetheart,I wanted to ask you for one thing, tell me please,if it is possible for you. I need some help with my Internet expenses. I spent all my money on the medicine and I can't pay it right now. So please, tell me if it is possible for you to help me,love? I'm sorry if I bothered you with my request. I hope you are fine and everything is okay with you. Please,write to me as soon as possible. I am looking forward to your news,dearest. I missed you very much those days and it was gloomy not having your letters. I am happy that I can read your letters every day again. I am so happy to have you in my life. I am looking forward to your soonest reply, yours only Val

Letter 12

Hello my sweetheart Leigh! Thank you darling, for your nice words and of course, I understand everything and I'm so sorry that I asked you for help. I didn't have right for that. Unfortunately I can't ask my parents for more help, they pay for my living expenses, my food, my clothes and my education, so as soon as I find the funds to write to you, I will write you. I will miss you so much. I'm sorry that I can't write you much. I kiss you Your only Val